Australian fuel cell company attracted by the German Energiewende

The ABC reports that ASX listed fuel cell company Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (ASX – CFU) with origins as a CSIRO spinoff is headed to find its place in the sun as a part of Energiewende. – Germany’s renewable energy incentives and regulations attracting Australian companies – One of their products is BlueGen a gas [...]

BBC reports UK Electricity National Grid only has 4% spare capacity this winter

It is hard to believe electricity consumers have voted in Governments that have weakened such a vital national interest as the UK electricity grid. It is happening in Australia too and no doubt many western countries.

The Australian Commonwealth Govt muddles around vainly hoping Labor will assist it to reform the money wasting RET scheme

I have just quickly sketched my opinion of where the Govt of Prime Minister Tony Abbott finds itself now. Last week I emailed ministers connected with trying to reform the Renewable Energy Target which was introduced by the Howard Govt in 2001. I list some selected quotes. All replies confirm the Government’s support for renewable [...]

EU agrees on ludicrous 40% 2030 emissions reduction target

In the great tradition of countless IPCC climate conferences – at a time EU economies are in deep doldrums – while global temperature has not risen in 18 years – and at a time when Germany electricity generators are increasing coal use – and when France says it will cut back on electricity from nuclear [...]

Proposed Bango Wind Farm near Boorowa NSW – an example of five years of multiple regulatory hurdles

The Bango Wind Farm proposal initiated in 2009 extends from north of Yass to SE of Boorowa and is a classic example of the largely pointless but expensive red and green tape that Australian resource projects are strangled by. With the Federal Govt now reconsidering the Renewable Energy Target (RET scheme) that would have been [...]

Six members of the EU resist moves to 40% emissions cut by 2030

The Polish PM says “…she would block any move that would increase energy bills for Polish consumers.” Poland’s economy is heavily reliant on coal as an energy source. Poland’s largest opposition party Law and Justice (PiS) says it would support a veto by Prime Minister Kopacz on climate change in Brussels next week if the [...]

ACT(Canberra) Government plans to source 90% of electricity from renewables by 2020 is in tatters if the Federal Government succeeds in slashing the extravagant Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme

This map from The Dec 2013 AECOM report Pathways to Wind Power Development in the Australian Capital Region, prepared for – ACT Government – Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate – illustrates the most amazing NIMBY hypocrisy as the ACT Govt plans to locate all its wind farms well away from the ACT in New South [...]

Where is the technology for this post carbon world that will leave our electricity grids still working 24/7 ?

I see Professor Ian Young – Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University has this Canberra Times article – Time to move to a post-carbon world Baring nuclear – I can not see any of the current crop of renewables technologies taking over from fossil fuels to power our grids with anything like the “round the [...]

Spanish company comes downunder to the ACT for Australian PV solar subsidies

The GreenLeft ACT Govt has a “90 per cent target for the use of renewable energy (electricity) in the ACT by 2020.” – so we can expect a welter of waste in years to come. And it is ironic that while Spain has been burnt by over installing PV solar schemes – a Spanish company [...]

South Australia adopts a 50% renewables target for 2025 – propped up by interstate coal fired generators

The SA State Govt elected with only 47% of the two party preferred vote due to the gerrymandered electoral system – now crows about adopting a target of 50% renewable energy by 2025. SA has gone heavily into wind power and the only way this 2015 target is even remotely possible is on the back [...]