Minister Greg Hunt claims Direct Action policy success as the first auction squanders $660 taxpayer millions – more waste to come

In Nov 2014 I wrote – Why are we wasting $Billions on “Carbon Farming” when Australia is naturally sequestering all our emissions without any human intervention ?
12 April 2015 news commentary critical of the Govt – Direct Action: Government’s $2b carbon scheme likely to fall short as first auctions approach, analysts say
Yesterday news trumpeted by Govt – Emission Reduction Fund: Government purchases 47 million tonnes of carbon abatement in first auction

Bending over backwards to clear trees for the new BoM weather station in Adelaide parklands

First let me say I am not in any way against the clearing of whatever trees have to be cleared for the new BoM weather station. Australia has no shortage of trees or places to replace a few.
I am simply pointing out the utter hypocrisy in classifying these trees so nitpickingly adversely – see extract from Adelaide Park Lands Authority Agenda – page 60/143.

Not significant – atypical in form – low vitality – poor structure – regrowth – and low life expectancy – pass me that chainsaw quick.
The photo shows ordinary enough mallee struggling to establish itself a bit of a habitat. If a mineral exploration company wanted to say clear 18 trees like this for a drilling program – hundreds of km from anywhere at Outer Black Stump – they would expect to have to lodge a Review of Environmental Factors or REF report – probably running to many dozen pages and usually requiring a consultant costing up to or over $10,000. They would also have lodged upwards of $10,000 as an environmental bond to have an exploration licence granted in the first place – to ensure that the site was rehabilitated.
All this before your drill bit touches soil. In the case of a REF there would have to be assessments of fauna too which the BoM seems to be escaping in this case, yet there must be birds and insects inhabiting these trees.

Confession to make – for years I had assumed the BoM weather station in Adelaide at Kent Town was in parkland on the east of the CBD

How wrong I was – the weather instruments are just on a lawn in a commercial area – see pink X – the parklands near Norwood start in bottom left.

This is additional to the post on 11 April 2015 commenting on Fairfax media reports that the Kent Town site has to close in July due to lease running out and the BoM are relocating back onto parklands near the original West Terrace site. I am hoping somebody from Adelaide can send me photos of the new site.
Just found this 26 Mar 2015 Agenda of the Adelaide Park Lands Authority – 14MB pdf. See pages 54-88incl – lots of fascinating information and nuances piled on politically correct nuances.
Anyway – this aerial map sets out the essence.

Would still appreciate any photos of activity at the site.

Prominent actor tweets Gallipoli was an invasion – so what, we were at war – the Ottoman Empire had attacked Russia and joined WWI on the side of Germany in October 1914

Watching the Australian media it is possible to get a distorted view of the place of ANZAC in history.
On twitter hardly one person states correct historical situation that in late October 1914 naval ships of the Ottoman Empire including two German crewed cruisers chose to attack and sink Russian ships around the Black Sea. This resulted in Russia and the Allies – France and the British Empire declaring war on the Ottoman Empire. After that the Ottomans declared Jihad on all the Allies I think. The Ottoman Empire could have remained neutral – might have survived after WWI and Gallipoli would not have happened.
There is a great need for better public knowledge of the bare essentials of WWI origins and basic history.

Bureau of Meteorology delusions about the urban heat island revealed in news of relocation (again) of Adelaide weather instruments

Adelaide Now is carrying this news item (HT Chris Gillham) – Weather station near Adelaide High School to more accurately measure climate change will involve cutting 18 Parkland trees
The article says – [The bureau wants to relocate to the Parklands site to be able to make comparisons with historical readings gathered at a previous station which operated near the site between the early days of the South Australian colony and 1979, when the city station was moved to Kent Town.
The data from the new weather station would be able to be accurately compared to historical figures to determine the impact of climate change.]

So the BoM thinks that relocation on this or that postage stamp area of parkland enclosed by the huge and ever increasing urban heat island of the ever expanding and infilling Adelaide suburbs – will somehow mean that “…data from the new weather station would be able to be accurately compared to historical figures to determine the impact of climate change.”
Utter delusion.
And of course this is the same BoM who thinks Canberra Airport is “non-urban”