A rare mea culpa from an Australian politician

We all made a fracking mistake, says former premier Bob Carr – try googling the headline if you get paywalled. Ex Premier Bob Carr forgets to mention the Eddie Obeid coal licence scandals that gave so much oxygen to the anti-miners and Green protesters. But why the NSW Govt went so far in changing the law around resources exploration is a mystery. We have got to this point after decades of Green-anti-development lies and exaggerations not being rebutted by industry and scientific/engineering experts. This has strengthened the ever present anti-resources industry groups who seized on the slick ready-made anti-fracking campaign imported from the US to increase their supporter base and level of activity. Now we have Green lawfare on an amazing scale, I read where there are 23,000 objections to the Santos Narrabri gas project EIS approval process.

Jacinda Ardern answers simple tax questions

Hard to believe somebody this shallow could be a serious candidate for New Zealand Prime Minister. Only a minute 47secs.

Thanks to Steve McMillan – as Steve says “Here you have it New Zealand…. the very day before the election, even the Labour leader doesn’t know her own tax policy.”
Here is my updated history of New Zealand elections chart. 2017 percentages as at late on election night. Large version

AEMO schedules Liddell generation but AGL regards Liddell as worthless junk

There appears to be a huge disconnect here. AEMO schedules 1800MW from Liddell for the next five summers screenshot from AEMO NSW xlsx file.

Yet if you Google “agl liddell” you see a plethora of AGL statements such as.
Liddell power station is “Geriatric” says AGL –
Liddell power station on ‘sliding scale to oblivion’, AGL ays –
AGL has said it is “fighting a losing battle”…at its ageing Liddell power station –
Liddell power station in NSW is seen by its owner as ready to close –
AGL faces a huge daily challenge to keep Liddell coal-fired power station running –
OK, you get the impression. No wonder AGL values Liddell at $0.
Let us get back to the huge disconnect I referred to. Does AGL say one thing to the media and another to AEMO? Or does AEMO just invent scheduled numbers for Liddell? Is there any obligation on AGL to tell the truth to AEMO?

Listing worst BoM errors in Goulburn Airport or Taralga daily minimums

Data from CDO disk bought from BoM in 2007 plus from CDO online then compared to Minimum temperature daily contour maps. Ask me if you can not find daily t in CDO or the maps.

Error A 5 Jan 1991 Goulburn Airport min = 9.7 – Taralga min = 19.2 – diff = -9.5 There is no sign of the 9-12 contour colour near Goulburn so the BoM map is indicating Goulburn is in error. Proved by Goulburn Tafe @ 20.5.
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WA Govt proudly wastes more money on water as Perth dams fill

No limit to water madness over decades in Western Australia.
[1] Refusal for decades to manage catchments – see 2002 press.
[2] Refusal for decades to use desal Wellington Dam water for metro supply, see next link –
[3] Refusal for decades to use mega quantities of desal wheatbelt water constantly wasting to sea in rivers.
A water org that can not even measure rainfall normally. There should be mass sackings in WaterCorporation and WA Dept of Water. Large image.

Adelaide Govt “Reverse RET” blocked by wind/solar/storage lobby

To improve South Australian grid security AEMO made recommendations to keep more “real” generation online. Real = “fossil fuel” which for SA means only gas or diesel. The SA Govt created its Energy Security Target (EST), a key plank of its $550 million energy plan. The EST is in fact a reverse or counter RET – so the EST was a sound move to attempt a bandaid repair of the damage caused by destroying the coal fired power stations in Port Augusta. Now we see the mega-powerful renewables/storage lobby has monstered the SA Govt who have now postponed EST to the outer darkness in 2020. You could not make this storyline up.

ABC GreenLeft propaganda can not mention Hazelwood

Reading down the ABC page time and again I am thinking – “mention the Hazelwood minus 1600MW that Vic has next summer compared to last” – But no – Hazelwood is never mentioned. The author also never makes the link to NSW that just survived a blackout on 10 Feb this year. So next summer SA – Vic – NSW are 1600MW more likely to be in load shedding events compared to last summer – more than ever weather dependent. Mad.