Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon not enthusiastic about sacred cow green energy targets

A rare and welcome chink in GreenLabor armour – Labor’s whip Joel Fitzgibbon calls for green target cut We have often discussed these issues here – check the Renewable Energy list. Although not mentioned by Mr Fitzgibbon – if we keep aiming for the existing RET target while gross electricity use is declining we will […]

Australian BoM bites bullet and calls off 2012 El Nino prediction – “…biggest turnaround in weather patterns since records began.”

That is a big call – like many I have been watching the SOI unable to make up its mind. Anyway – read what the Bureau of Meteorology is saying. “Forecasters surprised by El Nino turnaround” on ABC news Pacific’s late retreat to neutral considered unusual – Bom official statement 23 October 2012 Recent (preliminary) […]

Stale Antarctic melting ice story from last summer suddenly goes viral on Fairfax media all over Australia

“Frozen $46m runway melting” – shouts the news on dozens of Fairfax sites from newspapers in towns large and small across our wide brown land. This is referring to the Wilkins Aerodrome which is located about 70km SE of Casey Base and is scraped out of glacier ice about 700 metres thick. The news of […]

Australia’s Antarctic supply ship “RSV Aurora Australis” – icebound

Despite all modern navigation conveniences – the ice must just sneak up. Summer in about five weeks. Checkout the ships webcams here – great pictures – they are 80 nautical miles from Casey.

Imagine the headlines if this happened now

Hard working researcher Lance Pidgeon has found numerous old newspaper reports of a heat wave in Central Australia in January 1932 which resulted in large numbers of bird deaths being reported from many sources. Download the 5 page pdf report by Lance – there are many links to sources and it is only 116Kb.


New Zealand fur seal strandings increase on the Gold Coast – Queensland, Australia

Just saw this mentioned on TV news – fascinating when they can not utter the usual kneejerk comments like – “experts attribute this to effects of GW”. Experts form plan for NZ fur seals influx – The seals will sleep easy knowing there are experts forming a plan for them. Yes there is media on […]

Canberra Times blind to huge issue re household rainwater tanks

“Politics plugs rainwater plan” says the headline. Completely missing the glaring issue that no matter how many residents spend their hard-earned shekels on rainwater tanks – no matter how many residents pay Mr Cameron $4000 for a rainwater collection system hoping for a smaller water bill – no matter how much this reduces their water […]

A month is a long time in carbon farming – QANTAS with egg on their face

On September 10th, 2012 I posted – “Qantas makes announcements about buying carbon credits”. In that I drew attention to the entire scheme being far from set in concrete by saying. “This all sounds as though what QANTAS announced as a done deal – is still a work in progress.” Have I been proved correct […]

IPCC Champion whines that – “Too many researchers spoil climate studies”

Enjoy the contorted nuances in this heap of warmista garbage in The Canberra Times quoting Kevin Trenberth.

Big freeze in Antarctic all part of warming, scientists say

Readers sent me this example of utter bunkum from the NZ (New Zealand) Herald today – those long islands out east of Australia. The text by Seth Borenstein is pretty much here. The dear old NZ Herald is owned by the Australian FAIRFAX MEDIA LIMITED (FXJ) – their share price seems on a rapid journey […]