Caucus vote on Australian Prime Minister 9am 24 June

Amazing scenes at Parliament House in Canberra tonight as Australia works through its home-grown version of a coup d’etat. Great to see the various factions of the left tearing at themselves – settling scores from decades back. The meeting will start about 10hrs from now, at 9am AEST – the new Prime Minister will likely […]

Stunning ignorance and lies surround Perth water supply policies

This ABC online news item from Perth caught my eye, “Water prices up 40 per cent: Labor”. With Eric Ripper the Labor opposition leader saying, “Of course in a dry climate there is pressure on water prices..” Wrong Mr Ripper, there is no “dry climate” over Perth dam catchments – see my graphic of 35 […]

ABC Catalyst TV show warped view of SW West Australian rainfall

Quote from Catalyst: Mark Horstman “Since the 1970s, the south-western corner of Western Australia has suffered a dramatic decline in their winter rainfall, so rapid and so extreme that it’s like, somewhere, a giant tap is being turned off.” What utter exaggerated twaddle. Once again the Australian media spins normal climate variations as something caused […]

The Obama Oval Office speech – BP oil spill

I have been watching our TV news from the US reporting on the BP oil spill – and have been surprised that so often the US seems to be whining about what BP has done without seeming to understand that oil exploration is a partnership. When the US assigns lands for oil exploration to this […]

New Antarctic ice core paper indicates carbon can not be a major climate driver

Most up to date proxy temperature trend over 140,000 years demonstrates that natural climate drivers must be dominating. Visit the C3 Headlines site for more.

Late 19th Century photographic evidence of the Stevenson Screen in Australian meteorology

I notice over at Luke comments: June 13, 2010 at 4:39 am [El Gordo remarks about temperatures pre 1900 being higher but gee if we’re into UHI issues – those data were recorded in a Glaisher stand. That’s why.] Not so Luke. Luke is repeating the standard BoM excuse to avoid facing the facts […]

Andrew Bolt exposes ongoing alarmism by Professor Tim Flannery

Great interview by Andrew Bolt who had the luck to run into Tim Flannery and ask a string of questions.

Comparing 2010 temperature trends with 1998 as we come out of an El Nino

Readers have sent in data about this issue trying to get a feel for how global temperatures might cool as 2010 unfolds. The salient points for me are; [1] 1997-98 was an altogether greater El Nino event than 2009-10. [2] The SOI went negative early in 1997 and stayed negative until April 98. [3] This […]

International Climate Science Coalition – science declaration seeking qualified endorsers

If you research the causes of climate change, then we invite you to endorse The Climate Scientists’ Register, a listing of scientists in the field who endorse the following apolitical, pure science statement.