Summer snow hits Calgary

Here’s what summer snow looks like – says the Calgary Herald Hopefully somebody who knows Canada can put this in perspective.

ABC headline – Australia risks losing our grip on Antarctica – we ever had a grip?

The article is mainly pleading for more research funding – I hope the Govt takes no notice – there is no harm in Antarctic research losing some ground compared to geo-research in Australia which can pay real dividends and is light years more important to us.

Marc Morano has this great story from CFact – savour the nuance – British Antarctic Survey trapped without power during record cold -55.4° C

For an organization that has done more over decades to beat up GW in the Antarctic – Gaia strikes back – British Antarctic Survey trapped without power during record cold -55.4° C The CFact story direct -

Over at NoTricksZone – A Short History of the Human Race and The Climb Out Of The Ice Age – the last Ice Age that is

Interesting accounts by Ed Caryl of recent geological history, the evolution and migrations of man, placed in context of a warming climate and rising sea levels. A Short History of the Human Race Part 1, The Late Pleistocene, A Story of Survival By Ed Caryl and A Short History of the Human Race Part 2 […]

Why spend $500million on a new icebreaker in the face of global warming melting polar ice?

We are told constantly about warming this and that – catastrophic melting of ice shelves – why not give the Aurora Australis a tidy up refit and keep her sailing – save some money. There seems to be an internal inconsistency here – Icebreaker to boost jobs in Tasmania – let Tasmania stand on its […]

Scientists find link between Southern Ocean winds and drying Australia

The ABC has reported on this new research – while reading the publicity about this paper I saw this millenial temperature anomaly trend for Antarctica – derived from ice cores. Has anybody seen such a 1000 yr cooling trend for Antarctica prior to this? For full Figure at better resolution.


Some enjoyable emails from Climategate 2009 featuring Professor Turney thanks to Steve McIntyre at ClimateAudit

Great stuff as Dr Turney builds a team of researchers while he angles for £3.5 million funding from NERC in the UK. He reminds us of the two underfunded guys doing the basic data gathering in Siberia – fighting off mozzies – doing the hard yards – others getting the rewards.

The “ship of fools” […]

Satellites say Southern hemisphere sea ice area is at a record area again

Day 110 of 2014 just snuck into record territory again according to graphic at The Cryosphere Today

Not a lot of clear water seen between the ice around the Aurora Australis just now

They are on their way home to Hobart after cargo operations at Mawson – seeking a way out of the ice – I am surprised they are not under way – they have several helicopters to look for clear water leads.

Australian Antarctic bases Davis and Mawson beset by ice

The first map from the AAD gives an idea how far the Aurora Australis had to stand off Davis to fly helicopters – and we are only at the autumn equinox. Note too the current search area for debris ex MH370 is on that map. The daily sitreps from the ship Aurora Australis – Webcams […]