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Andrew Bolt was too critical of President Obama on his “The Bolt Report” TV show this morning

The exact point I want to make is that Andrew in his “The Panel” segment, was critical of the President for stating just before the Paris attacks that ISIL was being “contained”. I think that notwithstanding the bloody Paris attacks by a handfull of dedicated zealots, the downing of the Russian airliner and suicide bombings in Lebanon – ISIL in their Raqqa base is still hurting from the ever present threat of air strikes, their momentum in Iraq has been blunted, the Kurds have made progress at Kobane and now Sinjar. Security around Mosul must be a worry to ISIL and in a nutshell I think that President Obama opining that they were contained was not unreasonable. I fully realize how “the West” has been gazzumped by Russia in Syria but despite all that – President Obama is the leader of “the West” – he commands very powerful armed forces and will do so for over another year yet.
The Bolt Report is a weekly hour of rational political debate in the dominant GreenLeft ocean that is mostly the Australian media.

David Archibald writes in Quadrant on the possibility of conflict in the South China Sea

China’s Implacable Belligerence – All I can say is that if China wants war with the USA and others then it is so easy to start – this US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen can not be so hard to find. Climate issues seem miniscule alongside possibilities here. In May I wrote – Colossal Greens and UN hypocrisy exposed constantly complaining about the Great Barrier Reef yet ignoring the large scale destruction of many reefs in the South China Sea

So the Australian Govt is slow to issue Geert Wilders a visa – the Australian Liberty Alliance should stand on its own two feet and launch the party ASAP

The ABC reports – Geert Wilders’ visa delay ‘an assault on freedom of speech’, says new anti-Islam party Australian Liberty Alliance – Most of those right of centre Australian voters who are interested will have heard of Geert Wilders by now and will not need him to convince them to vote for the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). Just now with the coronation of Malcolm Turnbull and assorted Jihadis plying their trade in Australia the ALA has an avalanche of circumstances working in its favour. Sooner they launch the better.

In several ways the Turnbull Govt has already taken Australia sharply to the left – conservatives need a plan

Although it is only two weeks since the Malcolm Turnbull coup de etat the leftward turn in the direction of Australia is obvious.
[1] Picking an inexperienced defense minister.
[2] PM’s statement “…without “waging war with unions”
[3] Cuddling up to the renewable energy sector again.
[4] New naval ships – surface units and submarines will be built in Adelaide again after the disasters of the Collins Class dud submarines. Paying too much again for inferior ships just to appease SA electorates.
[5] Senator Fifield glowing praise for the leftwing propagandist ABC.
[6] A fair bit of silence on what Turnbull will do about the China Australia free trade agreement ChAFTA – China has already warned that time for ratification is ticking away – while Labor wants to extract some price in the Senate.
[7] Australia announcing it is running for a seat on the UN Security Council in 2029 – 2029!!!! what a ridiculous bad joke.
[8] Trying to join UN Human Rights Committee collection of noted democratic countries – China, Congo, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. – What a disgusting bad joke.
[9] Heading for capitulation to IPCC line at Paris UN climate conference end year
[10] The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption (TURC) obviously heading for winding up at end year – despite reams of evidence of various unions criminal activities and wrongdoing.
[11] Inviting unions to Canberra conference today in the face of evidence at the TURC.
[12] I am waiting for borders to be weakened.
[13] The Adani coal project in Queensland put in legal limbo by Federal Dept of Environment incompetence – must now be near doomed under Turnbull.

IMHO the new Australian Liberty Alliance could well be a viable alternative for conservatives looking for an effective place for their first preference vote in the senate – then bring your prefs back to the Nationals – Liberals. The ALA could also pick up votes already going to disparate christian and right of centre senate groups – ALA could remake the senate if they can get effective spokespeople – despite the main stream media will unite against them. Added 4 Oct – events landsliding in favour of ALA – yet there are few signs they are awake.

Abbott Govt faces multiple challenges and the boss is away in the Torres Strait

Under constantly evolving attacks – from a clever mostly taxpayer funded GreenLeft coalition – that they show few signs of understanding – unable to recognize and deal with enemies – always putting out a fractured message. The great progress made at the Trade Union Royal Commission seldom publicised. Earlier this month I wrote – Lame-duck incompetent Australian Commonwealth Government – Michael Smith has three good articles today – ACTU deploys $30M multi-tiered campaign to oust the Abbott Government – first target, Canning WA – and – The Australian on Fairfax/Labor’s attempt to smear Andrew Hastie and the SASR – also – Martin Ferguson – Bill Shorten’s caucus “waits on the phone call from their union heavy to tell them what to do”. Last October I posted – Australian Commonwealth Government has lost their way – lost the plot – various articles critical of the Feds. Australians deserve better.