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A reminder of global temperature trends through geologic time

Puts where we are now in perspective. I found myself looking for paleoclimate data from Australia – failing to find any charts going back through the Tertiary. So I thought it worthwhile reminding ourselves of the long term global trends.
Climate change during the last 65 million years – thanks to Robert A. Rohde for the chart below.

There is also a chart going back to the Cambrian – the first common ocurrence of fossil life forms – 540million years – chart by Glen Fergus. Note the timescale on these charts varies greatly.

Giant US climate group NOAA jumps the shark claiming El Nino has arrived

NOAA: Elusive El Niño arrives – While the 30 day SOI is near neutral?
In view that NOAA and many other IPCC compliant spokes-folks have been calling an El Nino for a year now – it would appear that instead of quietly walking away whistling from their stone dead failed prediction and getting on with more useful work for USA taxpayers – NOAA has decided to use their prestige to say El Nino is here anyway. Crazy – but this is one of the effects of the IPCC on climate science.

Wollongong Council says sea level rise not affecting utility of their coastal swimming pools

Recall that about a month ago I posted – No evidence of warmer summers from Wollongong City Council swimming pool attendance figures
At that time I emailed Wollongong Council to ask about historic survey data re heights of their ocean pool walls – for my questions click on more below. Just got a reply saying – [Thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately information on height of walls with respect to historical mean sea level is not available.
Any actual effects on the utility of pools have not been observed other than storm impacts.]
If anybody has ideas to access historic coastal survey data? Must be data in archives – I am sure our pioneers measured and recorded exactly where they were and where they built things on the planet. Continue reading

No evidence of warmer summers from Wollongong City Council swimming pool attendance figures

I saw this news about repairs to the ocean pool at Austinmer north of Wollongong. I have been interested for a while in the issue of the height of the oldest ocean pool walls and how they might relate to historic survey heights and modern survey heights – on the basis there should be another line of evidence here establishing the rate of sea level rise over a century or more.
Wollongong City Council have www page about their pools and there is a downloadable 9 page pdf report – Future of Our Pools Strategy 2014-2024 –
I thought – surely there must be comments here about sea level rise. Not so – not a word about sharks hoiking themselves over the walls during King tides and carrying off the odd swimmer. But I noticed this gem at the end of a string of bullet points on page 7 –

And earlier in the report was this graphic showing declining attendance figures –

All seems logical to me.

Global warming drives New Zealand Fur Seals into South Australian lower lakes to enjoy the fishing

Saw this on the ABC – Fishermen losing out to seals in SA’s lower lakes – global warming has been claimed to cause just about anything – the John Brignell list of several hundreds of things claimed to be caused by GW.

Could the record expansion of Antarctic sea ice – much hyped lately as being due to warming – be driving the critters north?

Claim only four lemuroid possums found in the Daintree since 2005

I noticed this “lemuroid ringtail possum” story over at Anthony Watts.
It is something I wrote about in 2008 –
“Poster child for climate change” – you be the judge

and again December 2013 –
Recycled five year old story about global warming threatening White Lemuroid Possum
I do not recall in the 2008 or 2013 media anything about there being only four critters left. Perhaps I missed something.
This article from the Cairns Post – Possum a ‘polar bear’ of climate change – a bit odd seeing there are many thousands of polar bears. While Polar Bears are being dragged into this – try this site for information on Polar Bear Science.
Anyway – the Cairns Post article states – JUST four white lemuroid ringtail possums have been found in the wild – Just four have been found since 2005.
I wonder if either of these statements could be true.
Time will tell I suppose.