2009 SOI so far refuses tango with El Nino

The large climate groups including NOAA in the USA, are predicting an El Nino event in 2009.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said on 8 July “Leading climate models indicate that warming of the Pacific will continue for the next few seasons, with very little chance of the current development stalling or reversing.”

It [...]

More huge errors in HadCRUT3 gridded temperature data

The brave prediction, “Sydney’s climate to ‘become like Brisbane’s’” for 2100 by staff at James Cook University means that Sydney Airport will warm by ~2.75 degrees C relative to Brisbane Airport (based on 1961-1990 averages) for this prediction to come true. It is obvious that the Sydney Urban Heat Island (UHI) has already notionally moved [...]

Australia phasing out incandescent light bulbs

Policy originating in early 2007, near the end of the Howard years, by the then Environment Minister – Malcolm Turnbull, will phase out ordinary incandescent light bulbs in favour of the mercury polluting, dim, prone-to-explode, complex fluoro things costing ~10 x as much – by Oct or Nov 2009. Most A.C.T. shops are out of [...]

Solar means Cost Blowouts & Power Blackouts for Consumers

Contribution from Viv Forbes “Solar power – a subsidised appendage”.

Australian electricity consumers can look forward to soaring charges for electricity and blackouts if state and federal politicians continue to undermine the power grid by mandating and subsidising solar power generation.

Solar power can never produce continuous, predictable, low cost power. It must always be [...]

NOAA/NASA sunspot prediction increasingly irrelevant in mid 2009

Updating my January 2009 post, the ROYAL OBSERVATORY OF BELGIUM have published their June RI number at 2.6. Space Weather Operations in Boulder CO are yet to publish their SWO number. It is interesting that to date in 2009 sunspots have not exceeded the levels in October-November 2008. Timo Niroma has an update, scroll down [...]