North Hemisphere warming relative to S Hem in NASA UAH satellite data.

Fascinating that the Southern Hemisphere continues this habit of not warming as much as the north.

Does anybody know of comment out there casting light on the reason for this growing divergence in recent months ?

US expert finds hurricane intensity under-reported in early years

This article from is timely just after my post re a drop off in Australian deaths from climate disasters. This is the Dr Chris Landsea who resigned from the IPCC some time ago because he was not being listened to. Heavens above, why would anyone expect the IPCC to listen to an expert.


New Zealand group sceptical of IPCC science

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition NZCSC had a good week with media comment on their open letter to MP’s calling for a Royal Commission into IPCC science and how it is affecting the NZ economy.

Typical media comment was an article in the NZ Herald.


Carbon dioxide and warming

“Thus adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere warms it a bit and leads to more water vapour and hence more warming.”

This is a direct quote from the New Zealand climate authority NIWA, in a media release after the formation of the newly formed ‘New Zealand Climate Science Coalition’ in May.

This NIWA statement sounds […]

Long term reduction in Australian deaths from, bushfires, cyclones and heatwaves.

The data for this graphic is sourced from the Emergency Management Australia (EMA) online Disasters Database. Added 8 August, I have just heard of this 2006 report by Dr Indur M. Goklany of the US Dept of Interior, “Death and Death Rates Due to Extreme Weather Events: Global and U.S. Trends”, 1900-2004. See entries […]

Is massive UHI warming in China distorting Jones et al gridded T data ?

A recent paper discussing long term temperature trends in China presents a graphic of century long trends including the Jones data.

“ZHAO Zongci, DING Yihui, LUO Yong, and WANG Shaowu, “Recent Studies on Attributions of Climate Change in China” , Acta Meteorologica Sinica 2005, Vol 19, 389-400.”

The caption refers to four trends from […]

Wegman on “Dueling Weblogs” and Information Asymmetry

John A: I would like to emphasize that the following is my personal view and not necessarily that of Steve McIntyre or Ross McKitrick.

In amongst the consideration of the proxy, statistical and social network evidence of the Wegman report, there is also this (page 48), which I could construe (albeit distantly) as a personal […]