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Syria rain history – I think they have other problems

Like many I noticed Prince Charles repeating the claim that climate change is responsible for the rise of Islamic State.
Looking for rain data history at KNMI Climate Explorer I found the only monthly data that made charts for Syria was the “monthly CRU TS3.23 precipitation Syria Index”.

and below expressed as anomalies

The BBC has an interesting Syria profile – Timeline on the last hundred years history of Syria. Andrew Bolt has a post on the story – The science says Prince Charles is a fool to blame global warming for the Islamic State – and Euan Mearns also has – Drought, Climate, War, Terrorism, and Syria.
Turkey has just shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter that was presumably annoying the Turkmen who live very close to the Syria-Turkey border and are no fans of President Assad. While all this is in motion the Kurds Peshmerga forces assisted by western airstrikes are methodically joining the dots towards a new Kurdistan in NE Syria and Iraq. What a maelstrom of diverse competing forces.

Series of articles on climate and the IPCC by Peter F Gill a UK physicist

Peter has examined climate issues for many years and he has recently got a series of articles in a UK newspaper, the Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser.
29 March 2015 – A Different Approach: Changing climates
26 April 2015 – A Different Approach: Greenhouse gases and climate sensitivity
12 August 2015 – Climate change explained
4 October 2015 – The findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Puzzling why no coalition MP’s or Senators use Senate Estimates hearings to question the BoM about their ACORN temperature data adjustments

Recently Dr Jennifer Marohasy reported on a meeting of MP’s in Parliament House Canberra where the IPCC / Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) position was questioned. Sceptics and Alarmists, Together, Present to Coalition Environment Committee
This got me to wondering why adjustments to temperature data in the BoM ACORN data are never examined during Senate Estimates hearings. All it would take is an MP or Senator or two prepared to put a bit of actual work into understanding a little series of questions and the spreadsheet data behind them. Senate Estimates hearings are public and segments are often featured on TV news.

In several ways the Turnbull Govt has already taken Australia sharply to the left – conservatives need a plan

Although it is only two weeks since the Malcolm Turnbull coup de etat the leftward turn in the direction of Australia is obvious.
[1] Picking an inexperienced defense minister.
[2] PM’s statement “…without “waging war with unions”
[3] Cuddling up to the renewable energy sector again.
[4] New naval ships – surface units and submarines will be built in Adelaide again after the disasters of the Collins Class dud submarines. Paying too much again for inferior ships just to appease SA electorates.
[5] Senator Fifield glowing praise for the leftwing propagandist ABC.
[6] A fair bit of silence on what Turnbull will do about the China Australia free trade agreement ChAFTA – China has already warned that time for ratification is ticking away – while Labor wants to extract some price in the Senate.
[7] Australia announcing it is running for a seat on the UN Security Council in 2029 – 2029!!!! what a ridiculous bad joke.
[8] Trying to join UN Human Rights Committee collection of noted democratic countries – China, Congo, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. – What a disgusting bad joke.
[9] Heading for capitulation to IPCC line at Paris UN climate conference end year
[10] The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption (TURC) obviously heading for winding up at end year – despite reams of evidence of various unions criminal activities and wrongdoing.
[11] Inviting unions to Canberra conference today in the face of evidence at the TURC.
[12] I am waiting for borders to be weakened.
[13] The Adani coal project in Queensland put in legal limbo by Federal Dept of Environment incompetence – must now be near doomed under Turnbull.

IMHO the new Australian Liberty Alliance could well be a viable alternative for conservatives looking for an effective place for their first preference vote in the senate – then bring your prefs back to the Nationals – Liberals. The ALA could also pick up votes already going to disparate christian and right of centre senate groups – ALA could remake the senate if they can get effective spokespeople – despite the main stream media will unite against them. Added 4 Oct – events landsliding in favour of ALA – yet there are few signs they are awake.

Andrew Bolt reports on NOAA’s exaggerated claim that July 2015 was the hottest month on Earth since records began

Great to see a blog such as Andrew Bolt tackling climate misinformation. – Sydney Liberal MP Craig Kelly is curious. Well for a start NOAA is talking mean temperature – an average of max and min. Some of the quotes at Andrew Bolt refer to the daily max. But still there are many cases where the mean temperature Australian data contradicts the NOAA percentile map – Australian sector shown here.

NOAA does have an anomaly map that looks less exaggerated but still wrong in places.

Andrew Bolt asks – Why is the NOAA map for Australia running so very warm? The answer is probably that the GHCN version quoted by NOAA has been adjusted so the past is too cool hence shows too much warming – similar to the BoM ACORN data. It is also likely the SST’s data is similarly fiddled warmer. But how NOAA can publish such way out rubbish is beyond me.
Just taking two examples from grid squares on the NOAA anomaly map – Alice Springs Airport mean temperature and East Sale Airport – both contradict the NOAA anomaly map and of course the even crazier percentile map. Choose your region – then click on July in menu bar – Brisbane also looks a dud for NOAA. Andrew Bolt now shows the BoM July 2015 mean t anomaly to assist readers to check on NOAA.

Video memories – in mid 2009 Prime Minster Rudd announces $400million for carbon capture and storage

Thanks to Michael Smith – Hear Kev747 talking 150 days before ClimateGate and Copenhagen – I just wonder how these mega $millions of our hard earned cash were spent – fascinating. Kev’s GCSI seems to live on at least on the www – quote – The Institute was established in 2009 with initial funding from the Australian Government to accelerate the development of CCS globally.
In 2012 the SMH had this to say – Coal hard light of day for dud scheme
some good leads to follow there. I wonder if readers can dig out links to what Kev’s broadcasting of our hard earned dollars achieved. This site has touched on the CCS story over the years.

Swedish research says Russia has been gaming the carbon credits system

Why would we be surprised that Russia duds the sucker West? Vlad would expect his minions to do exactly this sort of thing to the hated West. Classic. – the Stockholm Environment Institute has published – Perverse effects of carbon markets on HFC-23 and SF6 abatement projects in Russia.

This Figure is from Nature.
Andrew Bolt has comments on the issue with his first link being to a BBC article quoting wider abuses than thoses fingered in the SEI paper.