Professor Robert M Carter: The Futile Quest for Climate Control

Online at Quadrant Noteworthy that we have just heard climate change Minister Wong in Poland say that Australia will not act alone. Phew, some tiny quota of common sense at last, when she is safely out of the way of the extemist Australian media. Australia could reduce itself back to the stone age and global […]

New South Wales Premier Rees says Tamworth was in drought but BoM maps say no drought near Tamworth

This is another of these fascinating cases where top Australian politicians seem unable to get the simple facts of rainfall correct. Is this more evidence of a national delusion where rainfall is concerned ? Premier Nathan Rees is quoted in the ABC Online news story copied below that Tamworth had “..been drought-stricken for some time..”. […]

Weather experts should check rainfall figures before being quoted by the media

We have all seen articles such as this from The Australian, “Southeast Queensland storms in line with climate change: weather experts”. The article is referring to storms of 18-20 November and the journalist seems intent on getting his headline despite one of the experts cautioning against reading too much into the storms by saying, “..that […]

Time to review the Emissions Trading Scheme

From the Carbon Sense Coalition

A statement by Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition. 20 November 2008 For Immediate Release.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on the Queensland Government to follow the lead of New Zealand and initiate a complete review of the science and the cost-benefits of the proposals to levy […]

Brisbane-Toowoomba floods 18-20 Nov 08 highlight failure of 28 Oct BoM rain Outlook

In three short weeks the BoM rain Outlook prediction gets shot to pieces by real world weather.

This inset map shows the BoM predicted on 28th October that the Brisbane region had only a 45% chance of average rain for the November to January period.

To see the original map select the 28th October […]

David Archibald compares various sunspot metrics with the current Solar Cycle (SC) transition, SC23 – SC24

In the last week or so David has sent me the following graphics illustrating where we might be in the current SC23-SC24 transition period. These warrant an article on their own. I have changed the order from the original post. Comments mainly from David. Spotless days per month graphic This graph shows just how different […]