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Over at NoTricksZone – A Short History of the Human Race and The Climb Out Of The Ice Age – the last Ice Age that is

Interesting accounts by Ed Caryl of recent geological history, the evolution and migrations of man, placed in context of a warming climate and rising sea levels.
A Short History of the Human Race Part 1, The Late Pleistocene, A Story of Survival By Ed Caryl
A Short History of the Human Race Part 2 – The Climb Out Of The Ice Age
By Ed Caryl

Why spend $500million on a new icebreaker in the face of global warming melting polar ice?

We are told constantly about warming this and that – catastrophic melting of ice shelves – why not give the Aurora Australis a tidy up refit and keep her sailing – save some money. There seems to be an internal inconsistency here – Icebreaker to boost jobs in Tasmania – let Tasmania stand on its own two feet – many are fed up with taxpayers having to subsidise Tasmania to be a Green theme-park. European shipbuilders short-listed to build Aurora Australis replacement – amazing, I would have thought Asian shipyards would have been in the running.
Will make a prediction now – the cost will end up nearer a $billion than $500mill.
I see news here about $45mill over 4 years to maintain air services to Wilkins ice runway near Casey – I thought that ice runway had melted – just Google – wilkins ice runway melting – pages and pages. In October 2012 I noted this Fairfax story about the melting runway which went viral all over Australia.