Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten can not recognize the ALP’s biggest problem is being so cosy with the Greens

Yesterday Labor leader ex union boss Bill Shorten made a landmark speech yesterday addressing Labor’s declining fortunes at elections over decades. He said Labor had to reduce union influence on preselections – and increase Labor party membership. The speech is widely reported – The Daily Telegraph says – Union movement silence on Bill Shorten’s proposals [...]

My experience with Antimalware Service Executable – while continuing to run Windows XP

OT I know but I am curious if there are any similar experiences out there.

I plead guilty to being a bit of a slow learner when it comes to taking on a new operating system.

I stuck with Win98SE till about 2006 and here I am still persevering with XP Pro.

I saw news [...]

David Archibald book – Twilight of Abundance

New thought provoking book by David Archibald –

Thai Air Force now say they detected an aircraft on radar 8 March 2014 that may have been MH370

You have to pinch yourself. Is this one of the most amazing revelations? SMH says – Malaysia Airlines missing jet: Thailand gives radar data 10 days after plane lost – 19 March 2014 I wonder what IAATA will think of this entire shambles. Thai air force spokesman Air Vice Marshal Montol Suchookorn said – “…Malaysia’s [...]

Vale Reza Berati from Iran – but why was he driven to leave Iran?

It was a terrible waste of Reza’s young life when he was killed during a disturbance at the Manus Island immigration detention centre run by Australia. I am amazed that I have seen no news anywhere that mentions who he was, where he was raised and educated and what he did in Iran prior to [...]

Pacific atolls “grow back” after being wiped out by typhoon in 1905 – BBC – in the “I would never have thought so” category

Still it is good the GreenLeft main stream media actually publishes these fragments of realism. Marshall Islands: Islands ‘grow back’ after Pacific storm Charles Darwin would be smiling.

A double dissolution election in Australia has just become more likely as Western Australia has to repeat a Senate election

WA set to return to polls after Senate election declared void – unlikely the Liberals could keep their third seat won last September. Apart from that the result is just a lottery this far out. So if the Abbott Govt has key legislation blocked after 1 July – then the double dissolution option is back [...]

So not all New Zealand will enjoy “perfect summer” by mid January as cold front hits NZ like a freight train

A few weeks ago I was hearing from Kiwis that summer was slow arriving – I noticed this optimistic story in NZ Herald on 1 Jan 2014 – Perfect summer days likely to follow patchy spell, analysts say. I took a copy to checkout around middle of month. Today I see – Cold front hitting [...]

From my email inbox – myths about “dark money” funding for climate deniers and sceptics

If anybody knows of cheques – light or dark – looking for a good home, just get in touch, we can solve the problem. Business Spectator should know better.

Candour from Fairfax media

This looks to be the online article – Reviews warn of failure to deal with public servants’ underperformance