Global Warming alias Climate Change [the non-existent, incredibly expensive, threat to us all, including to our grandchildren]

by Dr David Kear (former Director-General, NZ DSIR; United Nations consultant; & South Pacific geoscientist)

I remember Dr Kear as Director of the NZ Geological Survey when I was at University in the early 1960′s – hence my interest in his article now.


“Climate Change” has become an important international topic – one might [...]

IPCC says it is likely the world is hotter now than in the Medieval Climatic Optimum

I had a quick look at presentation of the latest Climate Change IPCC 2013 Update. In 2.1 they say about global temperatures – “They also have ….likely been the warmest in the last 1400 years even if the rate of warming over the last 15 years is smaller than the rate since the 1950s.” [...]

IPCC wakes up at long last – Biofuels do more harm than good

Amazing – after sceptics have been warning of this for years. The sooner the IPCC is disbanded the better off the world will be.

If strong winds are behind the pause in global warming – would weaker winds cause global warming?

According to the ABC – a recent article by Professor Matthew England University of New South Wales – has claimed – “…stronger than normal winds in the Pacific are the explanation for a pause in global warming…” I just thought I would open this for discussion here. Does anybody know of long term land based [...]

Never forget the “Hockey Stick” and how the McIntyre and McKitrick destruction of same set the IPCC world on the path to Climategate

I have been told (thanks Dave) about the www site A Sceptical Mind and this history of the Hockey Stick millenial temperature time series. I wonder what readers think of the article and does anybody know who the author is.

How many times does a truth have to be told ? – UHI warming has been cemented into global temperature series by adjusting for steps outward from cities

I see Anthony Watts article on a new paper in Theoretical and Applied Climatology – “Effect of data homogenization on estimate of temperature trend: a case of Huairou station in Beijing Municipality”. Thanks to Springer for making this paper open access. My point here is that this diagram which shows how UHI warming gets fixed [...]

High time some Goverment did this – “Australia snubs global climate talks”

Australia snubs global climate talks, as Greg Hunt stays home to repeal carbon tax – 7 Nov 2013 Under GreenLabor how many junketeers would have been enjoying a Warsaw holiday at taxpayers expense? While achieving exactly what outcome for Australia?

Comparing new IPCC global map of 1901-2012 temperature trends – with GISS maps for same period

A reader has drawn my attention to this map from page 27/36 IPCC WGI AR5 SPM-1 27 Sep 2013 – I am not sure what dataset is used (probably HadCRUT) – have not found the Technical Summary Supplementary Material yet. Have to say I was not aware such a large area of South America was [...]

Wall Street Journal article – A Reprieve From Climate Doom – no reason not to disband the useless and harmful IPCC

A Reprieve From Climate Doom – forthcoming report points lowers estimates on global warming – Sept 13, 2013 in the Wall Street Journal by Matt Ridley Climate sceptics should stand firm and not let the IPCC get away with weasel words back-peddling from years of failed predictions and poor science. Multi-Billions of dollars worth of [...]

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd refuses to answer simple question – takes comfort in 4,000 IPCC climate scientists

A must see interview as Andrew Bolt tries to nail down GreenLabor’s climate lies. And did I see Kev747 use the denier word at the very end of the show? Just bring on the election now.