Hadley Centre inserts more warming into New Zealand climate history

I have two graphics here comparing the “old” CRUTem2 data of Jones, with the new Hadley Centre CRUT3. Looking at 140 years of New Zealand land based data and we now see huge extra warming in the Hadley Centre CRUT3 gridded data.


Weather station urban heating realities

Anthony Watts of northern California has just posted some very informative photographs of weather recording stations in his region north of San Francisco showing the temperature sensors placed near local heat sources. (ClimateAudit has a new post too introducing Anthony’s work.)

In 2001 I put up a page on what the various temperature data told […]

Blog upgrade

I have heard muttering in the ranks that comments have not been getting through our trained ranks of expert censors (Bad Behavior and Spam Karma). So we decided to do what any corporation does when faced with failure – upgrade everything in sight and give the place a good lick of paint.

Thus, the WordPress […]

Transporting Kimberley water to Australian capitals by tanker

Michael Derry tells me he has been working on this scheme for some years now. All explained at www.kimberleywater.com/

I looked for cost estimates to build these million ton supertankers but could not see anything.

Disparity in tropical T datsets, 20 North to 20 South

A reader has emailed to say,

“Virtually all GCMs result in the temperature of the troposphere at the tropics increasing at about 1.3x that of the increase in the surface temperature. But all observations show that troposphere temp in the tropics is increasing at 1/2 to 1/3 that rate. Isn’t that proof that the […]

West Australian Premier talks utter nonsense about rainfall

These quotes are from Hansard for Question time in the WA Legislative Assembly, Thursday 17 May 2007. Note, Hansard is the Australian Parliamentary transcripts, or diary.

Mr A.J. CARPENTER (WA Premier): “..It has stopped raining in the south west of Western Australia. The rain no longer falls from the sky in sufficient quantities to fill […]

BoM rain predictions “totally useless”

We are talking here about the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) “National Seasonal Rainfall Outlook”. The BoM produces these predictive maps every month looking ahead for the next three months. I have for some years been critical that these Outlook maps are too often grossly wrong when compared to the rain anomaly maps National Seasonal […]

Electric light lunacy

When the Australian Federal Govt in February this year announced the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs (ILB) in favour of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s), I thought back to our ex Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and his decision (~1980 ?) to make imperial measuring tapes / rulers ILLEGAL after introducing metric measurements. Well, Malcolm’s Govt […]