Does anybody have a very detailed list of Russian met station locations ?

At ClimateAudit, Steve McIntyre has a Feb 19 2007 post ” Jones and the Russian UHI”, tackling the issue of replicating what was done in the highly influential Jones et al 1990 Letter to Nature.

See my rebuttal of this pivotal Jones et al 1990 Letter to Nature at:

Steve recounts how years ago […]

Has anybody seen any recent sunspots ?

Over two months ago on 16 December I posted “Contrasting forecasts for Solar Cycle 24″. Are any sunspots being reported yet ?

How hot was the Arctic in the 1930’s ?

Jonathon Lowe quotes research by Polyakov et. al at his excellent Blog, “Gust Of Hot Air”. Readers could spend some time reading Jonathon’s other fascinating articles investigating Australian temperature data.

The collapse of arguments for high climate sensitivity

Guest essay by Dr Doug Hoyt In the past few years, three articles have come out that, taken together, lead one to conclude that climate sensitivity is very low, being less than 1 C for a CO2 doubling compared to the 3 C figure favored by the IPCC.

The first article is by Levitus et […]

Top Israeli Astrophysicist Recants His Belief in Manmade Global Warming

It is interesting that the scales have fallen from the eyes of Dr Nir Shaviv, yes our old friend the sun plays its role. Another good article from a Canadian website. Unlikely to make to hysterical pro-warming media in Australia.

Dr Tim Ball of Canada says, “Global Warming is not due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide”

Read this article and other interesting material on the GW subject at Canada Free Press.

Connecting Dec 06 Victorian fires to “Global Warming” is bunkum

Satellites find cool lower troposphere over SE Australia when fires started in December 2006. We are waiting for updated surface data. You read it first here. For global map Previous posting;