How MINISCULE is the Anthropogenic Greenhouse Effect ?

This post is to highlight conclusions from a 1998 paper by Sherwood B Idso in Vol 10: 69-82 of Climate Research, "CO2-induced global warming: a skeptic’s view of potential climate".

Sherwood Idso finds that a consensus of 8 natural experiments he describes is that for a doubling of carbon dioxide to 600ppm, the global temperature […]

Little agreement with BoM claims 2005 was Australia’s hottest year

The Australian BoM has made much media fanfare with its claims that 2005 has been Australia’s hottest year. Coolwire 17 points out that the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of Norwich, long quoted by the IPCC and the Universit of Alabama at Huntsville group compiling satellite data for the lower troposphere, both produce […]

Satellite global temperature trends; still much less warming than Jones and GISS

There is a tendency around to claim that satellite Lower Troposphere (LT) T trends now agree with Jones et al (land & sea) and GISS land based trends.  But this is not so.Trend differences of circa 0.047 C per decade are huge when viewed against the claims by Jones et al / IPCC of only […]

How NASA GISS inserts warming into USA rural T data

Trawling through files from 2001 I came across this rare example of an email from Dr Jim Hansen that actually gives an insight into what GISS does with temperature data.For background I have my page commenting on Jones et al use of my page on the five degree grid cell covering much of Florida […]

Greenhouse molecules, their spectra and function in the atmosphere

Dr Jack Barrett, of the Scientific Alliance wrote the paper entitled ‘Greenhouse molecules, their spectra and function in the atmosphere,’ to explain the properties of radiatively active molecules and how they affect the Earth’s atmosphere.