2011: Hottest year on record for Perth Metro – says the Bureau of Meteorology – not so in the Darling Ranges

The BoM went public in December 2011 saying it was the hottest year ever in Perth. This press was followed up with their page spelling out the BoM case. I noticed the BoM said little about any stations except Perth Metro – it is well known around climate people that the Perth recording site has moved a few times since the late 19th Century. I have had a quick look to see if 2011 was the hottest year ever in stations near Perth. Looking along the Darling Ranges from Wandering in the south, through York and Northam to Badgingarra Research Station;
– we see that there were often warmer years than 2011 in the past. So I assume that either the Perth Metro data is not being correctly compared to past years – or the “hottest year” in Perth that the BoM claims – is more of a local effect than the BoM hopes for.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology – odd distribution of daily temperature readings

While having a look at temperature data for Harvey in Western Australia, approx 140km south of Perth, (BoM station Number: 9812) – I noticed the daily maximum readings for 2011 had a large number of even-number readings – readings with no decimal point – integer I think is the term. Looking closer I noticed the readings to a decimal point seemed to involve a large number of .5’s. Anyway – on downloading these and counting using Excel I get the following very strange distribution.
Does anybody know how widespread this is ? I will check the minimums when I have time.

NOAA satellites say – coldest week for a decade – at 14,000 ft

Thanks to Dave for the heads-up. Another post in the “Must be due to G-l-o-b-a-l W-a-r-m-i-n-g” series.
coldest day for a decade - at 14,000 ft
This University of Alabama at Huntsville web page where you can graph daily NOAA satellite temperature data – for various altitudes – over the last decade – shows clearly that Earth has just entered into a series of coldest ever days at 14,000 feet altitude – since 2002 that is.

Must be due to G-l-o-b-a-l W-a-r-m-i-n-g

How the media loves “freak”;
BBC say – “Fifteen die in freak south India cold snap”
Winter deaths are not uncommon in northern India – but lately southern India has seen century long record cold days.
Sounds like central Asia air has slipped south.
From the Indian Tribune News Service – “….Mysore sees coldest day in 120 yrs”
Photos of Indian people coping with winter.
Record snow falls in northern Japan too.
Editor note 23 Jan – see comments 7,8,9 – Dave is pointing out that the 21st Jan was the coldest day globally for a decade at 14,000 ft. Must keep a check on this.

Abolish the Murray–Darling Basin Authority now

Replace it with river/catchment based “boards” or councils partly elected by stakeholders, partly filled by expert water engineering State appointees – which can decide on the allocation and distribution of storage water.

The MDBA has been such a colossal failure with its laughable plan in 2010 to release 4,000GL of env flows per year – a plan that triggered much outrage. There were forced changes at the top and now political appointee Labor fixer Craig Knowles has been parachuted in to save the day and comes up with this compromise 2,750GL annual waste of water. People should reject this waste just as firmly as they rejected the 4,000GL figure. Have a look at their website – playing God here and there with water – pathetic. In the face of solid November and December rains which supplied colossal quantities of water to the MDB “environment” compared to this Green inspired leaking of valuable water from our dams.
The Murray-Darling Basin Authority will make minor pulsed releases from Dartmouth Reservoir over summer in an effort to improve water quality in the Mitta Mitta River.
Chief Executive Officer of the Murray–Darling Basin Authority, Dr Rhondda Dickson, today announced the release of an extra 20 GL of The Living Murray environmental water as part of a larger environmental watering currently underway in the Barmah–Millewa Forest icon site.

What a sick propaGreenda reference to – The “Living” Murray environmental water. I suppose if the MDBA does not supply the water – it must be dead water.

Simply abolish the Murray–Darling Basin Authority.

New report into global energy and food security by David Archibald

David will speak tomorrow 17th Jan at the Combined Probus Club of Mandurah, thats south of Perth in West Australia. He is also invited to speak in Washington DC USA later.
Declining Australian oil production
Download his 126 pages pdf file of graphics and charts – The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – go on enjoy – it is only 9Mb.
This Australian Govt report – since taken off the Govt website – can be downloaded (4.8Mb pdf) here – “Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE), 2009, Transport energy futures: long-term oil supply trends and projections, Report 117, Canberra ACT.” Well worth a read.

Aurora Australis supply ship blocked by iceberg despite Global Warming

This news item buried in travel news (HT Tim Blair) relates that the supply ship Aurora Australis is trapped in ice 20km from land. I understand the Aurora Australis supply ship has good icebreaking capabilities.
Increasing antarctic sea ice
This graphic of the trend of Antarctic sea ice extent is thanks to “The National Snow and Ice Data Center” at University of Colorado Boulder, CO, United States of America.
I just wonder what this says for Commonwealth Bay ice extent in mid-summer these days compared to a century ago when Mawson landed ? Is this all a bit too non-PC for our normal GreenLeft MSM to feature – I see The Age also buried this item in their Travel section ?

Huge area of West Australia enjoys cool days

I have noticed how a large area of inland WA has been enjoying cool days lately – starting about 8 Jan –

this map of the maximum anomaly is from the 14th.

New 5 second animation of the 20 maps from 29 Dec 2011 to 17 Jan 2012 – shows clearly how the much ballyhooed “Great New Year Heat Wave of 2012” was insignificant compared to this cool event – yet you will not hear about the week long cool event from the BoM or the MSM.
Post on the GNYHWo2012
“Great New Year Heat Wave of 2012”. Clearly the dark blue -12 degrees anomaly affects a much greater area than did the +12 degrees anomaly earlier in Jan – and for longer. Has anybody seen/heard a reference to this in the media ?

All time record cold January morning in Canberra

That is since 1940 – Canberra Airport data started in 1939 – I can not find daily data from the Canberra city area before that – can anybody help ?
Note that this media item “Cold snap sets new record low temperatures”
skilfully does not specify it is an “all time” record for Canberra – readers have to draw that conclusion – and it is not mentioned that the urban heat island has been increasing for decades.
In the case of Goulburn – recording has changed to the Airport – I can not find any old daily data at this BoM site. There is monthly data for Goulburn going back to 1860 but presumably the daily data has not been entered to disk – not that the public are allowed to see anyway.