Global warming drives New Zealand Fur Seals into South Australian lower lakes to enjoy the fishing

Saw this on the ABC – Fishermen losing out to seals in SA’s lower lakes – global warming has been claimed to cause just about anything – the John Brignell list of several hundreds of things claimed to be caused by GW. Could the record expansion of Antarctic sea ice – much hyped lately as […]

Frosts damaging crops in central and western plains of NSW – Hey I thought global warming………

Weatherzone reports – Grain growers writing-off wheat and canola crops in central and western plains of NSW as severe frost damage becomes clear 14 days straight frosts around Condo from 2nd August – Hay – Hillston similar

Claim only four lemuroid possums found in the Daintree since 2005

I noticed this “lemuroid ringtail possum” story over at Anthony Watts. It is something I wrote about in 2008 – “Poster child for climate change” – you be the judge – and again December 2013 – Recycled five year old story about global warming threatening White Lemuroid Possum – I do not recall in the […]

Macquarie Island mysterious azorella plant dieback blamed on “noticeable change in climate”

Saw this on ABC – Macquarie Island faces new battle against mysterious azorella plant dieback – I thought – bet they blame “climate change” – sure enough

Scientists believe the plant’s demise has been caused by a range of things including a noticeable change in climate. “Everybody who has been going to Macquarie Island for […]

Scientists find link between Southern Ocean winds and drying Australia

The ABC has reported on this new research – while reading the publicity about this paper I saw this millenial temperature anomaly trend for Antarctica – derived from ice cores. Has anybody seen such a 1000 yr cooling trend for Antarctica prior to this? For full Figure at better resolution.


Recycled five year old story about global warming threatening White Lemuroid Possum

I first saw this issue raised in 2008.

Now the ABC are running the same storyline – basically the Daintree is heating due “global warming” and this is causing the White Lemuroid Possum to be endangered.

The nearest current and intact temperature series I can see around the Daintree is at Walkamin Research Station and […]

Australian Antarctic supply ship Aurora Australis blocked by ice again

Due back in Hobart tomorrow 16 November 2013 the ships webcam at 6am on 15 Nov 13 shows it is heading SSW on the voyage from Davis base to Hobart.

The latest sitrep can be read here –

We have made slow progress over the last 24 hours due to pack ice conditions. This […]

Research in progress suggests a link between salt levels in Antarctic ice cores and rain in south-west Western Australia

Thanks to Romanoz for alerting us to this fascinating research – see his comment #5. I now have the 20MB download – Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment – dated November 2009. Under Atmospheric data derived from ice cores The last para on page 43 starts – Ice core sea-salt as a potential proxy […]

Severe winter affects China, Northern India and now Bangladesh

Not everybody is putting up with heat waves. – China’s Extreme Cold Snaps Records – 80 die in record Bangladesh cold snap – Mercury dips even lower

New Year snow in South Canterbury, mid-summer New Zealand

I am sure it is not unknown – Cold snap brings snow to Sth Canterbury. Perspective from the NZ Herald in Auckland, I saw earlier about a bridge out on the West Coast – it has been known to rain there. Does anybody have an online source showing if the rain event was unusual for […]