Huge area of West Australia enjoys cool days

I have noticed how a large area of inland WA has been enjoying cool days lately – starting about 8 Jan –

this map of the maximum anomaly is from the 14th.

New 5 second animation of the 20 maps from 29 Dec 2011 to 17 Jan 2012 – shows clearly how the much ballyhooed “Great New Year Heat Wave of 2012” was insignificant compared to this cool event – yet you will not hear about the week long cool event from the BoM or the MSM.
Post on the GNYHWo2012
“Great New Year Heat Wave of 2012”. Clearly the dark blue -12 degrees anomaly affects a much greater area than did the +12 degrees anomaly earlier in Jan – and for longer. Has anybody seen/heard a reference to this in the media ?

2 thoughts on “Huge area of West Australia enjoys cool days”

  1. A few hot days followed by a few cold days, hardly a climate catastrophe.

    By the way, have you noticed this from the BOM.

    Max Temp Seasonal Climate Outlook Assessment for Oct-Dec

    This is the verification you should have used for assessment in your earlier posts on BOM outlooks. Instead you used the wrong measures and incorrect climatology.

    Just to keep you up to date!
    Editors note: Bad luck again sillyfilly – the map you linked to is a multi-year check – note the date 2010 !!! Certainly not Oct to Dec 2011

  2. La Nina giving us cloudy days, and in a hot dry climate like the West, clouds decrease max temps by 10+C.

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