ARENA says concentrated solar thermal not viable

The ABC and GreenLeft media ignoring this news – The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) says concentrated solar thermal (CST) technology could be a commercially viable form of dispatchable renewable energy within a decade. English translation – not viable now. Which raises the question how do you generate renewable 24/7 dispatchable electricity? I thought there were already CS projects building near Port Augusta. I see that ARENA requested information from existing worldwide players – I bet they keep that secret from rational analysts.
I am reminded what Terry McCrann said –
“THE first and most important thing to understand about global warming true believers and the pushers of so-called “renewable energy” is that they lie. They lie effortlessly, seamlessly, continuously and without the slightest sense of shame. They lie deliberately and carelessly and casually, and even when they don’t realise they are lying. They lie without the slightest sense of self-awareness and with all the pomposity of stupidity aforethought.”
I have not got the slightest objection to CS Projects as long as zero taxpayer funds are risked. NSW is littered with small-scale failed CS projects. Cooma, Lake Cargelligo, Gemalong near Forbes. Here are pics and links re all three.

Tathra bush fires needs Royal Commission

I see now these claims firming up – Tathra bushfire: Union says more homes would be standing if not for ‘turf war’ between fire services – Early last summer I posted – Why not the RAAF to operate large air tankers? Aerial views show Tathra to be totally surrounded by bush to the north-west and west, disaster waiting for the circumstances to fall into place. Sunday 18Mar2018 was forecast to be a hot day so there could be no surprise fire risk was elevated. I heard news that there had been no hazard reduction burns since 2014 and that Council had refused recent burns. I also heard news that I think was saying that the Bega fire trucks were not “fit for purpose” in some way and would have been useless at Tathra.

Constant propaganda pushing expensive water

GreenLeft boilerplate pushing “toilet to tap” options for your water supply. For decades voters have taken for granted that public owned utilities will keep supplying water, power and gas to households basically at cost. We all can see what has happened to electricity prices and we should be aware that there is a group of public funded people out there working away every day to jack up the cost of your water and make it more scarce.

Tell your MP’s and Senators that you expect water supply dams and pipelines infrastructure to keep pace with population. And whenever you vote – put Greens last – simple – keep Greens and their harmful policies as far removed from your water supply and govts. as possible.

40% of inner Melbourne voted Green

Thoughts on the Batman by-election and the South Australian election.
I see 39.7% of first preferences at Batman were for the Greens.
Yet the Greens are –
[1] against the dams which are the foundation of your water supply –
[2] pushing for more expensive & unreliable electricity from non-viable sources – and
[3] Are generally anti our resources industry which pays most of the nations bills.
[4] want to flood the country willy-nilly with migrants who have little in common with our society.

The wet and sad sack GreenLaborLite Sth Aust Liberals finally look like limping into power again after 16 years of gerrymanders and rats deserting the side. The mess left by Labor could take a decade to fix. So Liberal plans involve copying Labor grid connected batteries, an interconnector with NSW and a 10 year fracking ban – stone the crows. More money wasted without generating a watt.
Do they not realize that NSW is a big importer of electricity from Qld?
It is interesting to note that at the 2010 election the Sth Aust Libs won 51.6% of 2PP votes and in 2014 they won 53%. So it could be said Labor has been in power the last 8 years under false pretences – certainly the last 4.

Queensland Govt Australian rain history 1889-2017

The data driven Qld approach highlighting climate cycles contrasts starkly with WA Govt mantras never contradicted by the Perth BoM. WA Govt “watercrats” see SW WA rain in terms of “our drying climate”, “declining rainfall”, “rain has stopped falling” etc. and I am not aware the Perth BoM has ever spoken against this doomster view. Download the Queensland extended wet/dry period poster (1889-2017) (PDF) a foundation on which to learn more about Australian rainfall history.

“Darkest Hour” movie of Churchill for 3 weeks in 1940

The movie starts with the German invasion of the Low Countries 10May40 and ends with Dunkirk – could have been called “3 weeks in May typing in smoke filled rooms”. Jokes aside well worth seeing a replay of these pivotal events in the saving of Western civilization.
I thought they could have sketched the progress of WWII to date a little better and told us a little more about Winston Churchill – this video has a 5 minute summary of his life. [Nice comment by Mary Louise Pivec – Churchill saved western civilization and for that, the Left will never forgive him.]
He was always an MP through the 1930s but by 1939 had been a decade out of Cabinet and was an isolated figure. Churchill had taken the lead in warning about the militarization and expansionist policies of Nazi Germany and in campaigning for British rearmament.
After German expansion into Austria March 1938 – Chamberlain and Hitler signed the Munich Agreement 30Sep38 and we have all seen the photos of PM Chamberlain waving his paper claiming to have won “peace in our time”.
Germany annexed parts of Czechoslovakia in March 1939 which lead the UK and France to guarantee Polish independence 31Mar39.
On 23Aug39 Hitler and Stalin signed their Non-Aggression Pact with secret provisions for the division of Poland between them.
On 3Sep39 Germany invaded Poland and UK & France declared war on Germany – keeping faith with the Poles.
On 17Sep39 Stalin walked into Poland and occupied the eastern portion without a declaration of war.
Winston Churchill was re-appointed First Lord of the Admiralty(CEO of the Royal Navy) on the outbreak of war 3Sep39.
So Churchill had been at the heart of the British war effort for eight calamitous months through the destruction of Poland, Western expansion of the USSR, Phoney War on the Western Front and the 10Apr40 German Invasion of Norway. From the 10May40 German invasion of the low countries and France he was made PM and headed a National Govt with Labour and all parties which was immediately confronted with the capitulation of their main ally France. While across the Atlantic the USA riddled with isolationists was in an election year. You could hardly imagine a more hopeless crisis.
I thought they should have mentioned the German halt order before Dunkirk – the movie over emphasized Calais IMHO. You will love the movie if you like sepia tones and gloomy interiors with lots of smoking. Worth seeing just for the portrayal of the King. Lots of chit-chat about Chamberlain and Halifax some of which I missed – need subtitles. I thought the odd portrayal of air raids by some “eye of God” camera over models was a sad fail – but we got the message. And I doubt WSC spoke to people on the tube as portrayed – but movies are art. I could see it again and will see the DVD in time.