Lone Wolf Day – four attacks in one day

First we heard of France – France attack: Man decapitated at factory near Lyon
then Tunisia – Tunisia attack on Sousse beach ‘kills 39’
Kuwait reported next – Kuwait Shia mosque blast death toll ‘rises to 27’
then Somalia attack: Al-Shabab ‘kills 30’ at AU military base
In Australia we argue over the niceties of granting a Minister power to cancel a passport if national security is an issue – compared to relying on our marvellous court processes to cancel a passport. Bearing in mind the Minister’s decision would be subject to judicial review.
Motorist who struck schoolboy acquitted after experts suggest ice can have positive effects on driving. In the middle of a national ice epidemic and campaign costing $150Million to fight same – truly Australia is a wondrous nation.

UK Met Office says that the activity of our sun is in decline but that any cooling will be swamped by global warming

I note the abstract of their paper – Regional climate impacts of a possible future grand solar minimum – is misleading when it starts by saying – “Any reduction in global mean near-surface temperature due to a future decline in solar activity..” Stating that any decline is in the future. Yet in the paper they clearly state the decline is happening now and is accelerating. – “The decline in solar activity has continued, to the time of writing, and is faster than any other such decline in the 9,300 years covered by the cosmogenic isotope data1.” Never trust anything written by pro-IPCC sources without checking the fine print.
Two media reports – Solar decline may mean colder UK winters – Met Office study – and – Britain faces FREEZING winters as slump in solar activity threatens ‘little Ice Age’

New Zealand hottest ever day in February 1973 arrived directly from Australian heatwave

After being pointed to a NIWA page of NZ climate extremes I saw that the hottest ever day in NZ was the 7th Feb 1973 when it was 39.2 at Ruatoria and 42.4 at Rangiora. Curiosity made me check Sydney that month and a ~40 degree heatwave ended on the 6th. Contour map of the Australian max temp anomaly 6 Feb 1973.
Fascinating that the Australian air traveled ~2400 km over the ditch yet retained heat to make 40 across Aotearoa. Yet pro-IPCC dogmas would not admit to UHI warmed air wafting out to the countryside to affect rural stations.
The BoM rates Canberra Airport as a “non-urban” site despite close proximity to booming urban area.

Confused reporting of cold in New Zealand

The headline in The NZ Herald says – New Zealand hit by record cold temperatures overnight – Yet a reading of the article gives no examples of actual records.
But some bone chilling -20°C overnight lows in the South Island. Hopefully some Kiwis might have better information.
The Met Office over there and NIWA have a very poor online data sources to check weather history. The Australian BoM is light years ahead with their www site.
Kiwis who are interested in weather history would be better served by the NZ weather authorities abandoning their pitiful WWW efforts and contracting that www weather history stuff out to the BoM.

Why does the BoM adjusted ACORN temperature series incorporate urban heated Australian capital city data?

Now the the BoM adjusted warmer temperature series ACORN is in news again – thanks to Dr Jennifer Marohasy and Graham Lloyd Environment Writer at The Australian newspaper – it seems a fair question to ask. Surely if you were starting from scratch with BoM raw weather records to build an honest temperature history of Australia – the first step would be to exclude all data known to be urban heat island UHI affected. No? There are hundreds of historic weather records available from sites with less UHI contamination – but the BoM include all Australian big cities. I’m puzzled.

Trade Union Royal Commission uncovering wire-tap evidence of cash for union officials being left for pickup from toilet in bosses house – yet Our ABC does not report this

Unless you keep up with MichaelSmithNews.com then it is likely you may not be up to date with revelations at the TURC.
Editorial sound file by Michael Smith
Friday morning 19 June 2015 – Friday Afternoon A few extracts further down page.
Imagine the meeja hysteria if Govt people were involved?
Govt should commission a series of free DVD’s with editorials so citizens can see-hear for themselves the amazing and voluminous testimony from the TURC which otherwise will mostly go through to the keeper.
Some extracts below from transcripts –
Alex texts Nectari giving directions as to how much money to give to various persons, including “2,500 to Darren”. Ms McNaughton reminded Mr Greenfield that he is under oath. She was exquisitely precise in describing the location from which it will no doubt be alleged Mr Greenfield retrieved money at the Alex apartment.

One text message from George Alex to Mace Hourari “put $5K in toilet”.

Mr Greenfield now claims that he would go to the Alex toilet to collect documents from the drawer – a text from Alex to Greenfield says, “toilet, first drawer”.

Another text from George Alex to a 3rd man says, “put $2500 in drawer under sink”.

Somehow Mr Greenfield kept a straight face when he answered that he would arrange to pick up business papers from Mr Alex’s home – in the drawer under the sink in the toilet.

Ms McNaughton, “Is it your honest answer that you have never seen cash in the toilet, is it your honest answer that documents were left for you in the toilet drawer?”
Greenfield says, “Yes, it’s a serious answer.”

The Australian newspaper publishes another article on BoM scandalous temperature adjustments to Rutherglen data

In the week after the hand picked Govt “review panel” gave the Good Housekeeping “Tick of Approval” to the BoM ACORN temperature data – hoping to sweep the issue away. Great timing by Jennifer Marohasy – links to a fully copy of the article at her site. The article is paywalled at The Australian but if anybody can give me the exact title – it might be found with Google whose links sometimes get through paywalls.
Jo Nova is on to the pathetic BOM Technical Advisory Forum report too – If it can’t be replicated, it isn’t science: BOM admits temperature adjustments are secret
Just Google this – Questions remain on BoM records
gets thru the paywall by magic – thanks to Geoff Brown
This links to a Jennifer Marohasy page with many links to the sensational series of 2014 articles in The Australian critical of the BoM. A first ever for the Australian media.
There is a second article by Graham Lloyd – the title is – Bureau of Meteorology told to improve data handling, analysis – but Google did not get me thru the paywall. Anthony Watts has an article – Progress on the problems with Australia’s ACORN-SAT surface air temperature records – with full text of both pieces from The Australian.