Vote on the new “climate change” poll at the ABC Q & A site

I see the “dismissives” have quickly made their presence felt over the loaded questions – 1929 votes as at 8.45am 27 Apr 2012. Only takes a few minutes – go on – a little chance to strike back at the years of disgusting Govt propaganda on climate.

Coldest ANZAC Day in Canberra for 60 years

13.6 degrees C on 25 April 2012 – 1952 was 13.3, 1939 – 13.2 and 1944 – 11.6. And this is in the face of constant growth of the Canberra urban heat island (UHI). No doubt this is what we can expect from global warming. Camooweal in NW Queensland is also having chilly times – […]

Earths climate throughout geological history

Reader Peter Lang kindly sent me these interesting links. Here are links to three sites on past climate and one with plate tectonics animation: 1 Paleomap by Scotese: Schematic chart of average global surface temperatures for the past 600 million years (since multicell animal life began) Points to note: The planet is in a ‘cold-house’ […]

Ex Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown misleading reply about solar power on national TV

Last night on the ABC (Australian Govt owned TV channel)- Q & A usual GreenLeft-fest – I saw Bob Brown say that the never built hydro dam on the Franklin River (thats Tasmania) – would have had a 184MW capacity. What knocked me out was his claim that this(184MW) was one fifth of a baseload […]

Continued existence of Maori canals near Blenheim in New Zealand indicates a stable relative sea level over 200 years

Thanks to Graeme Inkster for bringing this to my attention from the Investigate Magazine of Ian Wishart. I found the 1912 source paper online – thanks to the The Journal of The Polynesian Society. The 1912 paper “ANCIENT MAORI CANALS. MARLBOROUGH, N.Z.” by W. H. Skinner – states – “These Canals or channels are a […]

You know how the warmists parrot on that “satellites agree with surface temperatures” – not any more – they should check the data.

Half a decade back you could make the case that trends 1979-2005 in the old land only CRUTem2 were not too different from University of Alabama at Huntsville AMSU satellite based lower troposphere trends. The introduction of the UKMO dominated CRUTem3 in 2006 saw the land trends 1979-2005 blow out and the just introduced CRUTem4 […]

Dr Phil Jones back in drivers seat with CRUTem4 updated land only global temperature data – warms more than the UKMO CRUTem3 and with remarkable early outliers from Rio

CRUTem4 is just released and shows more warming than the UK Met Office dominated CRUTem3. Before I get on to CRUTem4 – a quick reprise of my Jan 2007 post commenting on CRUTem3 compared to our old friend of many years CRUTem2 (which ended in 2005). “Huge variations now between the 3 main global T […]

Fifty ex NASA scientists and engineers tell NASA GISS – “…the science is not settled”.

They say – “We, the undersigned, respectfully request that NASA and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) refrain from including unproven remarks in public releases and websites. We believe the claims by NASA and GISS, that man-made carbon dioxide is having a catastrophic impact on global climate change are not substantiated, especially when considering […]

Early April – Easter snow around Canberra

Just seen on ABC online news with a good photo from Tinderry 50km south Canberra. Does anybody have info as to how long ago since we had snow this early ?

Government wants a new director for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

I noted in April 2009 – “Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) now run by non-meteorologist”. Government thanks outgoing Bureau of Meteorology director, Dr Greg Ayers – 20 February 2012. I notice that 18th July 2011 Govt announced a “Review of the Bureau of Meteorology’s Capacity”. They said then – The review is expected to present […]