Just saw this headline – The 2014 El Nino becomes ‘a real enigma’

You have to love the GreenLeft media – the complete and utter failure of seven months of warmists predicting and beating up the possibility of a Super El Nino in 2014 transmogrifies into – “a real enigma” There is no enigma – simply that your climate models are mostly shite.

Review of Dr Roy W Spencer’s 2010 book “The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists”

Dr Tom Sheahen ex MIT kindly sent me in this concise book review – download only 14KB pdf Dr Roy W Spencer wwwsite

If strong winds are behind the pause in global warming – would weaker winds cause global warming?

According to the ABC – a recent article by Professor Matthew England University of New South Wales – has claimed – “…stronger than normal winds in the Pacific are the explanation for a pause in global warming…” I just thought I would open this for discussion here. Does anybody know of long term land based […]

John Beale’s EPA – An amazing fraud by an architect of government climate policies

Have to post a link to this amazing story as a matter of record. This will be played down or spun by the MSM – like being released on Christmas in hope it will be quickly forgotten. for full text


Another example of a possible drift in early TOMS satellite ozone data

I have looked at the ozone hole issue a few times over the years – and have had a suspicion that various factors affect stratospheric ozone levels apart from destruction wrought by gases released from old fridges and freezers. In the previous post the graphic indicates that ozone and temperature could be more congruent in […]

Antarctic ozone hole expected to heal about 2070 – too late for many

I saw several articles around the media – such as this from the ABC – Ozone hole healing a slow process – and thought it worth while posting the satellite ozone and temperature data – some close fits there at times. So the recent improvement is a false dawn.

Difference between UAH and RSS satellite lower troposphere T anomalies has a distinct step change 2004-2005 over the USA 48 States – not as marked as Australia

This surprised me – not only the little warming step of 0.2°C in UAH but the difference gets markedly noisier after 2005. In Australian data the warming step is much more marked and looks a year or so later.

Linking the origins of Typhoon Haiyan to warm sea surface temperature anomalies is far from convincing

The Sydney Morning Herald ran this article – Typhoon Haiyan influenced by climate change, scientists say – there must be hundreds of articles written along the same general drift. In this case a map of sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies is presented by the SMH for the period 3rd to 5th Nov. Note the location […]

Australian Broadcasting Corporation discovers that global warming has stopped

Those of us who know the ABC well would be surprised to see such an article – presumably the pressure behind the scenes has demanded some sort of explanation – a form of damage control. Pacific cooling explains slowdown in global warming: study

Vale Tim Curtin – Canberra climate sceptic

Tim was well known around Canberra climate sceptics and has a www site WELCOME TO TIM CURTIN’S CYBERHOME. Bio notes about Tim. Funeral Notice from the Canberra Times 7 August 2013