Wind power is useless across Australia today

Scanning news headlines I discovered that the fault in the BASSLINK cable has not been found yet so there will be delays to the repairs timetable requiring the Tasmanian Govt to order 200 diesel generators. Upshot is the cable repair ship has not pinned down the fault location yet. Anyway – that nudged me to check NEMWATCH for the first time this month and the result at 4pm AEST 12 Feb 2016 is below.

Wind across Australia generating only 470MW. How has this taxpayer subsidised economic monstrosity been foisted on Australia and continues to be expanded? Answer is a combination of – Green Lies – GreenLeft media – gullible politicians – voter apathy. There are many days when wind generation is very poor.

Perth 4 days over 40°C heatwave nothing out of the ordinary for Perth heatwaves

We have all seen the media beat ups about the “Great Four day Perth heatwave 7th to 10th Feb 2016” – never a mention that that the ever expanding Perth urban heat island UHI might contribute to this event. Credit where credit is due though, the original BoM forecast was pretty good. Unlike their Brisbane and Queensland efforts this year.
Check out the statistics assembled by Chris Gillham in Perth – his website has much information on WA and Perth climate matters. Interesting that Perth Airport temperature data shows the “Great Four day Perth heatwave 7th to 10th Feb 2016” was exceeded by several past events at that site.

Two years ago I reported UAH satellites were reading too warm at times over Australia

From Dec 2013 – Warming departure in UAH lower troposphere satellite temperatures compared to RSS over the period 2005-2006 – I emailed UAH at the time and their responses are in the link. Now Their beta V6.0 warms much more that V5.6 over Australia – go figure. Data from KNMI using the Australia mask. Both UAH versions warm more that the BoM ACORN data while RSS does not see that extent of warming.
The trends by Excel for the 37 years 1979-2015 are –
RSS = 0.26
BoM ACORN = 0.49
UAH V5.6 = 0.58
UAH v6.0 beta = 0.88
Now of course the warmistas at The Conversation are dining out on this. Ignoring RSS.

Another exaggerated BoM Brisbane heat forecast – turns out a one day wonder

What is it with the BoM – so Brisbane has a humid and hot day last Tuesday – for heavens sake it is February – the ABC screams – Brisbane weather: Heat and humidity land six high school students in hospital – But then against the thrust of quotes from the BoM Wednesday dropped to 34.1 so the “searing heat” lasted one day –

and BoM has not yet worked out what it was Thursday – how is that possible? – Too busy yakking on phone to media? Working out their redundancies?
Bureau of Meteorology to axe staff from all regional stations except Cairns
Friday was said to be 29 and it turned out 27 – the record for a February day is over 41. Last month a similar exaggeration. BoM crying wolf again about heatwave in Queensland – turns out total flop – again

Another failed Bureau of Meteorology daytime temperature Outlook

Poor old BoM seldom takes a trick – make your own temperature maps – make your own Outlook maps.
The BoM predicted cool over SE SA, west Vic through Tas and all that turned out warm. The main BoM predicted cool spot was the Pilbara coast and that too turned out warm. They predicted heat on the entire Eastern seaboard but that was mainly average to not very warm. Vast areas of WA and NT predicted warm but turned out cool – long range forecasting is a bitch. Only win I can see is the far north tropics.
BoM should abandon these Outlooks and save some money for taxpayers.

and real world below

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations