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Ralph Ellis has an update of his Albedo regulation of Ice Ages paper

The link is here Modulation of Ice Ages via Precession and Dust-Albedo Feedbacks.
His earlier paper was discussed – Albedo regulation of Ice Ages, with no CO2 feedbacks. And on a related subject I posted – Some climate sanity after Paris COP21 blabfest – drawing attention to The book “The Chilling Stars” by Henrik Svensmark & Nigel Calder sums up 12,000 years of Holocene cosmic & solar driven “climate change” in the North Atlantic. Ralph tells me he is in touch with Henrik Svensmark.
Paper Abstract
We present here a simple and novel proposal for the modulation and rhythm of ice ages and interglacials during the late Pleistocene. While the standard Milankovitch-precession theory fails to explain the long intervals between interglacials, these can be accounted for by a novel forcing and feedback system involving CO2, dust and albedo. During the glacial period, the high albedo of the northern ice sheets drives down global temperatures and CO2 concentrations, despite subsequent precessional forcing maxima. Over the following millennia CO2 is sequestered in the oceans and atmospheric concentrations eventually reach a critical minima of about 200 ppm, which causes a die-back of temperate and boreal forests and grasslands, especially at high altitude. The ensuing soil erosion generates dust storms, resulting in increased dust deposition and lower albedo on the northern ice sheets. As northern hemisphere insolation increases during the next Milankovitch cycle, the dust-laden ice-sheets absorb considerably more insolation and undergo rapid melting, which forces the climate into an interglacial period. The proposed mechanism is simple, robust, and comprehensive in its scope, and its key elements are well supported by empirical evidence.

Some climate sanity after Paris COP21 blabfest

This Fig 3 from the book The Chilling Stars by Henrik Svensmark & Nigel Calder sums up 12,000 years of Holocene cosmic & solar driven “climate change” in the North Atlantic. The paper by G. Bond can be found as a pdf by googling the title -Persistent solar influence on North Atlantic climate during the holocene. The periods of iceberg armadas through the last glacial are termed Heinrich events and the warmer periods between are termed Dansgaard-Oeschger events. I wonder if these 19C reports of iceberg fleets way north of where we would now expect in southern oceans – are the tail end of the last Heinrich event.

Global warming causes too much ice in Hudson Bay in July!!

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation finds thick sea ice in July stops their polar expedition. The CBC is I assume the Canadian = to the Australian ABC – in April they announced – Icebergs, melting ice to be studied by Arctic expedition leaving from St. John’s – now it is – CCGS Amundsen re-routed to Hudson Bay to help with heavy ice Worst ice conditions in 20 years force change of plans to icebreaker research program
Its disgusting – thick ice in July.
And a reminder from the BBC of what happens in the Med when Senator Sea Patrol – is not around.
Mediterranean migrant crisis: Dozens ‘drown off Libya’
Throughout history people not properly prepared for the sea have often come to harm.