How secure will the South Australian electricity grid be when coal shuts down next month?

Media reports say Alinta will close their coal fired generation at Port Augusta in May 2016. SMH and ABC – Last month I blogged – Will South Australia walk the talk and close their coal fired electricity generation? Since then I have obtained 12 months of daily South Australia electricity data and on Adelaide hot summer days when wind is not stellar it looks difficult to meet demand without coal. NemWatch

Large version chart -I am looking for a period of 5 minute data to check this further. Thanks to Peter Bobroff from the site for these data.

Urban water policy 2006 – how have we gone so stupidly far up the cost curve?

Came across this neat chart from Nov 2006 –

look at all the expensive options policy makers have wasted and are wasting our tax dollars on. While in the case of Perth (Australian bellwether city for water policy) ignoring the standout cheapest option.
Another very cheap option could be included –
trimming back on pointless unnecessary “environmental flows”.
When you vote in two months time – why not try and vote for sensible water policies. You use water every day.

Tasmanian Government fined $54K by ACCC for false advertising renewable energy

About time somebody got pinged considering claims made by renewable energy advocates over more than a decade. At a time when Hydro is saddled with the Basslink failure – I bet behind scenes unprintable.
Momentum Energy ads falsely claimed power generated ‘from thin air and fresh water’, ACCC rules
Check the brilliant little NemWatch to see in real-time how much renewable energy is being generated State by coal burning State
Here is the ACCC media –
Momentum Energy pays penalties of $54,000 in relation to renewable energy advertising 21 Apr 2016

Australian Liberty Alliance talking water at election meetings in the NSW Riverina

This is a good sign for those communities – we need Senators who will vote for water supplies to people and water for irrigation. Our pioneers taxed themselves to build dams for people and irrigation – not to waste on environmental flows. At the next election vote ALA 1 – then your selected right of centre groups such as Family First & DLP – then Govt candidates – then Labor – always put Greens last.
To see the election meetings notices you might have to paste the link into your browser. Or use my Senators…link.

Sydney hottest April day last Wednesday only happened at Observatory Hill

The centre of our largest urban heat island reached 34.2 on 6 Apr 2016 topping 33.9 from 5 Apr 1986.
Other stations I have checked that were open in 1986 were all hotter in April 1986.
Sydney Airport 34.7 on 6 Apr 2016 but 35.7 on 4 Apr 1986
Bankstown AP 35.8 on 6 Apr 2016 but 36.9 on 4 Apr 1986
Parramatta Nth 35.2 on 6 Apr 2016 but 37 on 4 Apr 1986
Richmond RAAF(067105) 36.6 on 6 Apr 2016 but Richmond RAAF(067033) 38.2 on 4 Apr 1986
The ABC TV weather news was beating up Penrith but that station did not open until 1995 and there seems to be no other Penrith station – tough – what liars.

Looking at the state I have checked Goulburn, Condobolin, Cobar, Bourke – the first 3 were all hotter in Apr 1986. Bourke Post Office was hotter 3 times between 1906 and 1922. So just now I can not find that 6 April made a record hot day anywhere in NSW except Sydney Obs Hill – any suggestions? This would be remarkable.