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News from climate skeptics in New Zealand

NIWA 3 month Outlook destroyed inside two weeks

Just as useless as our BoM – the NIWA March to May Outlook issued 1st March wrecked by heavy rain they never saw coming. They said –
Regional predictions for the March – May 2017 season
Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty
Rainfall totals are about equally likely to be in the near normal (35% chance) or below normal range (40% chance).

The MetService shows that both Auckland and Hamilton had useful rain starting last Tuesday 7th March.

New Zealand summer now described as “weird” – is this an improvement on the “mad” of last month

It is disgusting when weather does not obey the predictions of climate alarmists – NZ was to have a dry and hot El Nino summer so the authorities ordered. WeatherWatch analyst Philip Duncan says “It has been a weird summer, all the talk of El Nino hasn’t happened. It’s almost like La Nina, the complete opposite.” Last month NZ weather was mad. Facts are a massive prediction failure for the climate alarmist Govt climate authority NIWA.

When New Zealand weather does not behave as IPCC compliant organizations forecast it is referred to as “mad”

A classic from the Fairfax GreenLeft NZ Herald – From heatwave to violent storms: New Zealand’s mad weather – Mad is code for, the NIWA forecasts of hot dry weather caused by El Nino are being shot down but Herald readers are supposed to understand that crazy or in this case mad weather can be caused by “climate change” too.
Amazing that the article does not refer to remnants of Cyclone Ula which is nearing the East Cape region as an ex tropical low pressure system. Map source.

It is not unusual for the remains of cyclones to vent on northern NZ in summer.

Worthwhile New Zealand rain reported as “a drop in bucket”

Another fascinating example of the baleful influence of climate change dogmas and useless Govt forecasting on normal media reporting standards.
By all accounts the rain was useful in many areas to freshen up grass and give feed growth a summer boost. A subtext is that the NIWA three month Outlooks predict dryer than normal conditions due El Nino – so rain sort of goes against that meme. I like the oracle quoted to explain how it rained because air moved from east to west.
I see another article – Urgent need to act on our water supplyWhaleoil is on to it. It seems anti-dam dogmas are rife in NZ and all manner of special interest groups get into the act to make a needed new dam even more impossible. When will water users start voting for an adequate water supply at an affordable price?

New Zealand hottest ever day in February 1973 arrived directly from Australian heatwave

After being pointed to a NIWA page of NZ climate extremes I saw that the hottest ever day in NZ was the 7th Feb 1973 when it was 39.2 at Ruatoria and 42.4 at Rangiora. Curiosity made me check Sydney that month and a ~40 degree heatwave ended on the 6th. Contour map of the Australian max temp anomaly 6 Feb 1973.
Fascinating that the Australian air traveled ~2400 km over the ditch yet retained heat to make 40 across Aotearoa. Yet pro-IPCC dogmas would not admit to UHI warmed air wafting out to the countryside to affect rural stations.
The BoM rates Canberra Airport as a “non-urban” site despite close proximity to booming urban area.

New peer reviewed paper finds that New Zealand warms at only 0.28°C per century compared to Govt NIWA trend of 0.91.

Good to see this new paper – A Reanalysis of Long-Term Surface Air Temperature Trends in New Zealand – by C. R. de Freitas & M. O. Dedekind & B. E. Brill.
Also great to see them use the Fig 3 twin diagram ex NASA GISS – that I have been drawing attention to for years as absolutely vital.
Climate Conversation Group has a blog yesterday – Paper adds interesting perspective on NZ temperature trend

NIWA reports on record New Zealand warmth for June 2014

This article from Stuff reporting NIWA-talk mentions “A persistent lack of southerlies had a profound impact on the monthly temperatures.”
Or you could say northerly winds brought a flow of warm tropical air over the New Zealand region during June – as shown by this BoM map.

The NZ Herald says – The winter of our content: Warmest-ever June – which mentions June was between 1.8C and 1.9C above normal just beating 2003 which was +1.8C – When global datsets update we can check what they record for June. The NIWA NZ series is heavily adjusted to a warmer trend – explained by Bob Dedekind.

New Zealand climate gurus NIWA hacked from IP address in China

Hackers must be bored and hard up for something to do – Hack attack on Niwa from China IP address – What could be of interest to hackers there? – except the cheap thrill of being inside where they should not be.
On the other hand –
In February 2011 I lodged an FOI request with the BoM to release to me all documents and data connected with their work on the seven station series for NIWA. Included in the reasons for refusal was – “..disclosure would or could reasonably be expected to cause damage to the international relations of
the Commonwealth.”
NZ weather data is powerful big-secret.
Maybe the NIWA supercomputer is a portal to Western World secrets.