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Chart history of ACT elections 1989-2016

Just major voting groups percentages – data mostly from ACTEC and the ABC. The hordes of various “independents” in early ACT elections seems remarkable. Greens must be annoyed their big totals in 2008 have melted – the ACT should be GreenLeftie heaven. One seat in doubt as Labor maintains grip – Interesting that the ACT Libs did not offer a policy difference with the ACT Govt renewables energy target of sourcing 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Moratorium required on further Australian wind power

The AEMO price blowouts that flowed from the 9 May 2016 shutdown of South Australian coal fired power stations make it imperative that Australia take stock of where we are on our +decade long transformation of our electricity grids. South Australia with the largest proportion of wind power in Australia is so obviously dependent on increasing coal based power imports from Victoria that we must call a halt to further degrading our vital power grids. Check NemWatch

There must be no more reckless expansion of wind power before we can lay out in public a clear engineering certified and costed pathway to 24/7 lower carbon power.
A Royal Commission into the entire MRET Scheme disaster would be hugely beneficial. Prev blogs on post May AEMO price explosion – Australian electricity bills set to soar

The Australian Energy Market Commission makes it up as it goes along

Read and weep – Review of market frameworks for power system security 14 July 2016 – No mention of “Elephant in the Room” sky-rocketing AEMO Regional Reference Prices in South Australia, Vic, NSW & Qld.
Quotes in italics –
Challenges in maintaining power system security are emerging because of the physics of maintaining technical generation parameters like voltage and grid frequency. And this was not predicted?

Conventional electricity generation, like hydro, coal and gas, operate with large spinning turbines that are synchronised to the frequency of the grid. These generators support the stability of the power system by working together to maintain a consistent operating frequency. And no electrical engineer told you this before the Grid was infested with wind turbines?

Less conventional forms of electricity generators, such as wind and rooftop solar, are not synchronised to the grid and are therefore limited in their ability to dampen rapid changes in frequency or respond to sudden large changes in electricity supply or consumption. This is no surprise to electrical engineers.

Why not sack the useless AEMC – get some engineers in to chart the future of the grid – wind back the uptake of subsidised renewables – make sure any future renewables pay their own way including the full cost of the grid coping with their production.

Will Malcolm Turnbull be Australia’s lamest “Lame Duck” Prime Minister?

So innovative and excited Malcolm gets to be PM with a micro-majority. Every day praying there will not be a cessation of heartbeat somewhere in Govt ranks leading to a byelection or that some obscure Govt MP will not accept a Labor bribe to rat on his mates and desert Govt ranks. Looking ahead to Senate results is all we have left in this dismal scene. What is propping up the AU$ I can not imagine. And every day the sun rises the ALP-ABC will be generating anti-Govt – pro-GreenLabor “news”.

Australian Electoral Commission travels backwards in time

Yesterday morning I noticed some odd reverse movements in the percentage of votes counted in the six “seats in doubt”. Out of curiosity I saved a screen shot yesterday –

and again this morning.

Sure enough the percentage of votes counted is reducing. Who knows in another week or two there may be zero votes to count and we may never have had the election. Australia could save money by abolishing the AEC and contract out the running of our elections to Antony Green.

Greens vote percentage hits ceiling

When we hear all the ABC/Fairfax media puff from Di Natale about how great the Greens are doing and how he needs to be in the Leaders debates – just remember they only polled 8.89% in the Senate.

Is any public data collected on the percentage of TV news & current affairs time devoted to the various parties? I would bet a bottle of $5 ALDI Dry White that the Greens share of time was over 10%. Put the Greens last at any election.