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Third week stupidly long Australian Federal election campaign

Barnaby Joyce is the star this week by a nose in front of the dairy industry – Barnaby Joyce suggests asylum seeker boat influx under Labor coincided with live export halt – here is a chart of “Country Shopper” arrivals with B marking the live beef exports ban.

First – Govt and Labor should never agreed to the Greens inclusion in the so called “Regional Leaders Debate”. What is the Greens average vote in regional seats – 5 to 6%? Looking at the chart and weighing up all the knowns it is feasible that Barnaby is right.
Amazing how the dairy people only have to mention making poor business decisions in the face of two years of falling world dairy prices – and an avalanche of taxpayers $’s rapidly surges their way.
Finally, I am puzzled the Australian Liberty Alliance ALA do not seem a tad more active putting out media and keeping their www pages updated. They have I understand an excellent candidate standing for Curtin in David Archibald – yet this is not mentioned.
Re the closure of Aurukun School issue – I wonder if the Army should be used to keep the school open. I wonder what the cost of Aurukun is per year to taxpayers. All that money and the place is so dysfunctional that the school has to close – amazing.

First week stupidly long Australian Federal election campaign

Couple of thoughts – well worth taking five minutes to tick through the ABC Vote Compass – at one point there is an opportunity to choose your numero uno Senate choice (and H.Reps too) – the list is quite full and includes ALA – which is a rare mention of ALA in the mainstream meedja.
My other thought after the first week was; if our GreenLeft compliant Prime Minister Turnbull really deep down was not unhappy to throw the election to Labor – would it look like this?

74th Anniversary – Battle of the Coral Sea 1942

A time worth reading about and remembering – Tasmania commemorates WWII battle that ‘saved Australia’ from Japanese forces – The Japanese would certainly have taken Port Moresby if the US Navy had not sent vital and scarce fleet units ~8,000km across the Pacific away from their own Western seaboard, only a few short months after the Pearl Harbor disaster. Battle of the Coral Sea, 4-8 May 1942 – Australia must never forget – over 600 US sailors were killed.

Australian Liberty Alliance talking water at election meetings in the NSW Riverina

This is a good sign for those communities – we need Senators who will vote for water supplies to people and water for irrigation. Our pioneers taxed themselves to build dams for people and irrigation – not to waste on environmental flows. At the next election vote ALA 1 – then your selected right of centre groups such as Family First & DLP – then Govt candidates – then Labor – always put Greens last.
To see the election meetings notices you might have to paste the link into your browser. Or use my Senators…link.

New Zealand votes to keep the flag – slap in the face for trendies, elites and media

Being NZ born I take an interest in events across the ditch but understanding the results of the flag referendum last week is far from simple. There was a vote in November-December to select the design which ran against the current flag in voting over past weeks. From reading news starting almost a year ago the whole idea seemed to be driven by Prime Minister Key – a panel of VIP’s was assembled – many designs were looked at – five options were put to the first vote late in 2015 – there was much media backing for change – then the winner ran against the current flag this month.

Full size graphic. The NZ Herald justifiably says – Maori flag attitudes a puzzler – There was no support for the Koru design in the first referendum and Maori did not favour the silver fern this month. The All Blacks have possessed the silver fern symbol for a century or so which IMHO rules it out for the flag.

“Base Load power is now a myth” so say renewable energy enthusiasts

“Base load” power: a myth used to defend the fossil fuel industry – this article is linked at the bottom of the Nemwatch page where you can see in realtime the contribution of various electricity generation sources to the grid loads in the various States. I hope readers get in the habit of checking Nemwatch to see for themselves how often it is that wind power is near useless providing only 1 or 2% of our electricity. To check generation in WA use the WA AEMO page – best around.
So unless Australian electricity consumers will vote for common brown-outs and black-outs I can not see how you can avoid a large fossil fuel capacity that will keep generating when the wind does not blow. Late in the article there are statements about the Tasmanian power crisis that appear to me as flights of fancy.