Lead reported in water supply to Perth hospitals

This story started last year with lead reported in the water onsite at the brand new Perth Children’s Hospital which has not yet been handed over to the WA State Govt. The subject came up in comments at my pre-Christmas post – Australian Government financial disasters – Philip just pointed out two new articles – Perth Children’s Hospital builder John Holland denies hospital lead fault 26 Jan 2017 – and – Joe Spagnolo: Lead weight in Colin Barnett’s poll bid 28 Jan 2017. I see this as mainly between Water Corporation and the Contractors, not so much the politicians who tend to be lawyers not scientific people. IMHO the best way forward is – The Govt must release all analytical data relevant over 2015 and 2016 including sampling dates, locations, quantity collected, storage details, if surplus samples still exist, the analytical method, detection limits and date of assay, results for all elements assayed for including quality control results and the laboratory which conducted the analyses. Then many experts world wide will examine the results and might offer constructive comments.

What are the origins of the global warming bandwagon

I have tried over the years to find a single point that birthed global warming as we know it. My guess has been that it originated during the Carter years possibly in the US Dept. of Energy. With the Trump ascendancy it seems timely to throw this open to readers to see what emerges. History of climate change science
Timeline – The Discovery of Global Warming – American Institute of Physics – Global Warming: How It All Began by Richard Courtney – A History of the Disastrous Global Warming Hoax by Alan Caruba March 2014 – The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held in Stockholm, Sweden from June 5–16 in 1972. Global Warming or climate not mentioned in 26 bullet points

Pauline Hanson to visit Wellington Dam

Thanks to Beachgirl for this marvelous news from The West Australian. My post from last May – Plans to reduce WA wheatbelt salinity and utilize Wellington Dam with link to Agritech Wellington Dam Water Recovery Project on the WayBack machine. Any WA people interested in rational water policies should get in the car on Friday and visit Collie and Wellington Dam with Pauline Hanson. Help to make the day a success for Pauline and WA people.

Stunning Donald Trump snub to Australian Prime Minister

So PM Turnbull does not get an invite to the Inauguration but Pauline Hanson and her Senators do. Can anybody remember such a magnificent full on diplomatic snub as this?
Remember how Turnbull snubbed Trump by announcing Australia would ratify the “Paris Climate Accord whatever it is dead thing” on exactly the day Donald Trump was elected. Just so telling. But what are the implications for US – Australian relations and policy? Search my blog Trump – Search my blog Darwin

How many times has the WA Govt. solved Wellington Dam salinity problems?

News from WA today – Wellington Dam desalination plan to boost local agriculture It seems that Collie Water is this project here by Aqua Ferre Holdings Pty Ltd (Aqua Ferre) and Harvey Water. I look for project details but it seems that is not available freely on the www – you have to register with them. How disgusting that the WA Govt would be party to a project where information is not freely available. I checked Harvey Water and could see nothing about Collie Water. (See 4th comment for copy & paste of June 2016 article on the Collie Water Project plus their detailed map.)

Our Bunbury correspondent has sent in the following which will be expanded as time allows.
West Australian Water Using Taxpayers – Please Stand and Salute – An
Election is Coming.

This Election is Official because “Premier Water Guru Barnett” has once again raised Water as one of his lead promises.

Yes people, this is the same man who came up with a “foolproof cure” for Perth’s ailing water supplies in 2008 with the now famous “Colin’s Canal” project of delivering vast quantities of water
from the north west of the State to Perth, via a large lined canal at a cost of a mere $?.

But in Colin’s normal cautious way, he sought expert advice from a large Perth engineering group during a luncheon meeting at a restaurant in Perth.

This long and intense meeting resulted in carefully putting the plan down on paper, or a number of serviettes.
Initial costing for this audacious project was also calculated on even more serviettes until all agreed, Perth’s water problems were solved forever and Colin’s Canal solution was born and used as
an election promise.

The problem was the approximate costing given, bore no relationship to the actual cost and his good friends and benefactors. The Federal Government would not provide the funding sought and just as well
because an subsequent enquiry found a series of fatal errors in the plan.

Not to be daunted, Colin just prior to another State election, announced a $300,000 investigation into future water source options for Wellington Dam, the largest and safest dam in the SW of this State.
Interestingly, from a field of 18 proponents the field was reduced to three including Agritechsmartwater, Water & Rivers Commission (Gov.) Forest Products (CALM GOV).

The subsequent winner was Dept of Water, whose brilliant idea of diverting the east Collie river behind the dam into an “alleged” unused coal void, then taking it out in Summer, treating it with a fossil fuel powered RO plant and then pumping the water uphill to Harris Dam.

The pilot study of this proposal became an unmitigated disaster and once again, yet another “foolproof” Government plan and a few million dollars of taxpayers funds went out the window.