The Past and Future of Climate by David Archibald

Link to 400 kb pdf file of David’s provocative and original updated (May 2007) paper which says we are coming into a weaker solar cycle and that a cooler climate is likely in decades ahead. David also explains that the Greenhouse effect due to carbon dioxide is miniscule, as does the 1998 paper by Sherwood […]

Some 1855 to 1980 New York Times reports of changing climate

Some perspective on media reporting of complaints that the climate is not perfect, assembled by John Shotsky.

January 5, 1855, Wednesday

As the climate of every country has an inseparable relation with the physical character of its inhabitants, the attention of the Government was directed, some few years since, to the collection of correct meteorological […]

Monster and mysterious or ordinary and normal ?

March 14 news item on (copied below) reported a “…monster whirlpool off the NSW coast”. The Australian CSIRO are quoted, “Dubbed a sea “monster” by CSIRO oceanographers…”.

Something about this article rang out of tune with me, I was sure I had heard that eddies in the East Australian Current (EAC) were commonplace […]

Break for a laugh, entertaining audio files

Audio files of Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) of Western Australia (WA) taped phone calls.

Wikipedia has a fair enough intro page to explain the setting of all this for those not familar with Australian current affairs at:

I do not think for a moment that infuence peddling on this scale is confined to […]

The Great Olenek Mistake

Olenek is a weather station in the Taymir Peninsular, Northern Siberia, 68.5 N, 112.4 E, altitude : 220 m. For map; For a discussion of Tsurf trends in this region see; That’s the introduction and there is plenty of reading and points to explore there, however the purpose of this post is to […]

Four Basic IPCC Lies

In his latest paper, CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time Dr Zbigniew Jaworowski highlights these four basic statements in the “Summary for Policymakers”: 1. Carbon dioxide, the most important anthropogenic emissions increased markedly as a result of human activities, and its atmospheric concentration of 379 ppmv (parts by volume) in 2005 by far […]

Basic MDB rainfall data for the Wentworth Group

There is much comment in the Australian media about water shortages and prominent in this whole “debate” is the Wentworth Group, who are held out to be water experts and Professor Peter Cullen, of Canberra I think, often seems to speak for the Wentworth Group. I have just noticed a recent news item, copied below, […]

Stockinterview website notes failed BoM rainfall Outlook

Good to see other people are noticing the pathetic standard of BoM attempts to model rainfall 90 days out in their three month Outlooks.

Scroll well down on this article at: under the Australian rainfall map for

“On February 22nd, the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology issued a “Neutral” three-month outlook for the country’s […]

Queensland Govt., stunning hypocrisy over water

Premier Peter Beattie and his Deputy Premier Anna Bligh are whining in concert that the Federal Government is not doing enough to assist drought-stricken Queenslanders. Within the last ten years the Queensland Govt. stood by and let Cubbie Station trap river flows at the border with NSW up to a scale of 600 GL per […]

Dark Green policy unmasked after spider discovery

Recent news items copied below record the discovery of a 140 million year old trapdoor spider species in the SW of Western Australia. If is fascinating to read carefully the words from the Department of Environment and Conservation and ponder how they reveal exactly how Dark Green policy is formed that will impinge irrationally on […]