BBC reporting the UN World Health Organisation is under fire for bungled response to Ebola crisis

Odd that I have not seen this in any Australian news – I see about three TV news channels each day – and it is not yet reported by the ABC online. Of course the ABC would be waiting to see how they could spin this against the Abbott Govt.
It does seem surprising incompetence from WHO – after all what do they exist for. But then why should any branch of the monstrous UN be any more useful than any other.

Proposed Bango Wind Farm near Boorowa NSW – an example of five years of multiple regulatory hurdles

The Bango Wind Farm proposal initiated in 2009 extends from north of Yass to SE of Boorowa and is a classic example of the largely pointless but expensive red and green tape that Australian resource projects are strangled by. With the Federal Govt now reconsidering the Renewable Energy Target (RET scheme) that would have been the lifeblood of the BWF – it remains to be seen if any turbines will be erected.
It is noteworthy too that earlier in 2014 NSW politicians from Yass, Goulburn and the Monaro were not enthusiastic about being “…treated as the ACT’s junk yard over its Government’s irresponsible and self-indulgent renewable energy policy…”

Six members of the EU resist moves to 40% emissions cut by 2030

The Polish PM says “…she would block any move that would increase energy bills for Polish consumers.” Poland’s economy is heavily reliant on coal as an energy source.
Poland’s largest opposition party Law and Justice (PiS) says it would support a veto by Prime Minister Kopacz on climate change in Brussels next week if the move harmed the Polish economy.
Ministers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania said in a joint statement at a so-called Visegrad Group (V4+2) summit in Bratislava that “the introduction of any legally binding renewable energy and Germany is increasing electricity generation from brown coal – the BBC says – Germany’s green dreams meet harsh reality. It is hard to see the EU succeeding with a 40% emissions reduction target at the Bonn Climate Conference this week.
The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has some supporters in Europe for his view that “coal is good for humanity”.

ACT(Canberra) Government plans to source 90% of electricity from renewables by 2020 is in tatters if the Federal Government succeeds in slashing the extravagant Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme

This map from The Dec 2013 AECOM report Pathways to Wind Power Development in the Australian Capital Region, prepared for – ACT Government – Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate – illustrates the most amazing NIMBY hypocrisy as the ACT Govt plans to locate all its wind farms well away from the ACT in New South Wales. Note also their reference to “Capital Region” which now has overtones of annexation of NSW resources to suit the ACT GreenLabor Soviet’s ultra-green plans. The ACT is replete with high windy ridges suitable to locate wind farms but Canberra residents are not to see a single turbine from their cocooned society.

We do not know if the ACT’s 90% renewables target by 2020 is even technically possible or what new gas fired capacity would be essential near the ACT to help the NSW grid cope with the huge random fluctuations inherent with greatly increased wind power near the ACT.
The Dec 2013 AECOM report – tells us in Table 4 on page 27

There have been few wind turbines installed near Canberra since 2011 – and Australia-wide installations peaked in 2009. Boco Rock to the SW of Nimmitabel is currently under construction and has apparently been sold to the Thai electricity company Electricity Generating Public Company Limited (EGCO).
What we do know is that the new Commonwealth Government is deciding what new policy to adopt with respect to the RET scheme and that this new policy is likely to be less permissive towards taxpayer funded renewable energy subsidies.
It looks likely that ACT Government plans to source 90% of electricity from renewables by 2020 is dead in the water – which is great news for ACT and NSW taxpayers and electricity consumers.

Stunning breakthrough in oxygen storage using a cobalt based salt

The Metal Bulletin reports – Cobalt at Centre of Breathtaking Scientific Discovery – the “…salt which comes from cobalt, could have a lot of useful and potentially life-changing applications. It could feed high concentrations of oxygen into hydrogen fuel cells, lightening the load for lung patients who have to carry around heavy oxygen tanks. And scuba divers could potentially leave their tanks at home.” There are also implications for for Manned Space Exploration.

Six years of electricity price history at the coal-face in Canberra and statements by Minister Corbell

I was curious to chart the recent reduction in electricity costs due to the Carbon Tax being abolished. Funny that the reduction looks less than the increase in cost in mid 2012 when the Carbon Tax was introduced.
While digging into this it was even funnier to find media from the ACT Minister Simon Corbell 10th May 2012 saying “…new laws to be introduced to the Legislative Assembly today will help lower gas and electricity prices in Canberra.”
The Canberra Times had already hyperventilated with the headline – Plan to slash ACT power bills – Noel Towell – March 14, 2012 – What do they smoke over there?

So we see that as a reduction in the kWh’s rates was made for the end of the Carbon tax – at the same instant ACTEW (ACT Govt) increases the daily supply charge that you pay whether power is used or not.
I am still wondering where Minister Corbell’s lower prices are – there was an ACT election in October 2012. The chart shows that the onset of the Carbon Tax in July 2012 marked the start of a period of greater price increases.
This chart showing the prices as indices makes it clear that the Supply charge has been increased at a faster rate than the power charges.

Where is the technology for this post carbon world that will leave our electricity grids still working 24/7 ?

I see Professor Ian Young – Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University has this Canberra Times article – Time to move to a post-carbon world
Baring nuclear – I can not see any of the current crop of renewables technologies taking over from fossil fuels to power our grids with anything like the “round the clock” reliability we have come to expect.
So I wonder what the brave new post-carbon world will look like.
How can we find out?

Australian National University divests itself of Australian resource companies

This news has been out a few days and has been discussed at Catallaxy.
The seven companies are – Santos, Newcrest Mining, Iluka Resources, Sandfire Resources, Oil Search, Independence Group and Sirius.
There are two main issues I see here – the divestment of the petroleum companies SANTOS and Oil Search can be justified for believers in IPCC global warming/climate change. However the other five are metal miners & explorers and considering the huge importance of minerals in our economy it is not clear exactly what the ANU thinking is.
However it is to be hoped the various Govts and resource companies make their opinions known to the ANU. Another issue that is also far from clear to me – is where there are good investment prospects in green companies such as renewable energy.
A reader has sent in this chart showing the importance of Australian resources industries – from the RBA Chart Pack.

In July 2013 I wrote – Seven “green” companies I checked in January 2011 – still poor investments
I really want to know – where are these good green investments in renewable energy that are supposed to be where the smart money is heading.

I had no idea that Australian Labor Leader Bill Shorten is worried that the Abbott Government is “…a Government of climate sceptics…”

Yesterday top management called out that Bill Shorten had just referred to the Abbott Govt as a “Government of climate sceptics”. This shocked me as I thought maybe I have missed some palace revolution in Canberra. A quick check using Google showed me I had indeed missed the many news items where Bill Shorten has opined that various policy shortcomings in the Commonwealth Govt are due to climate sceptics and climate deniers. Who are these people?
I note the Abbott Govt has announced an extension of the Trade Union Royal Commission through 2015 – maybe that is down to climate deniers too.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology 3 month Outlooks July to September far too hot again

Once again the BoM puts out these useless temperature Outlooks where NOT ONE square centimetre of Australia is predicted to be cooler than average.
Citizens should write their Commonwealth MP’s and Ministers asking why taxpayers money is still wasted on these ridiculous hot looking Outlooks. Australian weather just does not do what the BoM expects – is there some fever on the corporate brain of the BoM?

The rain Outlook below is exactly wrong too in several regions when you examine it.

The predicted dry in NSW – Qld turned out mostly average or sl wet.
South Australia through into Vic was predicted near average but turned out dry.
WA from the Pilbara south turned out to have about half the area wrong.
WA north of Pilbara was predicted dry but rain was above average.
Top of NT was precicted wet but turned out average or dry.
When you just stand back and weigh it up – just a huge waste of taxpayers money – at a time when Govt is looking for savings.
If you search outlooks on my site you will see I have been pointing out these shortcomings for years.