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What are the origins of the global warming bandwagon

I have tried over the years to find a single point that birthed global warming as we know it. My guess has been that it originated during the Carter years possibly in the US Dept. of Energy. With the Trump ascendancy it seems timely to throw this open to readers to see what emerges. History of climate change science
Timeline – The Discovery of Global Warming – American Institute of Physics – Global Warming: How It All Began by Richard Courtney – A History of the Disastrous Global Warming Hoax by Alan Caruba March 2014 – The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held in Stockholm, Sweden from June 5–16 in 1972. Global Warming or climate not mentioned in 26 bullet points

Sydney hottest April day last Wednesday only happened at Observatory Hill

The centre of our largest urban heat island reached 34.2 on 6 Apr 2016 topping 33.9 from 5 Apr 1986.
Other stations I have checked that were open in 1986 were all hotter in April 1986.
Sydney Airport 34.7 on 6 Apr 2016 but 35.7 on 4 Apr 1986
Bankstown AP 35.8 on 6 Apr 2016 but 36.9 on 4 Apr 1986
Parramatta Nth 35.2 on 6 Apr 2016 but 37 on 4 Apr 1986
Richmond RAAF(067105) 36.6 on 6 Apr 2016 but Richmond RAAF(067033) 38.2 on 4 Apr 1986
The ABC TV weather news was beating up Penrith but that station did not open until 1995 and there seems to be no other Penrith station – tough – what liars.

Looking at the state I have checked Goulburn, Condobolin, Cobar, Bourke – the first 3 were all hotter in Apr 1986. Bourke Post Office was hotter 3 times between 1906 and 1922. So just now I can not find that 6 April made a record hot day anywhere in NSW except Sydney Obs Hill – any suggestions? This would be remarkable.

Cobar weather station and many others goes automatic as BoM staff cut

BoM staff cuts at regional weather stations were flagged a month ago – so here is a response in local Cobar news. These marked blue are the sites likely to be de-staffed.

My main point is that these stations will be like Cobar – designated Met Offices properly staffed – which should be a step up in importance from the hundreds of smaller sites where volunteers or part timers take weather readings. IMHO a crazy decision that will affect data quality in years to come. In the context of the Australian economy – what will the savings be? In the context of the cost to us of greedy politicians – what will the savings be? There is much more at

Perth 4 days over 40°C heatwave nothing out of the ordinary for Perth heatwaves

We have all seen the media beat ups about the “Great Four day Perth heatwave 7th to 10th Feb 2016” – never a mention that that the ever expanding Perth urban heat island UHI might contribute to this event. Credit where credit is due though, the original BoM forecast was pretty good. Unlike their Brisbane and Queensland efforts this year.
Check out the statistics assembled by Chris Gillham in Perth – his website has much information on WA and Perth climate matters. Interesting that Perth Airport temperature data shows the “Great Four day Perth heatwave 7th to 10th Feb 2016” was exceeded by several past events at that site.

Once upon a time in the late 1990’s GISS made tapered adjustments for the urban heat island UHI

I have been digging into my archives and have discovered some of my temperature data downloads from GISS with their tapered UHI adjustments. Here is their work for Melbourne.

Do any readers remembers those efforts by GISS ? I have several more examples I can show later that essentially adjust strongly warming city data to show a near neutral trend. Maybe these tapered UHI adjustments (click for chart of exact adjustments) did not please everybody because post 2000 GISS started making homogeneity adjustments using satellite night lights – I am not sure if that method is still used. In recent years I have tended to lose track of what they do once they started adjusting rural data to agree with UHI affected cities.

Coldest December morning for 38 years at Kent Town in central Adelaide

Just noticed this HT Graeme No.3 – But today I see Adelaide (Kent Town) recorded 7.9°C which just beats the previous record of 8° in 1987 – data starts 1977.
Parafield Airport had 5.7 this morning – Only 0.1 above the December record minimum of 5.6 in 1995. All in the face of the increasing Adelaide urban heat island (UHI) influence.
Adelaide West Terrace 1887-1979 recorded 6.8 in 1955.

Australian BoM claim that Perth has had the warmest June ever is not true everywhere around Perth

Keen eyed readers warned me of this news – Warmest June temperatures for Perth
Working down this station list for the Perth region – In a few days the June 2015 archive will be visible. I have the page saved offline if anybody wants it emailed. Badgingarra had 20.6 last month but in 1985 saw 20.9.
Garden Island had 19.9 equal with 2006. Gingin Aero has 20.9 but saw 22.9 in 1996 and 21 in 2000. Karnet had 17.8 but saw 18.1 in 2006. Rottnest Island at 19.7 was equal to 1997.
Looking around at other stations some closed – Guildford Post Office saw 21.3 in 1944. Upper Swan Research saw 21.6 in 1983. Rottnest Lighthouse read 20.2 in 1949.
I ask if you could take out a century of urban heat island UHI growth – would the BoM claim stand up? I think on balance no doubt last month was very warm in Perth but the claim of “warmest ever” is not the most robust of claims to trumpet from the centre of a huge urban area.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology turning semantic cartwheels to avoid saying Canberra is experiencing a record run of cold nights

Really strange misinformation – the facts are very simple – Canberra is having a record run of cold nights for this early in June. Yet today the ABC reports – Canberra’s extreme run of overnight lows ‘only seen every 10 to 15 years’ – What is the BoM smoking. Yesterday the Canberra Times quotes the BoM to write – Canberra weather: Cold, frosty mornings to continue before a warm long weekend – Same style of obfuscation – avoid admitting a record at all costs. The Fairfax article confuses Monday and Tuesday – talks of warm weather to come. And there is this odd mention of last August that has nothing to do with anything. Weird mention of “every 10 to 15 years” – no it is the coldest run of nights this early in June for 76 years!!! Then they throw in El Nino to appear all-wise. And our national policy is affected by the org generating this evasive twaddle.
Here is a Table of sorted June minimums for Canberra down past minus 5.1. The record to break is – Tuesday the 2nd -7.0, Wednesday the 3rd -5.1, Thursday the 4th -6.9, all time record run of cold minimums this early in June. Case closed.