2 thoughts on “NIWA admits prediction of average summer was wrong”

  1. Thanks Philip – it is a complex article.
    One point not addressed is – “to what extent is the growth of windpower pushing power co’s into network upgrades ?”.
    My memory over the decades is that when I was young – power cuts were common – we all had candles and kero lamps at the ready around the house all the time.
    From the 60’s on – grid reliability improved.
    Now from the late 90’s on we have had the impact of various Labor Govts trying to suck up to the Green vote – and for example in Perth in the mid-00’s I recall Labor was happy to let some Collie coal fired units go out of service – of course wind power was being subsidised. Then there was a hot summer – weeks of blackouts, brownouts you name it, voters were outraged. I recall Labor learnt from that to keep capacity up even if coal fired units had to be repaired or new gas units commissioned.
    Since then we have had more subsidised wind power – I read where Western Power warned that the grid could not stand over 16% WP.
    Also a boom in subsidised solar rooftop panels.
    In the east we have had the interstate grid connections – which should improve the situation.
    I have predicted in previous articles – check the Resources thread – that our power grids will get more unreliable, petrol generators will become almost essential household items for busy people. Rising power prices will force the aged and the poor out of peak period power.
    I could go on – the best thing we can all do is to NEVER vote Green.

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