CSIRO’s Dr David Post huge climate flip-flop

This weekend the nations press and media is full of this BoM/CSIRO story predicting the big “big dry” drought will return despite the useful post Autumn rains.

Now I do not know anybody who does not accept that Australia’s climate history is dominated by a series of droughts – so predicting future droughts is a […]

Australian wheat crop history does not shout “worst drought ever”

Of all the knee jerk green-media beatups – that of “worst drought ever” or variations on that theme to cover the years 2001 and later – would one of the most predictable storylines of recent years.

My experience is that when rainfall data for an area in question are examined – the claims usually do […]

MDB water-buy-back scheme redundant after rains

Just now we are seeing a classic example of totally pointless Australian Government meddling – that can not do anybody – or the environment any good.

The last decade has seen much publicity by the “expensive water lobby” – much talk of “worst drought ever in the history of the planet” etc etc we have […]

BoM data package 30 years out of date

Fascinating press story from The Australian. — “Energy-efficiency weather data 30 years old”

I would guess the BoM are in such a tangle with their adjustments – they are paralysed as to how to update this package.

There is no doubt the BoM understands the impact of the urban heat island (UHI) on urban climates. […]

“Many people hear very confusing claims about the science”

I have to pinch myself.

PM dumps proposal for citizens’ assembly Julia Gillard scraps climate assembly

What did I say in July ?

I have to think back to the Whitlam years to come up with a comparable state of shambles in our Federal Government. The fascinating question arising now is – “..what madness will […]

“What appears dead for now is the House plan to cap the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.”

From the Wall Street Journal. Goverments downunder are oblivious to this dominant reality.


#2 Ongoing BoM utter incompetence

This time we show the huge divergence between the September quarter Rainfall Outlook – and the actual rainfall deciles for the same period.

Clearly the BoM have near zero predictive skills over 1 to 3 months out – any minor agreements are probably due to chance.

Yet our nations policy on carbon […]

Osama Bin Laden in agreement with Australian and New Zealand Govts on need for action on climate change

Headline on ABC online news Bin Laden calls for action on climate change I just love the comment further down by the Australian expert – that Osama is “hypocritical” – does she have to be so nasty !!