Aurora Australis supply ship blocked by iceberg despite Global Warming

This news item buried in travel news (HT Tim Blair) relates that the supply ship Aurora Australis is trapped in ice 20km from land. I understand the Aurora Australis supply ship has good icebreaking capabilities.
Increasing antarctic sea ice
This graphic of the trend of Antarctic sea ice extent is thanks to “The National Snow and Ice Data Center” at University of Colorado Boulder, CO, United States of America.
I just wonder what this says for Commonwealth Bay ice extent in mid-summer these days compared to a century ago when Mawson landed ? Is this all a bit too non-PC for our normal GreenLeft MSM to feature – I see The Age also buried this item in their Travel section ?

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  1. Travel news? Well, I’m sure lots of people holiday in the Antarctic. Good thing these guys went in the middle of summer..

  2. Sir, your ignorance is breathtaking. If you had bothered to do your research you would realise why the sea ice is so close to Commonwealth Bay at this time. The fact is that part of the Mertz Glacier tongue was dislodged some time ago by a massive iceberg. This is not fantasy, check the facts here:

    It reads in part: ‘A massive iceberg, measuring 78 kilometres long and 39 kilometres wide, has calved from the Mertz Glacier in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

    The iceberg has a surface area of 2,500 square kilometres and broke off the glacier after another 97 kilometre-long iceberg (B9B) collided with the tongue of the glacier.’

    It is this iceberg, B9B, that has lodged at the entrance to Commonwealth Bay and is preventing the sea ice from moving out to sea as it would normally at this time of year.

    There is no conspiracy here, except in your mind. In fact, you are the one creating a conspiracy to suit your own agenda. Perhaps you would do well to deal with reality instead of confection of your own making. And you would do well do present information truthfully. B9B’s inconvenience has been reported widely – first of all when it happened, in successive news reports during the current voyage of Aurora Australis and many times in between. Where have you been, sir? Obviously somewhere that prevented you from paying attentiion to what’s going on.

    Patricia Green

  3. Hi Warwick,

    Before accusing the ABC of omitting facts in their reporting, you may want to check and verify your own. The Aurora Australis is not ‘trapped’ in the fast ice, but merely ‘parked’ on the edge of it (as you can see here: Yes it is an icebreaker, but there is absolutely no sense in disturbing the natural environment unnecessarily simply for the sake of a commemorative event. Also, the ABC has clearly reported the existence of the 20km of fast ice many times throughout the same blog that you commented on (I count at least 4 times so far such as here: so there is no cover-up as you would have people believe. May I suggest you stop trying to uncover a conspiracy that simply does not exist.


  4. I was commenting on this news article –
    Mawson’s landing marked in Antarctic ceremony
    – not the blog –
    you can not expect people scanning the news to read the whole history.
    I have changed “trapped” to blocked.
    I think some of you need to have a cuppa and a rest – sorry to offend anybody – facts are Antarctic sea ice has been increasing for decades now – see the chart above.
    Many people are fed up to the gills with the constant pro-IPCC-GW propaganda on the ABC over many years.

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