Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon not enthusiastic about sacred cow green energy targets

A rare and welcome chink in GreenLabor armour – Labor’s whip Joel Fitzgibbon calls for green target cut
We have often discussed these issues here – check the Renewable Energy list.
Although not mentioned by Mr Fitzgibbon – if we keep aiming for the existing RET target while gross electricity use is declining we will for sure end up with a less stable grid sooner than expected. Welcome to the new GreenLabor world.
My comments from February point out where an ever increasing RET component of our electricty grid is taking us.
So – if you want an increaing possibility of brown outs, black outs and more expensive electricity, Vote GreenLabor.
– if you particularly want more expensive electricity, Vote GreenLabor.
– if you want to be getting up in the middle of the night when you might be able to afford to run appliances, Vote GreenLabor.
– if you will enjoy owning a portable engine driven Electricity Generator, Vote GreenLabor.
– if you will enjoy the sound and smell of portable engine driven Electricity Generators all over your suburb, Vote GreenLabor.
– if you are mechanically handy and will enjoy rigging up a household wind powered generator and like the idea of paying for that plus banks of large and heavy batteries, then paying for their upkeep and replacement, Vote GreenLabor.
Readers might suggest other reasons to vote GreenLabor.
Andrew Bolt says – Fitzgibbon goes cool on pricey green power
Alan Moran has expert comment at Catallaxy –
Renewable Energy and the Carbon Tax: Government and Coalition Both Half Wrong
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Australian BoM bites bullet and calls off 2012 El Nino prediction – “…biggest turnaround in weather patterns since records began.”

That is a big call – like many I have been watching the SOI unable to make up its mind. Anyway – read what the Bureau of Meteorology is saying.
“Forecasters surprised by El Nino turnaround” on ABC news
Pacific’s late retreat to neutral considered unusual – Bom official statement 23 October 2012
Recent (preliminary) Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) values – source of SOI numbers and stats every day.
Main page for dear old BoM.

Stale Antarctic melting ice story from last summer suddenly goes viral on Fairfax media all over Australia

“Frozen $46m runway melting” – shouts the news on dozens of Fairfax sites from newspapers in towns large and small across our wide brown land.
This is referring to the Wilkins Aerodrome which is located about 70km SE of Casey Base and is scraped out of glacier ice about 700 metres thick.
The news of melting on the runway broke last summer – over nine months ago.
Why has the story suddenly been recycled and gone viral now ?
It is snowing and minus 9.5 degrees C at Casey this morning ?
Surely it could not be anything to do with the Govt ship Aurora Australis being icebound ? (see yesterday post below) A sort of counter story.
Click below to see text of the first 12 pages of Google searches for – “australian antarctic airstrip melting”. Google was still finding the story in obscure hamlets and villages after the 12 pages. See if you can spot your town. I have never seen anything like this.
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New Zealand fur seal strandings increase on the Gold Coast – Queensland, Australia

Just saw this mentioned on TV news – fascinating when they can not utter the usual kneejerk comments like – “experts attribute this to effects of GW”.
Experts form plan for NZ fur seals influx – The seals will sleep easy knowing there are experts forming a plan for them.
Yes there is media on the Gold Coast – Seal strandings increase on Coast
Video in this – NZ fur seal strandings cause concern in Queensland

Canberra Times blind to huge issue re household rainwater tanks

“Politics plugs rainwater plan” says the headline.
Completely missing the glaring issue that no matter how many residents spend their hard-earned shekels on rainwater tanks – no matter how many residents pay Mr Cameron $4000 for a rainwater collection system hoping for a smaller water bill – no matter how much this reduces their water usage piped from the water utility ACTEW which = the Govt. ACTEW will recover its costs in providing piped scheme water through water bills and rates to property owners, whether you use ACTEW water or not. Govt debt due to our water scheme has blown out by over a $1Bn in two years. Due to Labor and GreenLabor Govt mismanagement – Canberra now has a Rolls Royce water supply system – which property owners and residents will be paying for for generations with constantly increasing ACTEW charges. Property owners who feel the urge to install Green-fashionable feel-good water tanks – should check carefully before parting with their money.

A month is a long time in carbon farming – QANTAS with egg on their face

On September 10th, 2012 I posted – “Qantas makes announcements about buying carbon credits”. In that I drew attention to the entire scheme being far from set in concrete by saying. “This all sounds as though what QANTAS announced as a done deal – is still a work in progress.”
Have I been proved correct – here we are a month later and the ABC is reporting – “Outback carbon farming venture faces shake-up”.
Shake-up might be praising it – reads like a major change in direction to me – “…going back to school.” –
“…the board felt leadership “needed refreshing”.” –
“…the company is not planning to be a part of any similar carbon farming projects in the future.” – and for the last line –
“The value of those carbon credits … are next to nothing,” he said.
I have just noticed that the Govt/RM Williams deal goes back to mid-2011 too.
The odour of wasted taxpayers money just gets stronger.

Big freeze in Antarctic all part of warming, scientists say

Readers sent me this example of utter bunkum from the NZ (New Zealand) Herald today – those long islands out east of Australia. The text by Seth Borenstein is pretty much here.
The dear old NZ Herald is owned by the Australian FAIRFAX MEDIA LIMITED (FXJ) – their share price seems on a rapid journey to corporate oblivion.
freezing is warming
So we now know – warming is all “part of warming” –
adjustments by IPCC compliant scientists are all “part of warming” –
bad weather is all “part of warming” –
presumably good weather is all “part of warming” –
and now the Big freeze in Antarctic all “part of warming” –
must be true – the Herald says in a big headline – “scientists say”.
Google can not yet find the article at any Australian Fairfax presses but we will keep checking. Maybe they do not want to insult their readers too blatantly as a cold snap chills the south-east of Australia.