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New category now for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) ACORN SAT “Rolls Royce” adjusted temperature series

Just click on the ACORN category and the seven articles come up starting June 2012.

Bureau of Meteorology adjustments to construct ACORN SAT Adelaide temperature data Jan 1910 to Feb 1979

The Adelaide temperature history was discussed at Jo Nova’s – Forgotten: Historic hot temperatures recorded with detail and care in Adelaide -
First – Adelaide weather data was collected at West Terrace for around a century then in the late 1970′s the site moved 3.2km to Kent Town. The new BoM adjusted ACORN SAT data is named Adelaide – there is a downloadable ACORN SAT station catalogue if you go to the TAB ‘Data and network’ at the above link.
I wanted to make a start showing how the daily ACORN SAT (Australian Climate Observations Reference Network – Surface Air Temperature) adjustments vary from day to day – seemingly inexplicably. Interesting patterns appear – the reasons for which we can only speculate on. Note that from 1 March 1979 to present time raw data was not adjusted.

This Table shows daily details for May 1977 – illustrates the huge variations in adjustments to the minimum temperature from day to day ranging from 3.6 degrees to -2.1deg – what could justify these computer driven adjustments?

This Table shows daily details for Jan 1939 – month of record max at time of the 1939 bushfires – now the Adelaide all-time highest max of 46.1 on 12 Jan magically becomes 46.4 according to the god-like BoM.

Another $1.7Billion was to be spent by GreenLabor over six years through The Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Board

This page describing The Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Board looks to describe an additional set of QUANGOS to that addressed in my previous post – A Quarter $Billion in climate change grants over three years 2010-2012 -
Downloading The Land Sector Carbon and Biodiversity Board 2011-12 Annual Report – taking the five or six year funding totals from pages 12-13 I make the grand total $1.7Bn.

We can only hope the new Govt has kneecapped the worst of these schemes before they can squander too much of our taxes. Apologies for my adding to their Calendar.

A Quarter $Billion in climate change grants over three years 2010-2012

I see the biggest single grant was $94Million in 2010 to birth the Australian Carbon Trust Limited headed by one Michael Rann – that later transformed into Low Carbon Australia which later again was integrated into the
Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).
CSIRO seems to be the biggest single grants recipient with about $48million – followed I think by the BoM with about $22million. Click more for hopefully a spreadsheet of the main details for all grants 2010-11-12 Continue reading A Quarter $Billion in climate change grants over three years 2010-2012

Ninti One Ltd – a skilled operation gets $1 million from Fed Govt Climate Change Fund

Checking out who gets what in the world of Climate Change grants I came across this neat little operation – - Ninti One Ltd in Alice Springs. Many involved seem to be big city academics who would be funded anyway by their tertiary education institutions. But I am sure Ninti One Ltd can put the Govt funds to good use.

North Queensland less threatened this morning – Cyclone Ita downgrades to a category 2

Last night at 10pm the ABC was featuring 230kph winds in headlines. Cyclone categories. This morning the max gusts I can see for Cape Flattery are about 160. Lucky.
Can anybody find anemometer readings over 160kph ?

Sun spot numbers come off February high

The twin peaked shape becoming better defined as cycle 24 proceeds – interesting to compare SWO & RI at different times. Previous solar threads.

David Archibald book – Twilight of Abundance

New thought provoking book by David Archibald -

Not a lot of clear water seen between the ice around the Aurora Australis just now

They are on their way home to Hobart after cargo operations at Mawson – seeking a way out of the ice – I am surprised they are not under way – they have several helicopters to look for clear water leads.

Sydney temperature history – BoM raw data compared to ACORN adjusted data

Here is Sydney raw max & min annual temperature history -

This shows raw compared to ACORN also annual – you easily see where the effective adjustments are concentrated.

From 1 Jan 1983 on to present day there are no adjustments made to the daily max data. There are however some days when the raw reading is discarded to leave a data gap in ACORN. In the case of minimums (nightime) the data has no ACORN adjustments from 1 Jan 1964 to present day. But like the max – ACORN finds quite a few minimums not fit for ACORN.
Daily ACORN max minus raw max

Daily ACORN min minus raw min

To me it looks like machine driven stroking & tweaking.