Not a lot of clear water seen between the ice around the Aurora Australis just now

They are on their way home to Hobart after cargo operations at Mawson – seeking a way out of the ice – I am surprised they are not under way – they have several helicopters to look for clear water leads.

Australian Antarctic bases Davis and Mawson beset by ice

The first map from the AAD gives an idea how far the Aurora Australis had to stand off Davis to fly helicopters – and we are only at the autumn equinox. Note too the current search area for debris ex MH370 is on that map. The daily sitreps from the ship Aurora Australis – Webcams [...]

The Australian Government is not planning a public inquiry into the distress call from the Russian cruise ship Akademik Shokalskiy when it became ice bound in the Antarctic 24 December 2013

On 14 January I faxed The Hon Jamie Briggs MP Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development – to read click last link below. The reply from the Chief of Staff for Minister The Hon Warren Truss is scanned page 1 and page 2. Just after I wrote, the ship arrived at Bluff NZ where [...]

Australian Antarctic base Mawson blockaded by heavy sea ice again

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has revised its shipping schedule due to heavy sea ice conditions adjacent to Mawson research station. My est location marked M – just west of Amery Ice Shelf. Satellite image from The Cryosphere Today 23 Jan 2014 – there is an animation there. Midsummer, decades of global warming, sea ice [...]

Now the Australasian Antarctic Expedition is home – we get the Australian Antarctic Division view

Plan to curb Antarctic expeditions after costly rescue of trapped ship – January 23, 2014 – Andrew Darby A few flags being run up flagpoles here. AAD still can not count the days the Aurora Australis was held up in ice on the Davis resupply voyage. The ship was impeded on its way in to [...]

Rotating global warming sits over North America again forecast maps indicate much of the USA should expect some brisk weather for 10 days or more. Run mouse along dates at bottom to animate map. Anthony Watts has an article pointing out that various weather forecast models agree on this.

Australian Federal Govt spends about equal amounts ~$180million on both Antarctic programs and all Geoscience Australia onshore “mineral and oil & gas resources” programs

For one lot of $180mill we improve scientific knowledge of Antarctica, get invites to Antarctic and climate change conferences, all of which means close to a net zero to the Australian economy. For the other tranche of ~$180mill (download pdf) we improve the prospects for mineral discoveries that will extend our resources industries that prop [...]

Aurora Australis delayed 20 miles off Casey due wind preventing safe cargo operations

Read the ships sitrep for Wednesday 8-Jan-2014 – and the previous one saying they still have 420,000 litres of distillate to pipe ashore – now they are sailing a box pattern 20 miles out to sea until wind conditions ease. Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) costs circa $4million a week so we see now the consequences [...]

Cryosphere blizzards hit North America

Just a tiny counterbalance to our BoM exaggerated heat wave stories. BBC says – N America weather: Polar vortex brings record temperatures – this map from USAToday National weather – click on National. Temperatures in Fahrenheit of course – 32F=0C This masterly map of global winds shows the northerly’s cooling North America and the Atlantic [...]

Ice breaker Aurora Australis still in ice heading south west at 0530AEDT on 3 Jan 2014 – what is going on ?

Late yesterday The Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) people were transferred to the Aurora Australis by the helicopter from the Chinese ice breaker the Xue Long. You might expect after several days of frustrating delays they might have hit the track for Casey pronto after loading on the 2nd Jan. According to the ships webcam – [...]