Dr Edward R Long’s disturbing study of 48 urban rural pairs USA

Download the original pdf for yourself – it is only 14 pages and very readable – Dr Long is ex NASA. This study looks at NCDC raw and adjusted temperature trends and finds that rural data has been adjusted warmer to meet urban trends. It would be great if somebody had the time to check […]

USA Dept of Energy Jones et al 1986 350 pages station documentation now online in pdf

It has finally happened, many thanks to a volunteer in California who through the inter-library loan system found a copy of the Martin Marietta 1991 edition DoE book published by CDIAC – and has scanned the entire book.

The Jones et al Northern Hemisphere TR022 book with station documentation details, including corrections is now available […]

What about the Jones et al co-authors ?

Except for his 1994 update, Professor Jones tended to publish with many co-authors.

I see that the BBC says, Phil Jones, the professor behind the “Climategate” affair, has admitted some of his decades-old weather data was not well enough organised.

Well, I am asking myself, what about all these co-authors, presumably some of them worked […]

Fastest public servants in history

The Australian ABC Online news has reported:

Dr Michael Mann, a climatologist working for the Department of Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University, has been cleared of any wrongdoing, and had allegations of manipulating and hiding data dismissed.

Not just ClimateGate – we must remember the entire paradigm of green lies over thirty years

I noticed this over at Anthony Watts – thanks Anthony – do not know how you keep up the pace. The original article is at National Review Online – it hits the nail on the head when it says; “Exaggeration and alarmism have been a chronic weakness of environmentalism since it became an organized movement […]

Does anybody know the source of this graphic ?

A reference to this graphic would be great – downloadable pdf even better.

It looks like a black & white version of the graphic in IPCC 2007 – link in comment 1 below. Thanks WSH

Some essential history of IPCC global warming from 20 years ago.

Over at the matchless blog Wattsupwiththat:

Look for two comments by Mohib (21:33:01) on 1st Feb – I thought Mohib’s questions were important enough to try and explain the history .

Jones et al 1986 did indeed reject 38 stations from their Northern Hemisphere study. Note UHI not actually mentioned in the 1986 Table 1 […]

Is the US Dept of Energy still funding Professor Phil Jones ?

We have known for decades that the DoE has funded Jones et al research from day one – probably in 1979; download the original papers and see the DoE contacts acknowledged. I have not yet found out what the annual payments were from 1979-1994 but we know from DoE web pages that payments were in […]