Why not let ALDI run the Australia economy. Could they do worse than our politicians?

Since the German supermarket chain ALDI has entered Australia it has been possible for price conscious shoppers to save hundreds of dollars on their essential grocery bills compared to shopping at the usual main competitors.
Australians voted in a fair majority to change the Canberra Govt – yet we are stuck with an often hamstrung or seemingly indecisive Govt – often due to the Senate – still stuck with much of GreenLabors wasteful policies.
I am opining we would be better off giving much of our governing apparatus a holiday and let ALDI manage the Australian economy.

Renmark Aero has coldest ever 7 day run of August minimum temperatures – that is in eastern South Australia

Checking Renmark Aero minimums for 7 days 2 August to 8 August 2014 and they average -3.97°C.

Renmark has two stations with daily max & min T available – 24016 Renmark with data from 1957 to 2001 which had no seven day spell in August even breaking zero. Then Renmark Aero 24048 with data from 1995.
The previous coldest 7 day spell I found was -2.2°C in Renmark Aero from 1st to 7th August 1999.
So this August smashed the record somewhat. There must be many more cold minimum records around SE Australia to be hunted out this month.

More good news – 100-megawatt Silex Mildura solar power station shelved

ABC headlines – Silex shelves major solar power plant on RET uncertainty – there is no pretty way to do it – these wasteful boondoggles must be shut down.

Canberra Airport has coldest ever 14 day run of August minimum temperatures

Checking Canberra Airport minimums for 14 days 2 August to 15 August 2014 and they average -4.55°C.

I think this is a record cold run of 14 cold minimums in August – since 1939 that is. The next coldest 14 day spell I found was -4.25°C from 4th to 17th August 1994.
Has anybody noticed this months cold reported? There must be other minimum records from this month.

NoTricksZone sets out evidence for UHI effect at the McMurdo Base – Antarctic – relative to the much smaller Scott Base nearby

“Urban Heat Island” Effect Appears To Be Far More Pronounced In Polar Regions Than You Might Think! By P Gosselin on 14. August 2014
Just imagine where this would be spread if proving the UHI benefited the Warmist side of the debate.

In the “Ah-doan-beleeve-it” category – TV news says – ICAC investigating politicians over “smear campaign”

A “smear campaign” – by Australian politicians – I’m shocked.

So Australia now has – “…unprecedented oversupply of energy, no new energy generation needed for 10 years..”

So at a time of “…unprecedented oversupply…” our power bills are booming. How unwise we have been to elect politicians who have brought us to this – where efficient and cheap 24/7 coal fired electricity generators are coming under financial pressure from taxpayer subsidised wind and solar which only generate expensive and erratic electricity when conditions are exactly right.

ABC headline – Australia risks losing our grip on Antarctica – we ever had a grip?

The article is mainly pleading for more research funding – I hope the Govt takes no notice – there is no harm in Antarctic research losing some ground compared to geo-research in Australia which can pay real dividends and is light years more important to us.

Marc Morano has this great story from CFact – savour the nuance – British Antarctic Survey trapped without power during record cold -55.4° C

For an organization that has done more over decades to beat up GW in the Antarctic – Gaia strikes back – British Antarctic Survey trapped without power during record cold -55.4° C
The CFact story direct -

Just saw this headline – The 2014 El Nino becomes ‘a real enigma’

You have to love the GreenLeft media – the complete and utter failure of seven months of warmists predicting and beating up the possibility of a Super El Nino in 2014 transmogrifies into – “a real enigma”
There is no enigma – simply that your climate models are mostly shite.