Australian Bureau of Meteorology report conceals details of high rainfall in February 1893

On 25 January 2011 the BoM published an amended SPECIAL CLIMATE STATEMENT 24 (SCS24) originally published on 7 Jan on the subject “An extremely wet end to 2010 leads to widespread flooding across eastern Australia.” The revised SCS24 is nearly doubled in size and is titled, “Frequent heavy rain events in late 2010/early 2011 lead […]

2011 Brisbane rainfall dwarfed by 1974 figures

Just saw this snippet from the Courier Mail. Interesting that it runs against the torrent of “unprecedented event” style of reports that flood the media. Released on a holiday too. I liked the bit “The bureau stressed all data was not yet complete.” What !! – two weeks with untold computing power – a century […]

Victorian floods Jan 2011 may not be caused by La Nina

I am amazed at the way the “authorities” have seized on the current La Nina phase of the SOI as the reason for the Victorian floods – the media repeat this as gospel truth. This flies in the face of the crystal clear evidence from satellite images that the two rain events over western Victoria […]

Support the Stockholm Initiative

The Stockholm Initiative is a politically and economically independent non-profit organization with the ambition to examine the basis of current and planned climate policies and their political and economical consequences.

Example of how the Australian media propagates misinformation

Last night after 10pm I saw some of the ABC 24hr TV News show and the segment was The Drum – a presenter with a few people (mostly with greenleft views) to discuss current affairs. The subject turned to the Greens Senator Brown’s call for coal companies to pay bigtime for the Queensland flood cleanup, […]

Commission of Inquiry into Queensland floods 2011

Yesterday the Queensland Premier announced a Commission of Inquiry into flood disaster. Terms of reference – on 2 pages, which read to me as being in simple plain english. The Premier said the inquiry would have the powers of a Royal Commission – perhaps lawyers could explain and comment. Have I missed seeing “climate change” […]

Canberra emergency services – new experts on weather

The Canberra Times has a front page article on 15 January 2011 – “Canberra should batten down the hatches” – and talks of “…predicting devastating storms and unrelenting rain in the capital for the next two months.” The ACT SES Commissioner Mark Crosweller said a long-range briefing provided by the Bureau of Meteorology in November […]

Do We Really Know Earth’s Temperature?

Guest article by Pat Frank We’ve all read the diagnosis, for example here, that the global climate has suffered “unprecedented warming,” since about 1900. The accepted increase across the 20th century is 0.7 (+/-)0.2 C. As an experimental chemist, I always wondered at that “(+/-)0.2 C.” In my experience, it seemed an awfully narrow uncertainty, […]

Global Warming Panic explained

Neat little fast moving cartoon video with good sound that works on my slow connection. Enjoy a laugh – well worth 5 mins of your day.

Toowoomba flash flood shambles

What is wrong with our “warning systems” in this country when low lying roads in the major regional city of Toowoomba were not closed before this flooding struck?

Rainfall is no secret – it falls on a network of recording stations connected by telemetry to the BoM – the BoM report a network of updated […]