French Antarctic research discussing solar signals in sea ice data over the last 11,000 years.

This is a fascinating example of a taboo climate subject we seldom hear from IPCC compliant science sources – quietly leaking out in Abstracts and presentations from the the COMNAP Sea Ice Challenges Workshop held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on 12-13 May 2015. I have only had time to read the top two presentations by the Chinese and the French.
A quote from the French Abstract – [Variations in both sea ice proxies, SOI and SAM present periodicities similar to solar activity cycles Gleissberg  and Suess cycles) showing an influence of solar activity on atmospheric and  oceanic circulation through the modulation of the SOI and SAM.] The sea ice proxies they ref to are derived from diatoms in sea floor sediment cores. Diatoms live near the ocean surface and when they die their minute siliceous skeletons contribute to the sea floor sediment.
SOI is of course the Southern Oscillation Index and SAM is the Southern Annular Mode. And we are told that carbon dioxide is the dominant cause of changes in climate.

As early as 1985 the Australian Government was spreading harmful Green propaganda about water

Rummaging through some ancient boxes I found this 1985 stamp which I had never noticed – carrying the slogan “Water is Precious”.

A slogan unworthy of a rational Govt – a slogan that has assisted to take us on the policy road where dams have been forbidden and $Billions have been wasted on unnecessary seawater desalination factories – mostly now in mothballs and we have to put up with a constant Green inspired push for inflated water prices. Reality is water is a common compound and falls free from the sky in huge quantities if you have the brains to store it. Cheap clean water from municipal supplies piped to homes has been an important contributor to increased life expectancy over the last 150 years. If we allow Green policies to interfere with this we risk turning the clock back healthwise.

President Obama using the EPA to shut down coal fired electricity generation in the USA

These two online articles show that concern is rising in the USA about two main issues around the shutdown of coal fired power – the impact of higher electricity prices on the less well off and the reliability of the grid.
I hope that policymakers in the USA can learn from Australian experience after our Coalition Govt foolishly introduced a tiny RET scheme (Renewable Energy Target) in 2001 – then in 2010 this was vastly increased by GreenLabor. Of course the USA gets 20% of electricity from nuclear energy – I do not know if that sector can take up any slack from reductions in coal use.
IMHO Australia is sleepwalking towards increased risk of grid instability but adopting the 33Gwh target for 2020 has eased that risk a little. On the other hand some states are working towards higher targets. Queensland wants 50% renewable energy by 2030 and the ACT (only ~300K people) has a 90 percent renewable energy target for 2020. All against a background of China increasing emissions out to 2035 at least. Nothing we try to do matters a cup- full of warm spit.

Media assists NASA to beat up the collapse of the Larsen B ice shelf – which if you check a map is not even in the Antarctic

NASA finds Antarctic ice shelf just a few years from disintegration – pity that it is north of the Antarctic circle and closer to Cape Horn than the south pole. There is also quite a cluster of volcanoes around the Larsen ice shelves – but hey lets not worry about subterranean heat sources. This story has been running for 15 years – whether or not the Larsen B fades away does not affect the bigger story, which is the expansion and thickening of Antarctic sea ice – a real problem for the warmers.

Outgoing Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison in Australia opines in TV interview that the military has never solved anything

During his TV interview last night with Leigh Sales on the ABC 7.30 Report outgoing Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison was asked “Can an ideology be defeated militarily?” He replied “No. I don’t think that there’s a military solution to anything. …” He added later “…throughout recorded time, there’s been – there’s never been a military solution to anything. …”
You can read his full reply in his second reply at the 7.30 Report transcript.
It left me a tad puzzled as to what General Morrison thought the British Empire, USA, France and Allies should have done when faced with aggression by Germany and then Japan in WWII ? Imagine yourself back in time to September 1939 and put yourself in the shoes of a farmer in Poland seeing a grey tank column approaching surrounded be determined looking armed guys in field grey and steel helmets – he strolls over and says “..look, we are just creating the society we want to live in…”. Good luck with that General.

Evidence of urban heat island (UHI) at Cobar, New South Wales, Australia

The BoM Cobar Meteorological Office is adjoining housing on the north edge of Cobar, a mining and pastoral town in remote New South Wales population ~4,000. A BoM MO is professionally staffed.

The Airport is several km away to the SW – these minimum temperature readings for May show a UHI of a few degrees most mornings.
Obviously if mornings are too breezy – the relationship gets perturbed. You can see here that lately there are only light zephyrs in the early mornings when minimum temperatures are recorded.
The BoM classifies Cobar MO as “non-urban” – despite housing a stones throw away. Not on this planet.

Colossal Greens and UN hypocrisy exposed constantly complaining about the Great Barrier Reef yet ignoring the large scale destruction of many reefs in the South China Sea

We get sick and tired in Australia with Greens media exaggerations on the fabricated subject around “dumping” dredged spoil on the Great Barrier Reef – which is of course in some UN inspired world heritage area blah blah.
Yet total Greens and UN silence on the huge and rapid island construction by China which is smothering unprecedented areas of reef and marine habitat.
The total damage to the GBR by Australia in over a century would not rate a minute fraction of the damage done in the Spratly’s in 12 months.
Utter hypocrisy by the Greens and UN.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations