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Australian parliamentary citizenship crisis

I am curious what readers think is a possible way forward – and what they think will actually happen.
The resignation of Benelong MP John Alexander wipes out the slender majority enjoyed by the Turnbull Govt. So how Turnbull will navigate the last two sitting weeks of 2017 without losing a key vote has been made a bigger problem. It is interesting that it took a freelance lawyer to precipitate this crisis by pointing out obvious facts to the then Senator Ludlum. What were our top legal minds doing all these years? Closing a blind eye to the effect of Sect 44 of the Constitution?
I doubt there is any chance of a referendum passing to amend Sect 44. I note too that when it was written Canada and New Zealand were all part of the British Empire and were not thought of as foreigners – Sect 44 should have been amended decades ago.
I note too the Coalition Govt elected Sep 2013 was always a lame duck in that they could never get Liberal legislation through the Senate. They only ever passed legislation compliant with Labor/Greens/liberals.
When Turnbull just scraped back in July 2016 with a minute majority in the lower house the lame duck became lame in both legs. Now here we are and nobody will want a Christmas election.

Release of JFK assassination papers

OT re climate. With this release of papers that might cast new light on some of the mysteries of our time – I thought a blog was worthwhile for readers to add comments around any new “facts” – claims – surprises – to emerge for them. For my part despite reading various books on the assassination over decades plus viewing films & videos – I have never heard of a “bullet hole” in the limo windscreen and ditto never heard the view that Ruby had been a Communist Party member – I thought he had been a Chicago mob foot soldier in his early years. More to add later.

Why does New Zealand need both MetService and NIWA?

A very good “STUFF” Editorial I missed a year ago.
I often comment on NZ weather and climate issues but getting hold of basic data and map presentations as can be easily found for Australia at the BoM www site – is time consuming and near impossible for NZ. As STUFF says “We believe public weather data should be just that – public.” Amen to that.
In terms of normal weather forecasting NZ could probably get rid of much of their duplicated structure (MetServiceNIWA) and use the COLA maps www feed from New York.

A rare mea culpa from an Australian politician

We all made a fracking mistake, says former premier Bob Carr – try googling the headline if you get paywalled. Ex Premier Bob Carr forgets to mention the Eddie Obeid coal licence scandals that gave so much oxygen to the anti-miners and Green protesters. But why the NSW Govt went so far in changing the law around resources exploration is a mystery. We have got to this point after decades of Green-anti-development lies and exaggerations not being rebutted by industry and scientific/engineering experts. This has strengthened the ever present anti-resources industry groups who seized on the slick ready-made anti-fracking campaign imported from the US to increase their supporter base and level of activity. Now we have Green lawfare on an amazing scale, I read where there are 23,000 objections to the Santos Narrabri gas project EIS approval process.