Australian Government financial disasters

I will add to this list and links as ideas come in. We may be the lucky country but surely stupidity will extract a price one day. All these issues would make articles in their own right.

[1] AUSSAT $700mill losses & debts rolled over into Pay TV 1990’s,
[2] $6Bn Collins Class Submarines 1990’s – duds we are still stuck with,
[3] Electricity privatisations started in 1990’s – looking at our ballooning power prices would we have been better off keeping the old State Electricity Commissions? Despite the feather-bedded unions.
[4] MRET scheme making 3 worse and harming our electricity grid into the bargain – ongoing multi $Bn’s as taxpayers fund wind & solar that can never power our 24/7 grid,
[5] Defence purchases eg MRH-90 helicopters $4.2Bn,
[6] Frequently delayed and poorly performing F-35 fighters $24Bn alone,
[7] Eastern States Desalination plants ~$20Bn,
[8] Rudd Labor watering down border laws $11.6 billion over five years,
[9] Decades of anti-damism – after not building the Franklin Dam in the 80’s,
[10] Antifracking hysteria affecting gas exploration policy in face of rising prices,
[11] Building the Education Revolution $16.2Bn – More money for Education = worse results,
[12] Adelaide Hospital third most expensive building in the world $2.1Bn,
[13] Inability to control rogue unions like CFMEU which affects 12 and all other construction est +$10Bn,
[14] NBN a future $100Bn mediocre performer?
[15] Buying 12 French submarines before even a prototype is built future $50Bn,
[16] The GST carve up which rewards the basket case States SA & Tas.
[17] Various States and GreenLabor anti-nuclear policies.
[18] Climate change policies – have a effect in 4, 7, 10, multi-$Bn’s.
[19] Just been told about this from Toytown 17 Jan 2017. Amazing construction stuffup with Sydney Metro NorthWest rail bridge.
“Investigation reveals ‘disappointing’ failures in Skytrain construction”

Please send in useful links and analysis. I must have been half asleep to leave the Rudd MkI Pink Batts and School Halls stimulus projects off the list. Also forgot to add GreenLabor’s Murray Darling Basin Plan to waste more dam water to the ocean.

David Archibald on our Defence shambles

The Last Two Liberal Prime Ministers Destroyed Australia’s Defence Capability
Following is a little Editors Vent. How is it we are so badly governed? With a Senate so hard to work with you can understand Govt being unable to balance the budget. But when events are just gifted by our super power ally you would imagine it takes little brainpower to accommodate their requirements. The US wants to base B1 bombers here which would mean lengthening the runway at Tindal. A rational Govt would just get on and let the earthmoving and construction contracts -just do it – it is like getting free B1’s. Lets hope the F-22 Raptors get to be based here without problems.
The unfinished business is to buy back the lease on the Port of Darwin – amazing this is not even on the agenda. As if we want the movements of our forces and our allies overlooked by the Chinese for 99 years – madness.

Sydney record hot night – urban heat island never mentioned

Dear old Bureau of Meteorology up to usual tricks claiming a hottest evah record hot night for Sydney but ignoring the UHI. The record is not worth the paper it is printed on due to the huge urban heat island UHI.
Sydney weather: Overnight temperature is record high for December, BOM says
AWN lets you look around the region and see that the night of the 14th was warmest in the Sydney core stations, Obs Hill 27.1, Airport 27.5, Parramatta 27.5. Note RICHMOND RAAF (067105) at 23.6 further west in the UHI – the record there for Dec is 25 in 2000. The earlier RICHMOND RAAF (067033) 1928-1994 has 25.5 in 1990 as the record Dec night. All pointing to this warm night event being nothing special – unless you want to beat up global warming.

AEMO confusing cause of 28 Sep 2016 South Australian electricity blackout

On the AEMO page “Energy Updates and Media Releases” where you access their various reports post the 28 Sep blackout there is text summarising each link.
The link for – Updated 29 Sep 2016 – Media Statement 3 – South Australia Update 10:30 am – includes the following. “Initial investigations have identified the root cause of the event is likely to be the multiple loss of 275 kilovolt (kV) power lines during severe storm activity in the state.”

However that statement or claim is not found or repeated in the 5 Oct update(current at 3 Oct) see Exec. Summary on pdf page 5/31.
“The weather resulted in multiple transmission system faults. In the short time between 16:16 and 16:18, system faults included the loss of three major 275 kV transmission lines north of Adelaide.” So by 3 Oct the loss of transmission lines was not front and centre as in the statement on 29 Sep.

The 5 Oct AEMO report also has this text in para 3.2 on pdf page 16/31 headed “Network damage resulting from the storm” and mentioning the loss of 22 transmission towers.
“Data currently available to AEMO indicates that the damage to the Davenport – Brinkworth 275 kV or the Port Lincoln – Yadnarie 132 kV lines occurred following the SA Black System.” So towers fell after the blackout!
This statement buried deep in the update also is a backing away from the original “…root cause of the event…” putting blame for the blackout on falling towers.

The next update was on 19 Oct with data current as at 11 Oct.
In this Exec. Summary on pdf pages 5 & 6/31 there is no mention of falling transmission towers. The picture is one of multiple faults where wind farms cut out after not “riding through” voltage disturbances.

In my opinion AEMO should add a dated proviso or addendum to its webpage link text “Updated 29 Sep 2016 – Media Statement 3” – correcting or elaborating on their “…root cause of the event…” statement.
I think Australian taxpayers deserve the most accurate information possible from the experts they pay so well.

How monthly AEMO electricity prices are rising

The chart is from data at AEMO Average Price Tables – and shows prices rising from the brief period of stability post June 2014 after the Carbon Tax was abolished.

The closure of the last coal fired generation in South Australia in May 2016 preceded the price explosion in June. Then in July the “Safeguard Mechanism” administered by the Clean Energy Regulator kicks in and is designed to make large emitters purchase Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) if their emissions exceed a baseline. So that would tend to add costs which probably pass on into electricity prices. It is intriguing that while NSW, Qld and SA have seen firm prices in Spring 2016 compared to pre-May – Vic prices have weakened. The reasons for the spikes in Qld prices late 2014 to early 2015 and again in Feb 2016 are not known but operational shutdowns could be a cause. Check NemWatch for realtime generation.