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Saga of lead in Perth Children’s Hospital water supply

The ABC reports – Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) lead contamination in water pipes supplying site – my Dec 2016 blog “Australian Government financial disasters” was discussing this issue early this month. How slow it is for truth to emerge.
The WA Building Commission has reported on the lead contamination issue with an 83 page pdf – Final report – Perth Children’s Hospital audit. Analytical results are presented in a 3 page pdf – Test results – Perth Children’s Hospital lead level patterns. The crux of the Commission findings are on page 27 of the audit section in their must read 6.4.1 Findings. High metal contents were found in the “dead leg”, a 52m dead end length of pipe open to the QEII ring main see page – see page 34 for table of analyses. The location of the “dead leg” is shown on the page 22 map – note proximity to PCH offtakes. The Commission also suspects new brass fittings in PCH as another source of lead contamination.
Page 2 of the test results shows 4 charts labelled North-South-East-West Blocks of presumably the PCH. The South Block chart in lower left shows an increasing trend of lead content. I do not recall that being addressed.

Not every day Australia is threatened with a nuclear strike

Here is what the NORK Foreign Ministry spokesman said. While checking headlines at KCNAWATCH I was drawn to this news of the heroic efforts of a mining team at the Komdok Pb, Zn, Ag mine. Perhaps these sort of prizes could help bring back our mining boom. This comparison of North & South Korea sets out some parameters measuring how colossal the NORK failure has been since 1970 measured against booming South Korea. Allowing that SK has twice the population – the NORKs GDP is only about a 40th of the south per capita. A truly stunning performance for the little hereditary Stalinist nuke & missile making hermit kingdom.

Media headlines show ignorance about cliffs

The NZ Herald today has a headline “An Auckland cliff is showing signs of collapsing.” In the context of rain from “Cyclone Debbie” – they must mean “remnants of Cyclone Debbie”. Anyway, back to the cliff. A rational statement would say “all cliffs anywhere on planet earth (including Auckland) are the sites of past, present and future collapse”. The rate of collapse can be varied by factors such as wave action, rain, runoff, earthquakes and river meandering.
Why is society so ignorant of earth science 101.

The ABC has been attacking PHON as racist

We know the ABC has a team constantly puffing any obscure negative story about PHON and is now promoting the lie that PHON is racist. I have had an email listing a few reasons why people might vote PHON – and I have added some of my own – not in any order of merit.
Thoughtful Australians are sick & tired of –
[1] Over promoted and taxpayer funded renewable energy target MRET destroying our electricity grid.
[2] Lying country shoppers being accepted as refugees aided n abetted by taxpayer funded left-wing lawyers.
[3] Indonesia aiding n abetting n waving through 2.
[4] Authorities being negligently complacent re the general spread of harmful Islam in Australia –
A – spread of FGM –
B – polygamy –
C – child brides –
D – Jihadism –
E – Harmful growth of Islam in prisons.
F – Family Day Care scandals.
[5] Public funded media promotion of “celebrity Muslims” to an extent way beyond their percentage in the population.
[6] Failure by authorities to stop violence being advocated (for example – killing of Muslim back-sliders) in statements made in Mosques and Islamic meetings.
[7] Disgusting facts recently in Sydney press about Islamic influence at Punchbowl High School – a public school.
[8] The general over-promotion of LGBTI whatever alphabet soup in taxpayer funded media and in taxpayer funded institutions.
[9] The disgusting Safe Schools program.
[10] Schools should concentrate more on the 3 R’s.
[11] The impairment of our Defence forces with LGBTI-Rainbow-leftwing-Muslim influences.
[12] Never forget the Collins Class submarines monster $6Bn fail that is still costing us. Many other defence wasteful $burning purchases.
[13] Concentrating defence contracts in Adelaide after monster fail of 12.
[14] Signing up for $50Bn French subs before even a prototype has been built.
Added 8.15am Monday 3 Apr – Thanks Bg the ABC have this classic attack story. Move over Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot –
One Nation former candidates, party insiders reveal Pauline Hanson’s ‘brutal dictatorship’ 3 Apr 2017

Govt politicians discovers gas shortage this blog talked about 30 months ago

In August 2014 I blogged – “Commonwealth Govt thinking about solving looming Sydney gas shortage with ~2,000 kms of pipeline connecting to North West Shelf”
Two days ago I blogged – “Australia fails again as NT to Qld gas pipeline stymied”
Now the ABC reports on the AEMO concerns – “Gas supply shortage will threaten nation’s power supplies, AEMO forecasts”. PM Turnbull and Energy Minister Frydenberg have been talking the issue all over TV news but I have heard no mention of keeping Hazelwood open. A most basic and feasible step to take.

Watching our electricity grid trainwreck

South Australia grid sheds load last night. SA heatwave forces blackouts to cope with electricity demand, angering Government 8 Feb 2017. Large version my chart

Can our politicians assure us that closing Hazelwood with generation capacity 1,600MW is in Australia’s interests? Remember Victoria has often been running a surplus of 2,000MW supplying power to three other States, NSW, SA and Tas. We should be asking Govt; “what effect will the Hazelwood shutdown have on power prices?” My 27 Jan post.
AEMO Price & Demand Charts – Average Prices tables – Nemwatch for generation State by State

What are the origins of the global warming bandwagon

I have tried over the years to find a single point that birthed global warming as we know it. My guess has been that it originated during the Carter years possibly in the US Dept. of Energy. With the Trump ascendancy it seems timely to throw this open to readers to see what emerges. History of climate change science
Timeline – The Discovery of Global Warming – American Institute of Physics – Global Warming: How It All Began by Richard Courtney – A History of the Disastrous Global Warming Hoax by Alan Caruba March 2014 – The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held in Stockholm, Sweden from June 5–16 in 1972. Global Warming or climate not mentioned in 26 bullet points