Did the Brisbane urban heat island (UHI) affect the location of storms on 27th November 2014?

I was away all yesterday in the boondocks and heard on the car radio news of the Brisbane storms with hail and damage. Brisbane smashed by storm super cell: Premier calls in Army to help with clean-up – I just post this map of rain up to 9am on the 28th (recorded up to 4am) […]

NoTricksZone sets out evidence for UHI effect at the McMurdo Base – Antarctic – relative to the much smaller Scott Base nearby

“Urban Heat Island” Effect Appears To Be Far More Pronounced In Polar Regions Than You Might Think! By P Gosselin on 14. August 2014 Just imagine where this would be spread if proving the UHI benefited the Warmist side of the debate.

GISS urban adjusted version for Melbourne Australia from year 2000 compared with 2014 adjusted version

Had to cable up some old HDD’s and made a few interesting discoveries – GISS around 2000 made an attempt to adjust for UHI contamination using a long tapered adjustment – which in retrospect was probably one of the better attempts by any of the big IPCC climate groups to deal with UHI.

Most of […]

Open Peer Review Journal – publishing new research into urban heat island UHI effects in global temperature compilations

Dr. Ronan Connolly has sent me their paper Urbanization bias I. Is it a negligible problem for global temperature estimates? R. Connolly, and M. Connolly (2014). Open Peer Rev. J., 28 (Clim. Sci.), ver. 0.1 (non peer reviewed draft). A quick read through has impressed me sufficiently that the authors can be a force to […]

Did the Adelaide urban heat island (UHI) increase rain there last night?

Or did this pattern arise by chance. There have been various papers over decades claiming rain can be enhanced by urban areas. I drew attention to a similar pattern for Melbourne Christmas 2011. BoM Australia Rainfall and River Conditions page where you can drill down for rain over the last 48hrs. Even the next hour […]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology takes urban heat island (UHI) into account when announcing heat records

I have just been told by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment – Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham – that when _ “…the Bureau publishes relevant records of weather and climate occurrences and extremes based on observations from sites around the country.” The BoM is “…taking into account any urban heat island […]

How many times does a truth have to be told ? – UHI warming has been cemented into global temperature series by adjusting for steps outward from cities

I see Anthony Watts article on a new paper in Theoretical and Applied Climatology – “Effect of data homogenization on estimate of temperature trend: a case of Huairou station in Beijing Municipality”. Thanks to Springer for making this paper open access. My point here is that this diagram which shows how UHI warming gets fixed […]

Claim of warmest July ever for Canberra fails to pass elementary checks

The mainstream media TV weather news and press has been spouting the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) claim that July was the warmest ever in Canberra with a mean monthly max of 13.3. Yet you only have to check early 20th Century data from Queanbeyan to see the claim is dubious. Data from BoM. Queanbeyan recorded […]

Bureau of Meteorology feeds the main-stream-media dubious warming propaganda

I was interested in this Sydney Morning Herald article with various statements about recent warm conditions in Sydney. When you search for the headline – Cooler weather to mark start of winter – at the SMH website you get this intro text at the link – “Another warm month makes the last 12 the hottest […]

BoM forecast for Perth 31st May 2013 – “frost possible” -yet Perth central weather stations have not recorded a 0° minimum in May in over a century

An interesting call because Perth Regional Office weather station 9034 never recorded a minimum of 0°C for any month in all the years 1897-1992, see my table below. Chris Gillham has an account of the history of the various locations for Perth weather instruments. BoM forecast late afternoon 30 May 2013 – From 1993 and […]