New Queensland LNP Government acting fast to unwind carbon reduction schemes

Great news – and the sky will not fall in – unproductive people will be freed to get productive work. On top of recent news from Victoria that they will dump their 20% greenhouse reduction target. This could get to be catching – cleaning out GreenLabor rubbish. What other candidates are there for shutting down […]

Incompetent and left-wing biased BBC

I often check the BBC news website for this or that region – thinking I will at least get a half competent digest of what is going on. Now I am not so sure – perhaps the BBC is just a great waste of time. Note that you click on Asia to get Australian news […]

AGL Energy Ltd to build huge windfarm at Silverton near Broken Hill NSW

AGL Energy Ltd announced “23/03/2012 SILVERTON WIND FARM DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS – a one page summary pdf. The ABC reported on this – and there is a Silverton Wind Farm web site. The two stage project will end up at 1000MW capacity which is about half of all the wind farms listed on this site. They […]

The newly released CRUT4 shows many warmer tweaks over the Australian region

My attention was caught by the release of the new version of the UK Met Office / Prof Jones global land temperatures – CRUT4. Just quickly pulling up data plotted as 5 degree grid cells from the KNMI Climate Explorer – for the broad Australian region as per these maps. These are anomalies for 2007 […]

The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists in Australia was convened by the WWF in 2003

I had never picked that up. Explains so much. We must remember that the pontificating Wentworth Group academics have been one of the drivers influencing water prices higher this last decade. I wonder what the WWF has cost the Australian taxpayer – any data out there ?

Loss of the New Zealand fishing boat “Easy Rider” NW coast Stewart Island 14 March 2012 claimed eight lives

Reading some of the earlier press on this tragedy there was mention of worsening weather. Google will find many articles. If anybody can find forecasts for the morning of the 14th – please send them in. Likewise if anybody has weather observations from the NW of Stewart Island – I would be keen to see […]

Does Australia really need a foreign minister this diplomatic ?

Amazed as I was at the statements by the new Australian Foreign Minister, Senator Bob Carr – that Australia would have to “…organise the world to condemn and isolate Papua New Guinea…”. Carr was referring to reports of some differences of opinion from PNG re the timing of their next election – which I thought […]

Weakening sunspot activity could cause a 1 degree temperature drop 2009-2020

New paper – “The long sunspot cycle 23 predicts a significant temperature decrease in cycle 24″ – Jan-Erik Solheima, Kjell Stordahlb, Ole Humlum. Full paper to read – if only all scientific papers were so easy to access. A 1 °C or more temperature drop is predicted 2009–2020 for certain locations. Solar activity may have […]

Daily Kos runs a poll on Dr Michael Mann of hockey stick fame

Dr Michael Mann of Penn State University is the principal author of the famous graph of the 1000 years temperature trend known as “the hockey stick graph”. Recalling the late and great John Daly and his very early take on the hockey stick. Around a decade ago McIntyre and McKitrick began their destruction of the […]

ACT GreenLabor brings in “New energy efficiency law” – just another disguise for socialist hands in our pockets again

I see the Canberra Times are reporting this with breathless enthusiasm as – “Plan to slash ACT power bills”. I have not read so much economically illiterate twaddle for years. I note the comments on the Canberra Times article show their readers see right through the transparent Green scam. If power companies have to pay […]