Australian Govt. electioneering squanders $198,100 of taxpayer money to save $2648 worth of water each year.

And this is only in one Perth electorate where they have no hope of winning !!

A mailed election flyer from the Liberals in the seat of Brand based on coastal town Rockingham 50 kms south of Perth crowed about ~$50,000 grants for 4 water saving projects. But when you cost the water saved, at the cost of desalinated seawater currently being produced by the Kwinana desal plant (KDP) which is $1.20 per thousand litres (kilolitre), the total cost is only $2648.

[Note for US readers, in Australia the Liberals are on the conservative side of politics, not like your left of centre USA liberals.]

The figures would look worse if I used the average cost of scheme water to the WA Govt meaning water from dams, underground, water trading and desalination. The cost would be about half of the $1.20 per kilolitre.

It hardly seems possible that such utter ignorance could be running the nation.

Details of the 4 grants:

  • $49,000 to save 400,000 litres PA at Casuarina Nursery, Desal water cost, $480
  • $49,500 to save 463,200 litres PA at Greenfields Primary School, $556
  • $49,600 to save 1,136,000 litres PA at Frederick Irwin Anglican School, $1363
  • $50,000 to save 207,200 litres PA at Tranby College, $249

I emailed the local Liberal candidate Phil Edman but got no reply. I read where if Labor win they will spend $20Million on a centre for water excellence.

Another bad joke on Australian taxpayers.