NATO to form rapid reaction force – you mean they never had one already?

ABC says – NATO to form rapid reaction force to secure eastern Europe, US forms ‘core coalition’ against Islamic State – 5,000 – that will terrify Vlad. The West lost the plot long ago. Although to be fair – since the “fall of the Berlin wall” – the ex USSR has suffered defeat after defeat [...]

Classic ruling class navel gazing – spare me the sob story – I am more concerned for the coming generations who will have to pay off the debts run up by Labor

I noticed this heading the Inquirer section of the Weekend Australian – following the latest Labor meme that Kev was “not quite at his best by 2010″ when Julia Gillard took over as PM. Who cares for a pampered ex prime minister – excuse me while I puke. My children and grandchildren will be working [...]

Why not let ALDI run the Australian economy. Could they do worse than our politicians?

Since the German supermarket chain ALDI has entered Australia it has been possible for price conscious shoppers to save hundreds of dollars on their essential grocery bills compared to shopping at the usual main competitors. Australians voted in a fair majority to change the Canberra Govt – yet we are stuck with an often hamstrung [...]

In the “Ah-doan-beleeve-it” category – TV news says – ICAC investigating politicians over “smear campaign”

A “smear campaign” – by Australian politicians – I’m shocked.

Noticing the meeja saying the NBN is a disaster – Did the ABC always say this?

Perhaps my memory is faulty but through the long awful years of the RuddGillardRudd GreenLabor Govts I never noticed the MSM speaking too harshly of Labors pet NBN project which from early days was showing signs of being a shambles of a White Elephant in the rich tradition of say AUSSAT to name another Govt [...]

Laugh of the week – Labor “care for community”

Just spotted this gem – almost choked on my morning cocoa – the full article is here – Shorten must go cold turkey on union cartel cash – But my email digest said – “…if they care about supporting the community.”

Prime Minister Abbott should accumulate Senate triggers for a double dissolution election and then “go the double”

Let the Australian electorate decide if they want the Carbon Tax to stay or be repealed – do they want to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Renewable Energy Target and the Climate Change Authority ? If not – do they want a return to a GreenLabor Government? If so let them vote for [...]

Scientists can not find plastic waste floating in oceans – so blame fish for eating it

Scientists expected to find a million tonnes of floating plastic waste in the oceans but only actually found 40,000 t. Instead of doubting their initial model they conclude fish must be eating the plastic. – Scientists say fish may be eating ocean plastic waste – I would have thought there would be ongoing research into [...]

Our ABC working hard to harm the Abbott Government that we voted for

I noted this headline – Asylum seeker boat reportedly in trouble off Christmas Island – visions of cliffs, reefs, crashing waves – then reading on in the article last night find that the craft is 300km from CI. If anybody has a link showing track of this craft ? Now it is 250km. Every day [...]

FOI reveals a gem of pomposity from the BCITF 1993 Annual Report re the Dawesville Cut project haunted by the now famous Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association (AWUWRA)

Cleaning out the office I found an envelope fallen down the back of somewhere.

In 2012 I had put in an FOI request to the WA Govt Construction Training Fund which evolved out of the Building and Construction Industry Training Fund from the days of Premier Carmen Lawrence and the earlier WA Inc. Readers may [...]