Release of JFK assassination papers

OT re climate. With this release of papers that might cast new light on some of the mysteries of our time – I thought a blog was worthwhile for readers to add comments around any new “facts” – claims – surprises – to emerge for them. For my part despite reading various books on the assassination over decades plus viewing films & videos – I have never heard of a “bullet hole” in the limo windscreen and ditto never heard the view that Ruby had been a Communist Party member – I thought he had been a Chicago mob foot soldier in his early years. More to add later.

Win for PM as gas prices fall after he talks to suppliers

Credit where due – PM Turnbull is having a win with falling gas prices – Larger chart. Chart from 2012

but it seems a secret. I started warning of exploding energy prices on 6 June 2016 – did that pan out. Can update through Oct when data available. Top Link. I should have added for some that despite the Abbott/Turnbull Govts being lame ducks – by that I mean unable to get legislation through the Senate unless it has a GreenLabor flavour – the Feds have existing powers over exports. So a whisper to the gas majors about using the “export powers” and all of a sudden you have their undivided attention.

Why does New Zealand need both MetService and NIWA?

A very good “STUFF” Editorial I missed a year ago.
I often comment on NZ weather and climate issues but getting hold of basic data and map presentations as can be easily found for Australia at the BoM www site – is time consuming and near impossible for NZ. As STUFF says “We believe public weather data should be just that – public.” Amen to that.
In terms of normal weather forecasting NZ could probably get rid of much of their duplicated structure (MetServiceNIWA) and use the COLA maps www feed from New York.

Blenheim monthly temperature trends show classic urban heat island (UHI) signal

Warming trends showing up strongest in the cooler months. Data is from a Govt fruit research institute the Marlborough Research Centre on the town outskirts. Charts by the MRC. Blenheim population growth. Small town temperature data – often classed as “rural” in global databases – can usually be shown to be riddled with UHI warming.

Click for monthly charts – January — February —March —April—MayJune—July—August—September—October—November—December
Here are the monthly trends in degrees C as per MRC.
Trends 1932 to 2011 or 2012.
Jan ~0.4
Feb -0.06
Mar 0.25
Apr 0.23
May 1.84
Jun 2.03
Jul 1.78
Aug 1.83
Sep 1.28
Oct 0.71
Nov 0.37
Dec 0.02

Huge temperature data shambles at Hokitika Aerodrome

Instrument change a ~decade ago –

amazing nobody at GHCN has noticed this complete failure to calibrate the new instrument with what it replaced – data from KNMI Climate Explorer. Minimum affected too. This has historic significance because Hokitika was one of the “rural” series in Jones original global dataset in the 1980’s that had a ~century of data. Ruined for good now. I think the NZ Metservice runs the stations.