It is time to get Australian Bureau of Meteorology station histories out of archives – we need to see how good BoM metadata is

The best reference I know to BoM station diaries is the 45 page summary by Simon Torok for his 1996 PhD thesis – “The development of a high quality historical temperature data base for Australia”
This can be downloaded in full in several parts at –

However the Appendix A1 containing the 45 page summary of all station diaries he accessed can be downloaded as an 8MB pdf at – p38/46 Rutherglen station histories – I note their is no entry for Amberley and the entry for Rutherglen is brief.

You get the picture. Western world economic future is being influenced by this stuff.
I saw these diaries in the BoM library at Lonsdale Street, Melbourne in the early 1990’s – a series of maybe foolscap ledgers. I assumed they were put into Commonwealth archives – National Archives of Australia.
If anybody can locate them – please let me know.

Commonwealth Govt thinking about solving looming Sydney gas shortage with ~2,000 kms of pipeline connecting to North West Shelf

There is this story in the SMH by Peter Reith and commentary by Andrew Bolt.
While I agree the NSW Govt should see that NSW gas resources are developed to head off any Sydney shortage. Sydney actually has the advantage of having coal seam gas in the suburbs but the Govt has been unwilling to tackle Green and “Lock the Gate” NIMBY’s.
All that said it is probably a sound national goal to increase connections in our network of gas pipelines – it looks like about 1,800 to 2,000km in two sections could join the NW Shelf to NSW. Working out who pays will be important.

But that is surely a longer term goal than fixing the upcoming Sydney gas shortage.

Classic ruling class navel gazing – spare me the sob story – I am more concerned for the coming generations who will have to pay off the debts run up by Labor

I noticed this heading the Inquirer section of the Weekend Australian – following the latest Labor meme that Kev was “not quite at his best by 2010” when Julia Gillard took over as PM. Who cares for a pampered ex prime minister – excuse me while I puke. My children and grandchildren will be working hard to see Labor debts paid off.

Amazing breakthrough by Dr Jennifer Marohasy getting articles critical of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in our national media

A rare example of the MSM publishing anything critical of the BoM “The Australian newspaper says – Bureau ‘altering climate figures’ – on page 9 of their The Nation section. My A4 scanner did not capture the full headline.

Then Andrew Bolt asks a pertinent question –
How much of this warming is real? How much was created back in the office?
The BoM claims “There were examples where homogenisation had resulted in a weaker warming trend.”. Sure in big cities where the UHI is so rampant no impartial scientist would consider using the data in measurements of regional trends. Very misleading of the BoM – but that’s what they do.
There is a second longer article on page 20 of the Inquirer section but I can not see that online. Scanned copy here. But Jen has a post on this – Heat is on over weather bureau ‘homogenising temperature records’.
Facts are the BoM has been stunningly successful in keeping this sort of criticism out of the MSM for near 25 years.

Why not let ALDI run the Australian economy. Could they do worse than our politicians?

Since the German supermarket chain ALDI has entered Australia it has been possible for price conscious shoppers to save hundreds of dollars on their essential grocery bills compared to shopping at the usual main competitors.
Australians voted in a fair majority to change the Canberra Govt – yet we are stuck with an often hamstrung or seemingly indecisive Govt – often due to the Senate – still stuck with much of GreenLabors wasteful policies.
I am opining we would be better off giving much of our governing apparatus a holiday and let ALDI manage the Australian economy.

Renmark Aero has coldest ever 7 day run of August minimum temperatures – that is in eastern South Australia

Checking Renmark Aero minimums for 7 days 2 August to 8 August 2014 and they average -3.97°C.

Renmark has two stations with daily max & min T available – 24016 Renmark with data from 1957 to 2001 which had no seven day spell in August even breaking zero. Then Renmark Aero 24048 with data from 1995.
The previous coldest 7 day spell I found was -2.2°C in Renmark Aero from 1st to 7th August 1999.
So this August smashed the record somewhat. There must be many more cold minimum records around SE Australia to be hunted out this month.

Canberra Airport has coldest ever 14 day run of August minimum temperatures

Checking Canberra Airport minimums for 14 days 2 August to 15 August 2014 and they average -4.55°C.

I think this is a record cold run of 14 cold minimums in August – since 1939 that is. The next coldest 14 day spell I found was -4.25°C from 4th to 17th August 1994.
Has anybody noticed this months cold reported? There must be other minimum records from this month.