Tasmanian electricity crisis rolling along

The pre-Christmas 2015 failure of the Basslink cable from Victoria has thrown a googly into Tasmanian electricity supply. Most of their supply is from Hydro, the last two years rain has not been stellar and storage levels are under 17% now. They have gas supplies from Gippsland and have gas fired generators. Nemwatch gives real time snapshots of what each source is contributing. Wind has less capacity than gas – thats when the wind blows. The State Govt which owns the Hydro and most other generation – is importing 200 diesel units to help through and the unions want their share. Then they can always turn off industrial customers if they have to. Basslink is taking longer to repair than was first thought.

New Zealand summer now described as “weird” – is this an improvement on the “mad” of last month

It is disgusting when weather does not obey the predictions of climate alarmists – NZ was to have a dry and hot El Nino summer so the authorities ordered. WeatherWatch analyst Philip Duncan says “It has been a weird summer, all the talk of El Nino hasn’t happened. It’s almost like La Nina, the complete opposite.” Last month NZ weather was mad. Facts are a massive prediction failure for the climate alarmist Govt climate authority NIWA.

Wildfire in wilderness should as a rule be left to burn itself out

Our firefighting efforts should be restricted to fires threatening people & communities. This news – Four of five NSW firefighters injured in truck rollover in north-west Tasmania released from hospital – makes me think we should not risk one hair on the head of a firefighter in fighting wilderness fires.
The Australian wilderness has evolved over millenia in conjunction with wildfire. Greens have beaten up these fires as unprecedented – even Google finds fires at Mawbanna in late Jan 1939

Antarctic blizzard drives Aurora Australis icebreaker aground at Mawson

All on board are reported safe and the ships hull undamaged – we trust it stays that way for all concerned. Most AAD research ever publicized seems to include claims such as – “which agrees with established global warming” – or “is in line with what is known about climate change”. Parameters might be a few marine temperatures or the length of a Penguins toenail.
So I figure this easterly blizzard also must be caused by GW – Is there any other climate regime it could have formed under?

The winds are weakening on Nullschool.net – at 10pm on 24th winds were coloured yellow orange at Mawson. Also the Mawson webcam had the wind at 141kmh at 10pm on 24th – around 4am on 25th it was 96kmh and 7.30am 91kmh. Very nasty to try and get a ship off the hard. Aurora Australis webcam

Rain ten times Perth annual water consumption falls over south west WA in three days last month – not news to Dept of Water

I was recently in touch with the WA Dept of Water and asked – With respect to the rain event and associated floods over SW WA on 19, 20, 21 of January 2016 – “do you have a figure for the extra GL that ran to the sea because of that rainfall?” The reply – [The department does not have information directly on the additional flow as no stream gauges are that close to Augusta. If you analyse the flow from the sites feeding in the Blackwood it will give you some idea of the output 609002, 609019, 609022, 609060, 609065 These five gauges are in that area.]
Assuming rain of say 100mm over a 200 x 200km square (40,000 sq km) that would tally 4,000GL falling free from the sky. Full map.

When I have time I will do some checking of stream gauge data. I find it amazing that in the days after a significant rain event that basic parameters would not be extracted and maybe a memo sent around.

Missiles in South China Sea makes Chinese 99 year lease of Darwin Port an even more fantastic Australian Govt decision

In November we learned Darwin Port was leased to a Chinese company for 99 years. So even a “lame duck” Govt can do things. Now we see the Chinese have installed ground to air missiles on one of the disputed Paracel Islands in the so called South China Sea. Just been told today is 74th anniversary of first Japanese air raid on Darwin 19th Feb 1942.

Amazing the media in Australia can not refer to the Prime Minister as a “lame duck”

The Coalition Govt we elected in September 2013 has been hamstrung from day one by an inability to get legislation through the Senate. In recent months with all the media yakka about increasing the GST and other diverse floating of possible increased taxation balloons – it must be obvious the PM and his Govt are lame ducks. Waddling in circles quacking this and that.

Yet Google shows the Australian media never state this obvious fact.