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Video memories – in mid 2009 Prime Minster Rudd announces $400million for carbon capture and storage

Thanks to Michael Smith – Hear Kev747 talking 150 days before ClimateGate and Copenhagen – I just wonder how these mega $millions of our hard earned cash were spent – fascinating. Kev’s GCSI seems to live on at least on the www – quote – The Institute was established in 2009 with initial funding from the Australian Government to accelerate the development of CCS globally.
In 2012 the SMH had this to say – Coal hard light of day for dud scheme
some good leads to follow there. I wonder if readers can dig out links to what Kev’s broadcasting of our hard earned dollars achieved. This site has touched on the CCS story over the years.

Swedish research says Russia has been gaming the carbon credits system

Why would we be surprised that Russia duds the sucker West? Vlad would expect his minions to do exactly this sort of thing to the hated West. Classic. – the Stockholm Environment Institute has published – Perverse effects of carbon markets on HFC-23 and SF6 abatement projects in Russia.

This Figure is from Nature.
Andrew Bolt has comments on the issue with his first link being to a BBC article quoting wider abuses than thoses fingered in the SEI paper.

Great opportunity to save some money – Australia should take UN advice and not attend Paris climate talks

Gotta love this – UN climate expert warns Australia’s emissions target should not be final offer – Australia should not attend global talks in Paris refusing to budge on its greenhouse gas emission pledge, the UN’s scientific body on climate change has said, ahead of expected international pressure on the Abbott government to do better.
Easy – stay home – the multitude of people on the public purse could work at something constructive for Australia instead.

Merchants of Doubt movie box office triumph in USA – takes $54,242 – where can I get the DVD

Would that pay for theatre hire? I can not wait to see Marc Morano in Merchants of Doubt – in the meantime enjoy his assembly of critics comments painting him as some “super villain” with mysterious powers to wreck the just plans of the good and the great IPCC supporter base. If anybody finds a source for the DVD please let us know – thanks.

The Australian Academy of Science quotes “unusually weak solar activity” as one reason for the post 2001 temperature slowdown

Download the 7MB pdf report – page 10 Box 2.2 for the amazing quote saying […unusually weak solar activity] is a cooling influence. That they have the hide to include that in the face of decades of the IPCC refusing to accept the sun was affecting changes in earths temperature.

They also say [None of these influences is likely to continue over the long term.] Talk about messy statements – so solar – aerosols – volcanoes are all short term.
I like the quotes in Box 2.1 – where they pontificate about measuring “climate variables” – They say – (with careful account for changes in instrument types,
observational practices, instrument locations and urban areas)
It could be re-written along lines – with careful account for changes in instrument types, observational practices, instrument locations and taking care to include in global temperature compilations artificially warmed data from every urban area on the planet.

Lima climate talks decide to meet again in Paris next year – looks to me like a triumph for the Australian position

For the umpteenth time over the decades these money wasting UN IPCC climate talks fail to agree on anything meaningful – only to meet again at some expensive location – global airlines cheer. With China increasing emissions until 2030 at least – and India, rest of Asia plus 3rd world trying to catch China – nothing much anybody else does means squat. In the meantime – in the real world – oil prices are crashing making it cheaper to contribute carbon dioxide plant food into the global carbon cycle.

Why on earth are we sending two cabinet ministers to the Lima climate conference when we could have accredited a departmental janitor

This Fairfax beatup claiming Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has “gone bananas” at Prime Minister Abbott for sending Trade Minister Robb to accompany her at the Lima Climate Conference – is just another example of irresolute see-sawing policy shambles by the Abbott Govt. Absolutely no need to send anybody of Cabinet rank – some lowly apparatchik would have been fine. Interesting the ABC is slow to discover their version of this “story”.