Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop corrects President Obama for speaking rubbish about the Great Barrier Reef at Queensland U during the G20

The ABC reports – Foreign Minister Julie Bishop chides Barack Obama over Great Barrier Reef climate change remarks – Has an Australian FM ever criticized a US President before ? about anything ? – in the history of history ? The G20 – what a colossal waste of money.

Prime Minister Abbott refers to President Putin hankering after “glory days” of the Soviet Union

Somewhat overloaded by the flood of media puff about the G20 – what did it ever achieve? I thought to myself – what glory days of the USSR? Fair enough chasing the Wehrmacht back to Berlin in 1945 qualifies as glory days but then Allied armies deliberately stopped which left Berlin to the USSR. And […]

What reasonable conclusions could be drawn from results of the 1887-1947 Adelaide experiment comparing thermometer readings in a Glaisher stand and Stevenson screen ?

This subject has come up in my previous post – The Conversation blog in discussing “was the 1896 heatwave wiped from the record?” – wipes BoM 1996 finding from the records – In 1997 I published a Comment on the subject of the 61 year long Adelaide temperature experiment – 1997 Hughes, W.S. Comment on, […]

“Merchants of Doubt” movie exposing “professional climate sceptics” to be shown in Canberra

The Canberra Times reports – Climate sceptics in focus at the Canberra International Film Festival – I have looked online for the DVD but no can find. If anybody can get a copy – please let me know where. When I saw the headline I thought the “Kill Climate Deniers” movie was out in record […]

Australian Commonwealth Government has lost their way – lost the plot

The Govt of Prime Minister Tony Abbott Govt is thirteen months into a three year term – winning a landslide in the House of Reps in Sept 2013 they hit the ground mostly asleep except for the successful boats policy – missed the chance for a mini-budget in 2013 – emerged from the summer break […]

Ottawa under attack by gunmen yet in Canberra the ACT Govt sponsors a drama production “Kill Climate Deniers” specifically portraying an armed siege of the Australian Parliament

As Ottawa is experiencing shootings – you have to pinch yourself that this idiotic arts grant from the Canberra Soviet has not been nipped in the bud. I have previously posted It gets worse – the “Kill Climate Deniers” play funded by the ACT Govt is specifically portraying an armed siege of the Australian Parliament […]

BBC reporting the UN World Health Organisation is under fire for bungled response to Ebola crisis

Odd that I have not seen this in any Australian news – I see about three TV news channels each day – and it is not yet reported by the ABC online. Of course the ABC would be waiting to see how they could spin this against the Abbott Govt. It does seem surprising incompetence […]

Stunning breakthrough in oxygen storage using a cobalt based salt

The Metal Bulletin reports – Cobalt at Centre of Breathtaking Scientific Discovery – the “…salt which comes from cobalt, could have a lot of useful and potentially life-changing applications. It could feed high concentrations of oxygen into hydrogen fuel cells, lightening the load for lung patients who have to carry around heavy oxygen tanks. And […]

I had no idea that Australian Labor Leader Bill Shorten is worried that the Abbott Government is “…a Government of climate sceptics…”

Yesterday top management called out that Bill Shorten had just referred to the Abbott Govt as a “Government of climate sceptics”. This shocked me as I thought maybe I have missed some palace revolution in Canberra. A quick check using Google showed me I had indeed missed the many news items where Bill Shorten has […]

It gets worse – the “Kill Climate Deniers” play funded by the ACT Govt is specifically portraying an armed siege of the Australian Parliament

This Parliament House – The Aspen Island web site now says this describing their upcoming drama – material that was not online earlier yesterday – So for the benefit of overseas readers what we have here is like the The District of Columbia funding a play about an attack on the Capitol. And all at […]