Australia abandons ETS plans for 3 years

Just heard on TV news, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saying he was withdrawing the ETS from Parliament and it was “on ice” for three years. Well knock me down with a feather. Only a short while ago, fighting climate change was the “..moral imperative of our time..” – or something similar. I am struggling to […]

UK Met Office exaggerates volcanic ash cloud warnings

Great article from the Daily Mail highlighting UKMO blunders – the same UKMO that claims to have IPCC temperature trends correct. I enjoyed reading about the people running the UK CAA – the CAA boss says, “..I know nothing about aeroplanes..”.

Russian scientist says the Arctic may be getting colder

Marc Morano passed on this article quoting Oleg Pokrovsky of the Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory. Thanks to Eduardo Ferreyra for this tip that Arctic sea ice extent is at its highest for this time of the year, since 2003.

Dr Fred Singer calls for investigation of Jones data 1979-1997

Fred has just circulated this email of a shortly to be released Science Editorial SCIENCE EDITORIAL #13-2010 (April 24, 2010) By S. Fred Singer, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project Let’s keep our eyes on the ball. We need to trace the path taken by Phil Jones (and by Jim Hansen of NASA-GISS and by […]