Sun spot numbers come off February high

The twin peaked shape becoming better defined as cycle 24 proceeds – interesting to compare SWO & RI at different times. Previous solar threads.

Solar Update March 2014 – ten charts by David Archibald

Solar Update March 2014 by David Archibald With Solar Cycle 24 maximum in March 2013 (see the heliospheric current sheet tilt angle in Figure 5 below) and a one year lag between solar activity and neutron count, we have probably seen the minimum neutron count for this cycle. The minimum count is well above the [...]

Sunspots for February 2014 – RI shows a large increase – cycle 24 solar max yet to arrive

NOAA NASA SWO sunspot number way highest for the cycle – Current number from Solar Influences Data analysis Center – RWC Belgium – Royal Observatory of Belgium – for the RI sunspot data. Solarham pages with current data on our sun – Jan Alvestad – incl current month progress.


Sunspots for November 2013 – RI shows a small reduction from October

SWO numbers updated now. NOAA NASA SWO sunspot numbers data Solar Influences Data analysis Center – Royal Observatory of Belgium – for the RI sunspot data Solarham pages with current data on our sun

Big decline in sun spot numbers for September 2013

Adds to likelihood that the solar max for cycle 24 has passed. SWO data – RI data -

Big pullback in sunspot numbers for June – nice “rabbit ears”

That “second max” peak did not last long. Both SWO and RI indices record a solid pullback. My page a month ago. From here it looks like a slide towards the next solar minimum – NASA/NOAA say in this chart it will not be before ~2020. An earlier minimum would not amaze me.


RI sunspot numbers just out for May – NASA/NOAA SWO number has been increasing more than Belgian RI count over April May

Confirming the “rabbit ears” shape for Solar Cycle 24. Interesting that the SWO minus RI difference is now 46.8 whereas at the peak of the first “rabbit ear” in Nov 2011 SWO minus RI was only 36.4.

RI sunspot numbers just out for April – NASA/NOAA SWO number confirms the “rabbit ears”

There have been reports on increased sunspot activity in April and the Cycle 24 peak has been widely predicted to be in the next few months. The RI number just out from Solar Influences Data analysis Center – RWC Belgium – Royal Observatory of Belgium is a tad below what I was expecting. The chart [...]

Reminder of the wild prediction NASA made in 2006 about the current Solar Cycle 24

A reader sent me this priceless NASA prediction of a “…30% to 50% stronger…” Solar Cycle 24. A timely reminder of how wrong these highly paid experts and huge taxpayer funded organizations can be. Somebody might have a URL to a chart showing the several NOAA/NASA failed predictions of the last half decade. Readers can [...]

Sunspot numbers now updated through 2012 – has cycle 24 solar max passed ?

Experienced solar observers have been predicting the solar max for Cycle 24 will be around May this year. That may turn out what happens and we have a “rabbit ears” pattern formed. Time will tell but just now who would bet on it ? My earlier posts on Cycle 24 which extend back to late [...]