Interesting series of Q & A with Prof Judith Curry

Just saw this – well worth a read. I see she is now saying – “The IPCC May Have Outlived its Usefulness”. I said a decade ago that the IPCC should be disbanded.

NOAA satellites speak again – coldest week for a decade – at 14,000 ft

This global “cold snap” looks more significant than the one we highlighted last month. I mean the current trace is further below the skein of annual traces than it was in January.

The future cost of Australia’s Carbon Tax revealed in Treasury modelling

Great article by Terry McCrann – by my calculations in 2020 we will be paying ~$117 per head to buy emission permits from overseas – as Terry McCrann points out – these could be from “Nigerian scam” operators. By 2050 the Treasury modelling suggests we could be paying $2280 per head. Surely the Gillard Govt […]

US Dept of Energy levelized electricity generating costs

I thought this Table was worth posting – so readers can compare / contrast with other cost data. Shows huge costs for solar PV and solar thermal. The DoE numbers for Biomass seem low – maybe be from projects utilising existing waste material. There are other DoE links here.


Is there any way out for Labor as the Gillard vs Rudd brawl rolls on ? We need an Australian Federal election NOW

This post will grow – but I wanted to give readers a chance to comment now on the fast moving developments as the Gillard and Rudd forces tear one another apart. I noticed in Kev747’s speech from Washington Thursday morning – he did not mention the Carbon Tax. This chart shows the decay in Rudd’s […]

Should the Australian Government be subsidising jobs ?

In recent weeks there has been much publicity about job losses in the banking sector and also the threatened aluminium smelter at Point Henry in Victoria which was only ever built there by ALCOA to take advantage of cheap power generated from the Gippsland brown coal deposits. There has also been much comment on Govt […]

Many articles on electricity generation and renewable energy

Here is a useful link to a list of articles by Anton Lang for those seeking information on this very important subject. Who really wants their reliable and cheap household electricity that we all take for granted – to get unreliable and expensive. Come on – who will vote for more unreliable and more expensive […]

Japanese raids on Darwin – understanding our history from 1942

I was amazed to hear our Governor General say in her speech at the 70th anniversary of the 19 Feb 1942 Japanese air raid on Darwin; that “Seventy years ago the tranquillity of Darwin was rocked. The unthinkable was happening: our nation was under enemy attack. Unthinkable ? – what rot. Japan had been invading […]

Australian national wealth eaten away by unpopularity of our GreenLabor Government

Chart replaced by this version with All Ords Index converted to a $US scale. Thanks for that reminder Philip – I have this new chart from 2 Apr 2010 – before the Rudd Govt intro of the first version mining tax on 3 May. The ASX fell after that – then Rudd was removed 24 […]

Oil and Climate – The Threats to Australian Fuel and Food Security

Talk by David Archibald tomorrow 15 Feb 2012 at Parliament House Canberra. Paper by David last month; New report into global energy and food security by David Archibald