Politician speaks truth

Tim Blair reports how the NSW Treasurer Michael Costa, in the NSW Upper House, referred to Dr Tim Flannery as an idiot. I would say that if you are going to run around making pro IPCC, doomster predictions knocking the idea that rain will fill dams, influencing national policy, then when the opposite happens, you […]

Did Australian scientists/students pull down this tree in the Maldives ?

It is well known that the IPCC has made publicity about the threat of rising sea levels to island states such as the Maldives. The media has run many articles puffing up this notion that the islands are doomed.

Dr Nils-Axel Mörner recounts in a recent interview how he visited the Maldives and found […]

Sensational statements by Dr Kevin Trenberth, IPCC supporter

Dr Trenberth says,

“In fact there are no predictions by IPCC at all. And there never have been. The IPCC instead proffers “what if” projections of future climate that correspond to certain emissions scenarios.”

There are an awful lot of policy makers and others driven by the the content of the Al Gore movie […]

Review comments on papers by the “great and the good”

A catch-all post for comments on my various reviews on significant pro IPCC climate papers.

Dr Rolf Philipona has kindly replied to my comments on his 2005 paper. I intend to present more data for various parameters in the weeks ahead.

Just for now though I want to restate that the Greenhouse Effect has to […]

Daily temperature range (DTR), max minus min, some ramblings

Philip B commented on “Climate predictions “right only half the time””

Warwick you wrote:

Since the nighttime temperatures are rising three times as fast as the daytime temperatures (Karl et al., 1993), it implies a non-climatic signal in the nighttime data equal to about one half of the total warming. It implies the reported […]

Climate predictions “right only half the time”

From: Terry Dunleavy [terry.dunleavy@nzclimatescience.org.nz]

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

Media release (immediate) 7 June 2007

World climate predictors right only half the time

“The open admission by a climate scientist of the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), Dr Jim Renwick, that his organisation achieves only 50 per cent accuracy […]