New peer reviewed paper finds that New Zealand warms at only 0.28°C per century compared to Govt NIWA trend of 0.91.

Good to see this new paper – A Reanalysis of Long-Term Surface Air Temperature Trends in New Zealand – by C. R. de Freitas & M. O. Dedekind & B. E. Brill. Also great to see them use the Fig 3 twin diagram ex NASA GISS – that I have been drawing attention to for […]

NIWA reports on record New Zealand warmth for June 2014

This article from Stuff reporting NIWA-talk mentions “A persistent lack of southerlies had a profound impact on the monthly temperatures.” Or you could say northerly winds brought a flow of warm tropical air over the New Zealand region during June – as shown by this BoM map. The NZ Herald says – The winter of […]

New Zealand climate gurus NIWA hacked from IP address in China

Hackers must be bored and hard up for something to do – Hack attack on Niwa from China IP address – What could be of interest to hackers there? – except the cheap thrill of being inside where they should not be. On the other hand – In February 2011 I lodged an FOI request […]

So not all New Zealand will enjoy “perfect summer” by mid January as cold front hits NZ like a freight train

A few weeks ago I was hearing from Kiwis that summer was slow arriving – I noticed this optimistic story in NZ Herald on 1 Jan 2014 – Perfect summer days likely to follow patchy spell, analysts say. I took a copy to checkout around middle of month. Today I see – Cold front hitting […]

Rainfall history to help see the New Zealand drought in perspective

The BBC is reporting – New Zealand North Island hit by worst drought in 30 years. Curious to see some rainfall graphs I turned to KNMI Climate Explorer but it was not easy getting updated data. The GHCN V2 data assembled by NCDC in the USA has many data gaps post 2004 and ends anyway […]

Speculation that parts of New Zealand could hit 40°C in next few days

The NZ Herald quotes long time climate expert Dr Jim Salinger in their article today – Heatwave: Scientist tips a scorcher – Another bio for Dr Jim Salinger. Further down the article NZ MetService and WeatherWatch people say that 40 degrees looks unlikely. I hope some Kiwis can send in temperatures from – “…east of […]

NIWA has big win in the New Zealand Supreme Court

The NIWA vs NZCET court result will be picked apart on more notable blogs than this – however I am curious about a few things in the 49 page “Judgement of Venning J”. My interest is mainly on the Clauses on the subject of the station data. To start though I want to look at […]

Surprising wording in NIWA affidavit re BoM’s work – filed in New Zealand court case

Originally posted Feb 2012 – taken down late March due legal reasons.

For newcomers – about a year ago I lodged a FOI request with the BoM to see documents relating to a “peer review” they had conducted for NIWA and I reported last May when the BoM decided that all the documents were secret.


Outbreak of common sense in New Zealand as “Slow economy puts ETS plans on hold”

Fancy the Kiwis announcing this exactly as Australia takes a huge step in the opposite direction. Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be sending her Kiwi counterpart a thank you John message – I am sure. [The Government has indefinitely postponed key stages of the emissions trading scheme, saying the economic environment means consumers and […]

Christchurch coldest day recorded at 0.4 degrees C – that is since 1863

It must be remembered that the period of our instrumental weather data is short when compared to say the ~15,000 years since the last ice age.

We must also remember that cold records are set in the face of the ever expanding urban heat island (UHI). So cold records are more remarkable than warm records […]