NOAA satellites say – coldest week for a decade – at 14,000 ft

Thanks to Dave for the heads-up. Another post in the “Must be due to G-l-o-b-a-l W-a-r-m-i-n-g” series.
coldest day for a decade - at 14,000 ft
This University of Alabama at Huntsville web page where you can graph daily NOAA satellite temperature data – for various altitudes – over the last decade – shows clearly that Earth has just entered into a series of coldest ever days at 14,000 feet altitude – since 2002 that is.

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  1. Yes, reports are that South Islanders have been chilled to the bone by midsummer snow, hail and sleet. Christchurch barely above 12C all day yesterday, with people saying they are lighting fires & getting their heat pumps on. Bizarre unseasonable cold saw thermometers drop up to 10C across NZ at the weekend. A dip in the ocean hardly an inviting thought either with coastal water temperatures below average for this time of year – at around 19C.

  2. Thanks for posting this up properly, Warwick. Editor note: Thats OK Dave – I update the chart every morning.

    It fell again today. So the last four days have been the four coldest in ten years. Dunno how unusual this is, but surely it’s unlikely if temperatures are really rising a quarter of a degree a decade as the IPCC models propose.

    This Channel 5 is the lowest-altitude one currently working. It shows mid-troposphere temps (which should be warming the most) and is also used to estimate lower-troposphere temps. See Roy Spencer’s explanations here.

  3. Warwick.

    Its bloody hot in Perth right now, BoM is saying tht it will last a week, have you any good news for us sandgrophers. ED: Just hope those hot easterlies weaken and the doctor returns.


    PS Thank for the info about how Perth’s dam storage could be increased with catchment vegetation thinning.

  4. From The Daily Telegraph (UK) Jan. 26 (paraphrased)

    After looking set for one of the 10 mildest winters since records began more than 350 years ago (since 1659), snow is predicted to start falling as far south as Devon from Friday, as temperatures plummet across the country.
    Temperatures in central England have averaged 5C from December 1 to January 20, but Forecasters warned the freezing weather was expected to continue for the next four weeks, as a cold air mass travels across from Siberia.
    The Met Office said snow is predicted to start falling as far south as Devon from Friday. Up to four inches of now is expected across higher ground in parts of England and Scotland amid fears icy conditions could bring fresh travel chaos.

    Well, they must be getting used to it by now. I see that Al Gore, Trenberth and Hansen are off to Antarctica to film the ice melting, which it often does in summer on the Antarctic Peninsula. Stand by for the “usual – climate tipping point, sky is falling etc.” unless Al Gore has his usual effect (see Algore effect) and the ice doesn’t melt on cue.

  5. The week of 19-25 January is now not only the coldest in the past ten years, but each of its seven days is colder than every one of the previous 3,670. Month of January will also be close to the coldest for 10 years, despite only a mild La Nina, no climate-cooling volcano for 20 years, and a recent uptick in sunspots. Tipping points, Al?

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