Ottawa under attack by gunmen yet in Canberra the ACT Govt sponsors a drama production “Kill Climate Deniers” specifically portraying an armed siege of the Australian Parliament

As Ottawa is experiencing shootings – you have to pinch yourself that this idiotic arts grant from the Canberra Soviet has not been nipped in the bud. I have previously posted It gets worse – the “Kill Climate Deniers” play funded by the ACT Govt is specifically portraying an armed siege of the Australian Parliament [...]

BBC reporting the UN World Health Organisation is under fire for bungled response to Ebola crisis

Odd that I have not seen this in any Australian news – I see about three TV news channels each day – and it is not yet reported by the ABC online. Of course the ABC would be waiting to see how they could spin this against the Abbott Govt. It does seem surprising incompetence [...]

Stunning breakthrough in oxygen storage using a cobalt based salt

The Metal Bulletin reports – Cobalt at Centre of Breathtaking Scientific Discovery – the “…salt which comes from cobalt, could have a lot of useful and potentially life-changing applications. It could feed high concentrations of oxygen into hydrogen fuel cells, lightening the load for lung patients who have to carry around heavy oxygen tanks. And [...]

I had no idea that Australian Labor Leader Bill Shorten is worried that the Abbott Government is “…a Government of climate sceptics…”

Yesterday top management called out that Bill Shorten had just referred to the Abbott Govt as a “Government of climate sceptics”. This shocked me as I thought maybe I have missed some palace revolution in Canberra. A quick check using Google showed me I had indeed missed the many news items where Bill Shorten has [...]

It gets worse – the “Kill Climate Deniers” play funded by the ACT Govt is specifically portraying an armed siege of the Australian Parliament

This Parliament House – The Aspen Island web site now says this describing their upcoming drama – material that was not online earlier yesterday – So for the benefit of overseas readers what we have here is like the The District of Columbia funding a play about an attack on the Capitol. And all at [...]

‘Kill Climate Deniers’ – upcoming new theatre funded by the ACT Govt (Canberra)

I saw a ref to this at Don Aitkin’s blog – and a quick look in google found this – 4th from top. I wonder if readers think this is a proper use of our taxes. At this point I am lost for words….. ACT Govt Ministers and MLA’s are listed here. The theatre company [...]

Blowout in Australian budget deficit quickly forgotten in the media – should steel the Govt to plan a double dissolution election

Budget deficit soars to $48.5bn – The Govt can not take the steps required to balance the budget because of obstruction from the current senate. Muddling on another two years making inadequate half baked compromises with various senate factions while under constant attack from the taxpayer funded ABC – should not be an option. Chart [...]

Many fatalities from eruption on Mt Ontake – what geophysical warning signs were there?

Early reports over the weekend like this from the BBC said [The question of no warning is harder to answer. Volcanologists point out this was a relatively small eruption, and that it was driven by super-heated steam and ash, not by lava being ejected from the magma chamber. That made it much more difficult to [...]

Shades of 19th Century railway gauges – brand new CSIRO ship can not plug into wharf electricity

The ABC reports – CSIRO’s new $120m Investigator can’t plug into Hobart shore power, moved to Macquarie Wharf The article is not exactly informative about the exact issue – what happens if they call at other Australian ports ? What about international ports ? $120million does not seem like a lot of money for the [...]

Amazing that amid prosperity the New Zealand Government can not win half of the vote in general election

In a violence ridden world where many major economies are debt ridden and performing poorly – the trajectory of the Chinese economy is uncertain – yet the prosperity experienced in the relative paradise of New Zealand is not sufficient to get half the nation voting for the government. Made this chart of NZ elections history [...]