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Reading The ANZUS Treaty

Guest post from David Archibald –
Senator David Johnston’s dismissal as Australia’s Defence Minister came soon after he said that he wouldn’t trust ASC (formerly Australian Submarine Corporation) to build a canoe. The ASC sheltered workshop wanted to be paid $3 billion to build a submarine. The Japanese build them year in and year out for $600 million a copy. Surely an attempt to be an effective Defence Minister shouldn’t be a sacking offence in an ideal world.
Download the 100KB pdf with many links – Reading The ANZUS Treaty

Merchants of Doubt movie box office triumph in USA – takes $54,242 – where can I get the DVD

Would that pay for theatre hire? I can not wait to see Marc Morano in Merchants of Doubt – in the meantime enjoy his assembly of critics comments painting him as some “super villain” with mysterious powers to wreck the just plans of the good and the great IPCC supporter base. If anybody finds a source for the DVD please let us know – thanks.

How quickly the media let Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk break her clear promise ruling out minority government

The ABC reported on 12 January that Labor Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk ruled out forming a minority government.
Queensland election 2015: Palaszczuk rules out minority government option
Does anybody have a link to video of her saying that ?
Courier Mail had the quote too with her saying “I’ll make it very clear – no, no, no, no deals.”

Another international rescue effort underway in the Antarctic – this time to free Tasmanian fishing boat trapped in sea ice

According to the ABC article which is short on detail – Tasmanian fishing ship Antarctic Chieftain trapped in ice after breaking propeller
The fishing boat then went on to become enclosed in the ice. They say the US icebreaker “Polar Star” is on the way.

At a time in mid-summer when overall the Antarctic ice is still losing area but according to The Cryosphere Today graphic before March the total ice area will start increasing again.
Informative story on this saga with current photos is at

Siege of Martin Place an expensive made in Australia tragedy highlights our system failures

So now much of the truth emerges – Sydney siege over as police storm Lindt cafe
Now we find out that the perpetrator was well known to authorities – Sydney siege: Man behind Martin Place stand-off was Iranian cleric Man Haron Monis, who had violent criminal history
So most official information yesterday was misleading.
Should never have been allowed to stay in Australia.
Should never have been out on bail.
Should have been fitted with a GPS tracker device.
A saga of system failure.

CFMEU shuts down an ALDI building site in Melbourne Australia – a supermarket chain that has saved shoppers how many hundred $Millions?

The ironies are rich in this story – last weekend Victoria elected a Labor State Govt lead by a lawyer now Premier Daniel Andrews who has links to the CFMEU.
Last week ex TWU official Wade Noonan was appointed Police Minister – so it is hard to see Vic Police being any more energetic in enforcing peoples rights to enter worksites and earn a living.
Now the Herald-Sun reports – CFMEU blockade shuts down Aldi building site –
In August I posted – Why not let ALDI run the Australian economy. Could they do worse than our politicians?