Let QANTAS go to Asia – that’s what they want – plenty of airlines will fly our domestic routes

The QANTAS announcement of grounding and lockout yesterday was one of those watershed events – you just know things will not be the same again – I just do not believe the pieces can be put back together again. For months the unions have been twisting the QANTAS tail with their escalating disruptive tactics.

Late […]

Did IPCC climate models predict this need for a UK Snow Supremo ?

‘Snow supremo’ needed to avert winter transport chaos


The UK should appoint a “snow supremo” to try to avoid another winter of chaos at airports, MPs have recommended.

The Transport Select Committee examined the impact of heavy snow last December which shut Heathrow, Gatwick and major train lines, and left roads impassable.

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Another bumper wheat harvest for Australia

In 2005 I asked Are Martians growing Australian wheat ?. Then a year ago I posted – Australian wheat crop history does not shout “worst drought ever”

The point of this article is to recycle this very direct chart from “The Australian” which highlights the fact that out of the last 11 years, three have […]

Out of 2007 – Seawater desalination seriously examined by Canberra Govt water utility ACTEW

I wonder how much money was wasted on the study – driven no doubt by Chief Minister Stanhope who was itching to play in the “big boys desalination sand pit.” They actually looked at costs involved in desalinating seawater at the coast – then pumping it ~150kms plus vertically 750m. Any half competent engineer could […]

FOI update – The BoM has no record of contacts by NIWA before 16 August 2010

Last May I reported on my February FOI request to the BoM to release to me all documents and data connected with their peer review of the seven station series for NIWA. See my article – “Australian FOI law keeps secret the construction of New Zealand seven station temperature series”. Note that the BoM Schedule […]

Rare event – sceptical scientists on TV

The Andrew Bolt Show on Australian Channel 10 Sundays. Well worth a few minutes of your time.