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Abbott Govt faces multiple challenges and the boss is away in the Torres Strait

Under constantly evolving attacks – from a clever mostly taxpayer funded GreenLeft coalition – that they show few signs of understanding – unable to recognize and deal with enemies – always putting out a fractured message. The great progress made at the Trade Union Royal Commission seldom publicised. Earlier this month I wrote – Lame-duck incompetent Australian Commonwealth Government – Michael Smith has three good articles today – ACTU deploys $30M multi-tiered campaign to oust the Abbott Government – first target, Canning WA – and – The Australian on Fairfax/Labor’s attempt to smear Andrew Hastie and the SASR – also – Martin Ferguson – Bill Shorten’s caucus “waits on the phone call from their union heavy to tell them what to do”. Last October I posted – Australian Commonwealth Government has lost their way – lost the plot – various articles critical of the Feds. Australians deserve better.

Rare sight on USGS web page as Australia stars in global earthquake stakes

This is the rare sight preserved. USGS map below has seafloor details with no shortage of large scale structures and volcanic seamounts out there off Fraser Island – any of which could be locii for earthquakes.

USGS www page global map – zoom in to SE Qld.
ABC News – Queensland earthquakes: Two quakes hit state on same day, days after a third strikes region; seismologists warn more may follow

Senator Mark Butler addresses many empty seats on Environment at Labor Conference

Shows the great concern Labor has for the environment. Around 2pm Saturday I saw on ABC News24 TV Senator Mark Butler addressing the Labor Conference on environment while many seats (75%) in front rows were empty. Has a picture survived online anywhere? I dived for the camera but the scene later was obstructed by a caption. Also heard him saying how the CFMEU were great environmentalists.

Was the automating of Australian lighthouses in the 1990’s a policy stupidity ?

Just thinking back to the de-personning of our lighthouses – what net money was saved? – Wondering how useful it would be to have human surveillance at those site now with all the emphasis on border protection, not to mention preventing smuggling and the odd search and rescue event etc.
There has been a negative effect on temperature data – just look at the Cape Otway 90015 record and see the gaps and data degradation after the introduction of AWS in 1994.
And this a world heritage science observing site from the late 1800’s.