David Archibald predicts the May 2009 UAH MSU Global Temperature Result

Contributed by David Archibald There are now 30 years of satellite data on global temperature. The graph above shows the University of Alabama Huntsville Microwave Sounding Unit (UAH MSU) results for the period 1978 to 2008.

Examination of the record shows a change in character in 2001. Prior to that year, global temperatures tended to […]

Should RSS correct their lower troposphere satellite data ?

Dr Fred Singer’s, SEPP Science Editorial (copied below) #1-09 (1/3/09) in “The Week That Was” (TWTW), address’s the issue of the difference between University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) [Christy and Norris, 2006] and Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) (Mears and Wentz 2005) MSU lower troposphere (LT) temperature data[1979-2007].

Dr Singer refers to the Heartland Institute […]

“Our hot, dry future”?

THESE days, it can be hard to imagine how Melbourne ever earned a reputation as the gloomy, rain-filled capital of the south. But, growing up in the 1970s, my memories are full of muddy ovals, local creeks in flood and catching tadpoles in puddles that lasted for months on end. How things have changed.Since 1996, […]

Tim Curtin shafts the Garnaut Report

You can go to the Quadrant front page and read Tim’s dissection of Garnaut.

The contradictions of the Garnaut Report Tim Curtin, January-February 2008

The Report makes many dire projections for the future, including the claim that without drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, chiefly carbon dioxide, there will by 2100 be major declines in […]

Traveston Crossing Dam catchment rainfall trends

Reading recently that the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh had pushed back for five years any action on building the Traveston Crossing Dam I thought the years end was a good time to post some catchment rainfall history. Claims by the usual suspects about “worst drought ever”, and variations on this theme are shown to be […]

Continuing setbacks for NOAA / NASA solar cycle 24 prediction

Updating my 30 October post. “Hard lesson about solar realities for NOAA / NASA” December provisional RI sunspot number from the Belgian group SIDC (World Data Center for the Sunspot Index) has come in at 0.8. Waiting on NOAA / NASA to produce their December numbers at colossal cost to taxpayers, then update the now […]

How reliable are Coral Sea SST (Sea Surface Temperature) data ?

There is a discussion at the Jennifer Marohasy blog, “Sea-surface Temperatures along the Great Barrier Reef” Posted by John McLean, January 5th, 2009, re recent research from AIM in Townsville that global warming is harming the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). The AIM scientists use the UK Hadley Centre SST data to show global warming is […]