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Breakthrough turning CO2 into a clean-burning formate fuel using partially oxidized atomic cobalt layers

This research by Chinese scientists in Hefei is reported in Nature – Partially oxidized atomic cobalt layers for carbon dioxide electroreduction to liquid fuel
and Popular Mechanics – Breakthrough Material Is a Better Way To Turn CO2 Into Clean-Burning Fuel.

Could a process such as this be a basis for making CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) more worthwhile?

How much useful electricity does rooftop solar produce in southern Western Australia

The ABC have this article claiming – Rooftop solar producing more energy than WA’s biggest turbine – Curtin University sustainability professor Peter Newman said – “It’s nearly 500 megawatts and it’s growing rapidly,..” Yet when I check NemWatch for WA I can only ever find a little over ~250MW for WA small solar. Is this because about half the output is used in the homes of the owners of these rooftop solar systems?
And of course the article seems to forget that these solar systems only work in the sunny hours – they make no electricity at night while the coal fired generators chug away 24/7. I wonder to what extent the WA grid can keep on accommodating increasing solar and wind power yet remain stable. I also wonder what is the cumulative cost of all the small scale solar subsidies paid out by the various Australian Governments.

Green electricity prices increase – how does the GreenLeft media publish such rubbish with a strait face

They are instrumental in inflicting this disaster on us all – utterly no shame. New year rings in 41 per cent rise in GreenPower prices
Has anybody got any other increases to quote. How about us that do not buy the fraud of so called Green Power? Do we really think charges for normal electricity are not also going up? We have to stop voting for the disaster of steadily wrecking our electricity grid.

GreenLeft Australian ABC repeats anti-coal story five times on news front page

It must cruelly piss them off that global wind plus solar electricity generation in 2014 tallied only 3.8%

This is the yarn repeated five times – Are we witnessing a turning point in the future of coal?
Here is a chart of global electricity generation –

data from BP Statistical Review.
And amazingly 8.6% voted Green at the 2013 Federal Election.

Media claims that peak oil is postponed because of renewables are the wildest fantasy

We all know that the world crude oil price crashed starting mid 2014 – from levels around $100 per barrel it is now ~$35. Obviously fracking in the USA has boosted oil production but an additional reason for the price crash is the Saudis economic warfare to minimise the power of Iran post sanctions. I posted on that subject about a year ago. Saudis oil pumping crashes oil price kneecapping the Iranian economy – how do the Teheran Mullahs pay to build those nukes now? Anyway – back to the subject today. The ABC reports – Peak oil losing credibility as renewables shift accelerates and Fairfax chimes in – The price drop that’s really worrying big oil
To put renewables on scale with global oil consumption I have made this chart using data from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy – get the XLS file and explore for yourself. Oil consumption has been converted to Terrawatt Hours to compare with solar and wind global electricity generation. It is crystal clear that the microscopic quotas of heavily subsidised renewables in the bottom right corner of my chart could not possibly be having any serious influence on the massive global consumption of oil.

If you want to add global coal consumption on for 2014 that is another 17,000TWh equivalent and global electricity consumption all sources in 2014 totals 23,536TWh. I wonder where this Green/Renewables fantasia originated.

Brilliant Agora Energiewende online graphic display of German electricity generation

Look at the pathetic contribution of wind and solar recently – Agora Energiewende

In July solar was better of course but wind was a lot worse – you can check any period.
No wonder many western economies are near moribund after wasting squillions on dud technologies thinking they would produce “low carbon” electricity in a way acceptable to the population. Amazing that people still vote Green or Left. Deluded. I read where members of Merkel’s cabinet have the common sense to see the train-wreck coming. Germany abandons their climate target, as their Chancellor sings to the crowd

Green renewable energy enthusiasts hoping to buy back the Berlin electricity grid

Yes that’s Berlin, Germany – what about Berliners who actually want reliable electricity – do they get any say.
The Australian ABC reports – Berlin citizens looking to buy back electricity grid in aim of using more renewable energy
Without fossil fuels, hydro or nuclear it could easy be a case of – Ich bin ein Berliner in der kalten und dunklen. Thanks Google for translating.