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BoM July rain Outlook region by region so often exactly wrong

Starting with SW WA the iconic poster-child of the lavishly State-funded climate scaremongers – exactly wrong.
SE WA and West SA big fail.
Central WA 2 wet predictions – huge fail.
Far north wet prediction mostly an utter fail.
Central NT huge wet was predicted dry – fail again.
Cooktown region wet not predicted – fail again.
West Qld wet was predicted dry – huge fail again.
SE SA and west Vic another fail.
Tas got its rain the wrong way around!!! Fail again.
First the prediction.

Then rain in July.

For large maps OutlookJuly rain % – BoM Outlooks – make rain maps

Western Australia needs long-term vision for agriculture

A reader in Bunbury put me on to this article by John Barrington “State needs long-term vision for agriculture” published in The West Australian (but apparently not on the www). If anybody can find a link please pass on. The chart of WA wheat production history is mine –

I thought I had better point out that something is going right in WA agriculture. To read article click Continue reading Western Australia needs long-term vision for agriculture

New Zealand High Court case over climate

Just saw this on Stuff – First-of-its-kind case as student takes Government to court over climate change 23 Jun 2017 – can any Kiwis translate? BP says NZ emissions are 35.2 million t CO2 compared to World 33,432 million t – which I make 0.1053% I doubt if anything the NZ Govt. could do would affect climate. I wonder who is financing the case – is there a risk over costs? Will Govt. run dead?