Hard lesson about solar realities for NOAA / NASA

The real world sunspot data remaining quiet month after month are mocking the curved red predictions of NOAA and about to slide underneath. Time for a rethink I reckon NOAA !! Here is my clearer chart showing the misfit between NOAA / NASA prediction and real-world data. Regular readers might remember that we started posting […]

Long term rainfall trend updates Melbourne region, Canberra, Warragamba catchment (Sydney Australia)

While digging around for rain data I thought I would update my “Melbourne water supply issues” page. Look for the Yan Yean monthly long term chart (below the red map) and below that my composite Melbourne region long term rainfall. This lead on to charting the Queanbeyan Bowling Club trend complete from 1871. Then Taralga […]

Deterioration in BoM rainfall data quality this decade

While chasing updates for Perth Dam catchments rainfall data I have been hit by how common it is to find a marked fall of in data quality this decade. I want to emphasize I have not searched for these cases, they just jumped out in the normal course of checking data. Then I had a […]

David Archibald’s elegant illustration of how late and weak solar cycle 24 is proving

There is another way of looking at solar cycles.

Solar cycles actually start with the magnetic reversal near the peak of the previous cycle. The sunspots take seven years to surface and become visible. Almost all sunspot cycles tend to be about 18.5 years long, measured from the peak of the previous cycle.

The […]

Dr Ann Henderson-Sellers of Macquarie University tells us what IPCC Lead Authors Really Think

North Atlantic Oscillation

From Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. Research Group News, very much worth your time to read. I think it is fair to say Dr Henderson-Sellers has been a long term supporter of the IPCC and it is stunning news that she is publishing her reservations.

Contrast this with the evangelical certainty of […]