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German raider Komet passage north Siberia 1940

Reading my attention grabbing new book “Storm of War” I got reminded of this historic voyage of the Komet (aka Raider B of the British Admiralty) from August 1940 which was with the help of Soviet icebreakers. It is noteworthy that despite decades of global warming and technology advances the northern passages are still little used except by ice breakers and the oil industry. The Komet created mayhem in the SW Pacific sinking several ships including (with Raider A the Orion) the liner Rangitane in early hours 27Nov1940 off NZ East Cape. The Komet also voyaged to the Antarctic – not sure what exactly they were looking for. Vic.University German Raiders in the Pacific. I am building a timeline of raiders engagements in the SW Pacific.

ABC classic cherry pick of Arctic temperatures

I noticed this ABC story – looked like the usual puff – you know “proving GW” – we have all read dozens of the genre. Then Dr Kerry Rodgers emailed out of the blue to say he had a letter in the Timaru Herald – and it sounded like the same source quoting Australian oceanographer Dr Amelie Meyer. I thought wow a fast moving story “Timaru!!”.
I found T data for Cape Morris Jesup and downloaded data for winter to get a bit of perspective on the chart of 24Feb18 featured by the ABC. Note 1Dec2017 is on the right in my chart.

The ABC cherry picking of the 24th was impeccable. It would have been so easy for the ABC to give their readers a more balanced chart and story.