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Siege of Martin Place an expensive made in Australia tragedy highlights our system failures

So now much of the truth emerges – Sydney siege over as police storm Lindt cafe
Now we find out that the perpetrator was well known to authorities – Sydney siege: Man behind Martin Place stand-off was Iranian cleric Man Haron Monis, who had violent criminal history
So most official information yesterday was misleading.
Should never have been allowed to stay in Australia.
Should never have been out on bail.
Should have been fitted with a GPS tracker device.
A saga of system failure.

CFMEU shuts down an ALDI building site in Melbourne Australia – a supermarket chain that has saved shoppers how many hundred $Millions?

The ironies are rich in this story – last weekend Victoria elected a Labor State Govt lead by a lawyer now Premier Daniel Andrews who has links to the CFMEU.
Last week ex TWU official Wade Noonan was appointed Police Minister – so it is hard to see Vic Police being any more energetic in enforcing peoples rights to enter worksites and earn a living.
Now the Herald-Sun reports – CFMEU blockade shuts down Aldi building site –
In August I posted – Why not let ALDI run the Australian economy. Could they do worse than our politicians?

Main stream media now catches up with reality – a double dissolution election is the way forward for the Abbott Government and Australia

I have suggested this on the blog four times since February –
A double dissolution election in Australia has just become more likely as Western Australia has to repeat a Senate election – then in July after the budget shambles –
Prime Minister Abbott should accumulate Senate triggers for a double dissolution election and then “go the double” – again in September –
Blowout in Australian budget deficit quickly forgotten in the media – should steel the Govt to plan a double dissolution election – then last month –
Australian Commonwealth Government has lost their way – lost the plot
Now I see The Australian newspaper has seen the light – Coalition must call Labor’s bluff and push for a double dissolution – even the ABC and other left media mentioned the subject last week.
This looks like a hapless lame duck of a Govt being blown this way and that. They do some good things but can not follow through. Calling the Unions Royal Commission was a good step and has produced some great evidence – but few know about it. A selection of evidence – some of which is very entertaining – should have been put on a DVD with explanatory editorials and delivered to every mail box. Make many of these union identities comedy heroes.

Prime Minister Abbott refers to President Putin hankering after “glory days” of the Soviet Union

Somewhat overloaded by the flood of media puff about the G20 – what did it ever achieve? I thought to myself – what glory days of the USSR?
Fair enough chasing the Wehrmacht back to Berlin in 1945 qualifies as glory days but then Allied armies deliberately stopped which left Berlin to the USSR. And hey lets not mention the Allies failing to push north from Italy in late 1943.
OK – back to glory days of the USSR – now here we have this group of technocrats and party apparatchiks in charge of one of the large populations on earth plus about a sixth of the planets landmass and untold resources. The population is so obedient they tolerate mass murder by famine – they tolerate the gulag of forced labour camps home to millions – they tolerate the charming secret police apparatus that can efficiently disappear any dissenter – they tolerate the system that keeps them decades behind western consumer progress – I could go on.
The truly amazing thing is that by the 1960’s or 70’s no leadership group emerged that could even half efficiently administer the place and see that production of goods let their people progress. They could do large rockets and large armies. All they had to add was to copy the production of a range of western consumer items – copy what the west was doing – not so hard you might think. When they wanted a western car – they turned to Fiat.
The USSR has to be the greatest bar none economic failure of the last 8,000 years – IMHO talk of “glory days” is wishful thinking.

What reasonable conclusions could be drawn from results of the 1887-1947 Adelaide experiment comparing thermometer readings in a Glaisher stand and Stevenson screen ?

This subject has come up in my previous post – The Conversation blog in discussing “was the 1896 heatwave wiped from the record?” – wipes BoM 1996 finding from the records
In 1997 I published a Comment on the subject of the 61 year long Adelaide temperature experiment –
1997 Hughes, W.S. Comment on, “Historical Thermometer Exposures in Australia.” by N. Nichols et al. International Journal of Climatology, Vol. 17, pp. 197-199. Downloadable here.
The following are my Fig 1 Glaisher minus Stevenson maximums for the four seasons. The two pink S’s mark the installation of new larger Stevenson screens in 1898 and 1901. In my opinion the most reliable parts of the data are (marked with blue R’s) – the first five years to 1892 before the trends deteriorated to peaks around 1885-6-7.

In the first five years staff were more likely to be paying attention to the experiment. Then the few years 1898 to 1906 after the larger screens were installed also look to have consistent differences without drifts and jumps.
So I think a fair judgement would be that the 1°C summer max difference quoted by the BoM is probably far too high and reflects deterioration of the equipment or site of the experiment. A truer figure might be half of that. I can not find the chart data now – but it must be in BoM or Swinburne archives.
Minimum differences fall in a tight band around zero until a huge change sets in at 1938.
Text below is from my 1997 comment Continue reading

“Merchants of Doubt” movie exposing “professional climate sceptics” to be shown in Canberra

The Canberra Times reports – Climate sceptics in focus at the Canberra International Film Festival – I have looked online for the DVD but no can find. If anybody can get a copy – please let me know where.
When I saw the headline I thought the “Kill Climate Deniers” movie was out in record time.
The movie seems to be from the book by Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes.

Australian Commonwealth Government has lost their way – lost the plot

The Govt of Prime Minister Tony Abbott Govt is thirteen months into a three year term – winning a landslide in the House of Reps in Sept 2013 they hit the ground mostly asleep except for the successful boats policy – missed the chance for a mini-budget in 2013 – emerged from the summer break thinking about the WA Senate election rerun then diverted by MH370 – hamstrung by a fractured Senate their first budget attempting to turn around entrenched GreenLabor waste is still a shambles – behind in the polls – under constant attack by a revisionist mainly left media lead by the taxpayer funded ABC – diverted again by MH17 – they lack the vision to see that a double dissolution is essential if they are not to wimp out their term as lame ducks begging for Labor help to pass legislation.
Their best performer Scott Morrison who has stopped the boats is underutilised and should get a new senior ministry – how about Minister for Getting Things Done.