Update major national carbon dioxide emissions through 2012

Chart data from – BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013
On the day the Australian Climate Authority puts out a load of twaddle it is useful to remind ourselves of the facts of where Australia stands in the global carbon dioxide emissions stakes.

The new Australian Federal Govt is itching to sack this GreenLabor stacked quango – Climate Change Authority – but has to wait until newly elected Senators take the seats 1st July 2014 – unless Labor agrees to vote with the Govt.
The critical question for Australia is – why should we risk our puny little economy by making harmful changes when Asian emissions continue to skyrocket.
We could shut Australia down and return to the Stone Age – the effect on global emissions would not be noticed.

BoM 3° Sydney temperature forecast fail 22 October 2013

Forecast 28°
– weather turned out 25°
Apologies – I initially posted the forecast at 35deg which was wrong – it was 28.
The 35 degrees is tomorrow, Wednesday.
– In January I commented on an 8° fail. Australian Bureau of Meteorology Sydney temperature forecast 12 Jan 2013 – another amazing failure

Fascinating to check tonight what gets said on TV weather news.
Sydney region forecast link –
Actual weather link – several days are kept.

Tasmanian bushfires report says according to ABC news – agencies not prepared – confusion between police and fire service. – Who would have thought so ?

The ABC commentary is here –
Key points
Agencies not prepared for a major emergency
Confusion between police and fire service about who was in charge
Fire service failed to act on computer simulations predicting Dunalley could be devastated by the Forcett fire
Road closures could have been handled better
Lives probably put at risk
103 recommendations
Government accepts 72 recommendations, 31 approved in principle
30 prioritised for immediate start
Fuel reduction planning begins immediately
the report is introduced here – note the 1967 history – www site to download the pdf report in two parts total ~16MB.
Subsequent ABC news items as various parties position themselves – Opposition wants Tasmanian minister to quit over bushfire crisis – Firefighters take a swipe at January bushfire inquiry findings – Premier rejects Opposition claims fire fuel warnings ignored.
After the devastation of the Dunalley fire 4 Jan 2013 I posted this – Question about large fixed wing air tankers, water bombers in Australia now – Dunalley fire timeline. The report Appendix has timelines which show the Forcett fire (which ran and destroyed Dunalley on the 4th) was known to be burning on the 3rd.
I am saying this is a case where a four engined air tanker could have put out the Forcett fire on the 3rd. Too often our fire services seem to “accompany fires” – exhausting their resources. For example Yass and SE Cooma last summer – both of which burnt for several days – and the town of Yass was lucky not to come under direct attack. In both cases I am saying four engined air tankers would have been useful in suppressing those fires.
As a nation we spend $Billions on border protection but can not see the advantage in spending a few $Million each summer to charter a four engined water bomber or two. Technology that should probably be controlled by the RAAF.
IMHO the Victorian fire hierarchy on Black Saturday 7 Feb 2009 was in some disarray to say the least – possibly caught out by having their focus to the SE of Melbourne that morning and never properly catching up with catastrophic events to the north through the afternoon.
In the case of the Canberra fires 18 January 2003; these had been burning in NSW bush to the west and north west of the ACT for over a week – yet residents had little advance warning from authorities of the attack that Saturday afternoon.

Climate reality in the main stream media for a change – The great climate fiction

Great to see articles like this in The Australian – cutting through the misinformation and lies with clarity.
Yet the new Abbott Govt is hamstrung until 1 July 2014 when it can try and pass carbon tax repeal legislation through the new Senate.
While a double dissolution may not be impossible in the short time-frame before mid 2014 – IMHO it is unlikely all the hurdles are worth jumping. Antony Green may have more to say sometime if the issue boils on.

Some dams in South West of Western Australia are overflowing now

This news item caught my eye – Dangerous behaviour as people canoe on the Harvey Dam which could overflow any moment
Seems counter what we would expect in view of the decade long propaganda from WA water authorities about low dam levels – “our drying climate” slogans – rain never filling our dams – Perth will die etc etc etc.

I see these dams are part of Harvey Water
Map Harvey Water dams –
Levels Harvey Water dams
Harvey Dam at 56GL and Wellington at 180GL are the two largest and are both full. Is there a reason in rainfall ? or catchment factors why these dams are full now ? At the exact time Perth water supply catchment dams are struggling to average 40% full.