Global Warming alias Climate Change [the non-existent, incredibly expensive, threat to us all, including to our grandchildren]

by Dr David Kear (former Director-General, NZ DSIR; United Nations consultant; & South Pacific geoscientist)

I remember Dr Kear as Director of the NZ Geological Survey when I was at University in the early 1960’s – hence my interest in his article now.


“Climate Change” has become an important international topic – one might […]

Is sea level falling at Portsea, Victoria, Australia? – thats 60km SSW of Melbourne

The ABC report -Victorian Government ‘not happy’ about extension to Lindsay Fox’s Portsea property – for the uninitiated Mr Fox is a well known trucking magnate. I quote – “The high-water mark has fallen in recent years,…” Perhaps the Mornington Peninsular is rising? I have not heard. Hoping an informed reader can cast some light. […]

1986 sea level paper titled “Australia – an unstable platform for tide-gauge measurements of changing sea levels”

I came across this paper at the end of last year – hoping to obtain a pdf copy or find a library with a hard copy of the journal – or maybe a reader could scan the 14 pages. Anyway, it is worth a post just for the title alone – particularly in view of […]

CGPS based geodetic measurements at ten Pacific Ocean tide gauges show five are sinking, four steady and one rising 2001-2008

Just came across this under-reported gem from Geoscience Australia, I note their disclaimer – “…the length of the time series is too short for reliable vertical station velocity estimation….” As the years roll on these data should become more reliable guides as to the changes in tide gauge heights. But what they show so far […]

To understand Perth sea-levels is a complex issue – much of the Perth plain has subsided in recent decades

Recent media publicity around a “State of Australian Cities” report has beaten up claims that Perth sea-levels are rising at three times the global average, or near 10mm per year. A matter that Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese described as “disturbing and extraordinary”. Chris Gillham shows that the claims in the State of Australian Cities […]

Another wild exaggeration from IPCC 1990 – sea level rise touted to be 6cm per decade

The claim of a 6cm per decade rise is from their 1990 Executive Summary. Note on the graphic 2012_rel4: Global Mean Sea Level Time Series (seasonal signals removed) – from this IPCC compliant Org – the claimed rate from adjusted satellite data is only 3.1mm per year – HALF of IPCC 1990.

But there is […]

NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer could be more informative in her sea level paper

This Govt chart of changes in sea level over the last 140,000 years – from NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer article “CSE Report Sea Level Rise Benchmarks” (see my previous post) – could easily have been more informative by showing that sea levels ~6,000 years BP were one to two metres higher than today (marked […]

New South Wales Govt takes more rational view of future sea level rise

The NSW Government today announced significant changes to the way the NSW coast will be managed, giving more freedom to landowners to protect their properties from erosion and dropping Labor’s onerous statewide sea level rise planning benchmarks.

Special Minister of State, Chris Hartcher said the changes mean councils will have the freedom to consider local […]

Continued existence of Maori canals near Blenheim in New Zealand indicates a stable relative sea level over 200 years

Thanks to Graeme Inkster for bringing this to my attention from the Investigate Magazine of Ian Wishart. I found the 1912 source paper online – thanks to the The Journal of The Polynesian Society. The 1912 paper “ANCIENT MAORI CANALS. MARLBOROUGH, N.Z.” by W. H. Skinner – states – “These Canals or channels are a […]

How reliable are Australian Govt claims about rising sea levels ?

We have all seen the news lately about the threat to coastal properties by “climate change” induced sea level rise. Here is a graphic of monthly sea level anomalies 1990-through June 2009 – from the latest report from the Australian Baseline Sea Level Monitoring Project On page 34 of 41 in the latest report the […]