Exactly who was emailing who in Climategate

This social graph of CRU emails shows how miniscule is this IPCC “power group” if you ponder how many active climatologists there must be globally. Sent in by The Iconoclast. The software counts the To and CC lines but does not count the emedded emails, many of which are duplicates. The 300kb graphic is over […]

Jones et al 1986 methodical insertion of warming bias

Jones et al 1986 looked at 86 Australian stations and rejected 46 (25 Short term – 21 long term). Of the 40 they used 27 were short term and 13 long term. Of the long term there were 5 large cities. The 27 short term stations were mostly only quoted from 1951 onward – regardless […]

Selection of Prof Phil Jones and CRU emails from over a decade now searchable online

We have heard the amazing news broken by Anthony Watts of the Hadley Centre hack and download of the 61MB file named FOI2009.zip Now gone from the original RU site but still available here. In my opinion it is from Climate Research Unit (CRU) at U of East Anglia, Norwich – UK and is not […]

Global carbon emissions 1960-2008 and economic events

Fluctuations in global economic activity are clearly imprinted on the carbon emissions timeseries. It is interesting to see the delay between major events and the consequent troughs in the annual rate of change. The second oil shock and the 1987 stock market crash both took five years to produce the maximum dip in the rate […]

BoM forgets Darwin history

I have just seen this BoM media release trumpeting “Warmest month on record in Darwin”. Darwin has just experienced its warmest month on record, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. Darwin Airport mean monthly max for October 09 was 34.8. Perhaps the BoM is too obsessed with making weather news fit in with media puff […]

“…I finished .. about 8 o’clock that night and there had been no reports at that stage of casualties…”

To give us some comprehension of the magnitude of the breakdown in functions of the Victorian fire bureaucracies on 7 Feb 2009, it is helpful to ponder this statement by Dr Tollhurst telling how he left Melbourne fire HQ around 8pm on the 7th Feb 2009 having heard no reports of casualties. An hour or […]

The BoM is a national disgrace

In Canberra we are on pretty strict water restrictions, water bills are sky-high yet the BoM can not with reasonable accuracy record rainfall data at a station in our catchments.

Below are extracts from many emails over months sent from a concerned citizen to the BoM (with BoM replies) re faulty recording of rain data […]

How quickly BoM weather model predictions implode

On 23 October the BoM published this map of rain predictions for the 3 months November 2009 – January 2010. Just 2 short weeks later, on the nights of 5th and 6th November, the NSW north coast was deluged, Coffs Harbour reporting up to 500mm over the two days and flood reports are all over […]

Kev747 attacks climate sceptics

Puzzling that the Australian Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd, would waste his precious time slagging off at; poor – old – underfunded – powerless – climate sceptics. The tenacious Marc Morano has a good commentary, Go Marc.

New paper on historical carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere accepted for conference

Accurate estimation of CO2 background level from near ground measurements at non-mixed environments Authors: Dr. Francis Massen , Dipl. Biol. Ernst-Georg Beck