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First day post Hazelwood – Tassie Hydro props up Eastern electricity grid

Comments starting with Qld (grid “strongman” now) and during an eastern wind drought. Generation by Nemwatch – Price and Demand from AEMO. For bigger Nemwatch chart

QLD demand 6,042MW with generation 6,959MW running a modest surplus in view all grids need some spinning reserve.
NSW demand 8,306MW with generation 7,686MW running a surprising deficit. Must be maxing imports from Qld.
Vic demand 5,373MW with generation 5,328MW small deficit should have spinning reserve. I have never seen Vic in deficit in a year or more watching.
SA demand 1,525MW with generation 1,323MW running a deficit – must be importing from Vic.
Tas demand 1,277MW with generation 1,902MW running a big surplus – Basslink must be humming at near max 600MW feeding power to SA, NSW and Vic.
For months Vic has been the lynchpin State exporting as required to NSW, SA and Tas. Verily our politicians have wrought harm to our electricity system.
Latest AEMO “wholesale price” chart up to Hazelwood closing. Larger version.

Added 3 Apr – This is an interesting AEMO page too – gives a graphical presentation of flows between States. I have not worked out what the red and pale blue signify – on the labels with arrows showing flow between States.

Labor abandons 50% by 2030 renewables target

There were signs from Perth a week ago – then the Illawarra Mercury had a crack at it – then on ABC TV The Drum Episode 15 last night host Ellen Fanning introduced her first segment with “and Labor’s backdown on its renewable energy target”. If anybody sees more on this huge story in the MSM please pass on links. Thanks to Lance for Youtube clip. And here is a longer version on Youtube from Lance on Labor’s inability to keep to their Renewables Target script.

Keep Hazelwood open

Hazelwood 1,600MW of electricity generation is due to close at end of March. This must further stress our already strained power supplies and rack up prices further. People concerned that this would weaken our electricity grid should email politicians asking that Hazelwood be kept open. I will be emailing the PM, Treasurer and several other members of the Commonwealth Parliament. For information email to –
Keep.Hazelwood.Open (the you know what symbol)
Terry McCrann had a good article – Keep Hazelwood power station open through takeover

NSW is usually an importer of electricity – interesting that generation for our largest State is propped up by imports from both Qld and Victoria. NSW is an Importer of Electricity – my series of Nemwatch charts annotated with simultaneous demand & price data from AEMO. There will be more data to present on the subject.
The upshot is – Victoria is the Lynchpin State of our grid in terms of electricity generation. Another reason to “Keep Hazelwood open”

Birds igniting on powerlines near wind turbines

Recall my 19 Jan post Tarago fire starts on Capital wind farm – Now the Goulburn Post has “Infigen Energy denies liability for Currandooley fire” The article includes 16 photos in a slide show – number 15 by Mark Dunstone is below – larger version. Other news – Goward pushes for Currandooley coronial inquiry Photo from Goulburn Post. Stop These Things has a post “Wind Power Setting the World on Fire: Infigen Sparks Devastating NSW Bushfire” If anybody has suffered damage there is a comment there from a law firm with an email address.
Above photo is taken from the north – west is to the right and the fire ran east to the left. This map shows the fire outline. and is of course north side up like 99.9% of all maps.
I am puzzled we are not already well aware of elongate clusters of fires along powerlines all across our wide brown land.