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Western Australia needs long-term vision for agriculture

A reader in Bunbury put me on to this article by John Barrington “State needs long-term vision for agriculture” published in The West Australian (but apparently not on the www). If anybody can find a link please pass on. The chart of WA wheat production history is mine –

I thought I had better point out that something is going right in WA agriculture. To read article click Continue reading Western Australia needs long-term vision for agriculture

New Zealand High Court case over climate

Just saw this on Stuff – First-of-its-kind case as student takes Government to court over climate change 23 Jun 2017 – can any Kiwis translate? BP says NZ emissions are 35.2 million t CO2 compared to World 33,432 million t – which I make 0.1053% I doubt if anything the NZ Govt. could do would affect climate. I wonder who is financing the case – is there a risk over costs? Will Govt. run dead?

ABC Four Corners “Power and Influence” stunning exposures of Chinese influence and corruption in Australia

A must see show for those interested in politics but too much for one show – many leads calling out for further investigations and we hope future episodes. This ABC online news article covers most but not all issues raised. ASIO investigation targets Communist Party links to Australian political system. I learnt a few things – that the resignation of NSW Labor Upper House MP Eric Roozendaal lead to appointing Ernest Wong – noted fund-raiser for Labor – to the NSW Upper House. Eric Roozendaal resigned after his wife was supplied with a cut price new Honda by connections to Eddie Obeid in a byzantine series of deals but eventually ICAC gave up trying to prove corruption.
Starting Nov 2015 I blogged six times on the stupidity of leasing the Port of Darwin to the Chinese company Landbridge.
Four Corners tracks the role of Andrew Robb former senior Federal cabinet minister who negotiated the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Dr Huang donated the Robb campaign $100K for 2013 election. Robb meets the boss of Landbridge – Robb resigned just before the 2 July 2016 Federal Election and Four Corners says that from 1 July 2016 has a job with Landbridge at an eye watering $880,000 per year. In another age courtiers could have lost their heads for far less.

Indigenous Weather Knowledge

For years now the BoM have had this link to Indigenous Weather Knowledge in the far bottom right corner of their home page. I have not noticed the content change over time.
Issues around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (ATSIP) are much in the news lately with the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum, the meeting at Uluru and talk of Constitutional Recognition, Treaties and special ATSIP representative bodies. I get the impression that ATSIP political content does not change much over time either – the main theme can be boiled down to – we want more money.
Do not read beyond here if you might be offended by views not in favour of Constitutional Recognition and Treaties. Continue reading Indigenous Weather Knowledge