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Over at NoTricksZone – A Short History of the Human Race and The Climb Out Of The Ice Age – the last Ice Age that is

Interesting accounts by Ed Caryl of recent geological history, the evolution and migrations of man, placed in context of a warming climate and rising sea levels.
A Short History of the Human Race Part 1, The Late Pleistocene, A Story of Survival By Ed Caryl
A Short History of the Human Race Part 2 – The Climb Out Of The Ice Age
By Ed Caryl

Why spend $500million on a new icebreaker in the face of global warming melting polar ice?

We are told constantly about warming this and that – catastrophic melting of ice shelves – why not give the Aurora Australis a tidy up refit and keep her sailing – save some money. There seems to be an internal inconsistency here – Icebreaker to boost jobs in Tasmania – let Tasmania stand on its own two feet – many are fed up with taxpayers having to subsidise Tasmania to be a Green theme-park. European shipbuilders short-listed to build Aurora Australis replacement – amazing, I would have thought Asian shipyards would have been in the running.
Will make a prediction now – the cost will end up nearer a $billion than $500mill.
I see news here about $45mill over 4 years to maintain air services to Wilkins ice runway near Casey – I thought that ice runway had melted – just Google – wilkins ice runway melting – pages and pages. In October 2012 I noted this Fairfax story about the melting runway which went viral all over Australia.

Some enjoyable emails from Climategate 2009 featuring Professor Turney thanks to Steve McIntyre at ClimateAudit

Great stuff as Dr Turney builds a team of researchers while he angles for £3.5 million funding from NERC in the UK. He reminds us of the two underfunded guys doing the basic data gathering in Siberia – fighting off mozzies – doing the hard yards – others getting the rewards.

The “ship of fools” thing from near 4 months ago seems to have died here.

Remember the Australian Antarctic Division was talking about pursuing costs of the rescue? Has anybody seen recent news on any of that? Maybe AAD is too busy fighting for their own funding against the Abbott Govt economy drive.