More good news – 100-megawatt Silex Mildura solar power station shelved

ABC headlines – Silex shelves major solar power plant on RET uncertainty – there is no pretty way to do it – these wasteful boondoggles must be shut down.

So Australia now has – “…unprecedented oversupply of energy, no new energy generation needed for 10 years..”

So at a time of “…unprecedented oversupply…” our power bills are booming. How unwise we have been to elect politicians who have brought us to this – where efficient and cheap 24/7 coal fired electricity generators are coming under financial pressure from taxpayer subsidised wind and solar which only generate expensive and erratic electricity when [...]

Another sign of common sense taking hold in an important nation – Japan cooling on solar positive for nuclear power

Reuters reports – Future grows darker for solar energy growth in Japan On the second anniversary of a scheme aimed at boosting Japan’s renewable energy after the Fukushima crisis, its powerful industry ministry is taking steps critics say will choke off solar investment and pave the way for a return to nuclear.

Australian taxpayers have a miniscule win as Paralana geothermal project in outback SA is shelved

Our ABC reports – Petratherm shelves Paralana geothermal project in outback SA – apparently due to a lack of funds. “The Paralana project had secured $24.5 million as a Renewable Energy Development Program grant but could not raise another $5 million needed.” Does anybody know why Petratherm could not raise a paltry $5mill to get [...]

Carbon tax repeal today but at what cost – what strings attached

A welcome step but this has been such a drama and with so many amendments I think it will be some time before we can weigh the net effect against the remaining web of GreenLeft hangovers – Clean Energy Finance Corporation – Renewable Energy Target – Climate Change Authority – that the Govt wants to [...]

How dare Queensland baseload electricity providers protect the grid from rooftop solar “detrimental impacts”

Revealing take here by “Our ABC” giving free publicity for advocates of the renewables sector. Qld electricity providers trying to block solar from grid, lobby group says Mainstream electricity consumers have allowed too much harm already to our electricity grids from the variable generation of near useless but expensive Green boutique wind and solar.


Is Al Gore looking for a high political role post Obama in 2016?

Watching TV news last night at the Shut-Down-Railway Closed-Wheat-Silo Empty-Shops-Town Motel in mid New South Wales it was fascinating to see the confusion in the knee-jerk GreenLeft main-stream-media in Australia as ex USA Vice President Al Gore stood alongside our MP Clive Palmer who was proposing to axe the Carbon Tax. ABC News carries the [...]

Australian Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt rolled by cabinet over $500Million rooftop solar scheme

Signs of a surprising conflict within cabinet that took a while to surface – Greg Hunt kept Prime Minister in dark on solar policy – I expected cabinet members to be better tuned in to Govt plans than this. The adults in charge could be looking at the ever growing cost of the renewable energy [...]

Just in case you missed this – Explaining electricity markets to dummies

Explaining electricity markets to dummies

In speaking to members of the renewable energy sector about what they think is most important to the government’s review of the Renewable Energy Target there is universal agreement: electricity prices.

Abbott has been elected to a significant extent off the back of public anger about [...]

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey speaks out against wind power and “environmental agencies”

Thank you Joe for some rare good news. HT Andrew Bolt On the ABC – Joe Hockey says wind turbines ‘utterly offensive’, flags budget cuts to clean energy schemes